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    Quake II RTX

    Hello.. I said Quake II remake to be released like June 6th! Redone with all RTX tech! And best part it's a free upgrade if you own the original disk! And also MULTIPLAYER!!!!!! Woke up today to read this and thought I must be dreaming still. Newest nvidia drivers released mentioned support...
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    Testing CPU/mb real quick without cooling?

    Back in the day I've read about people doing this and I always thought it was crazy but now I'm in a spot where I want to test the new mb/CPU without active cooling.. just to see if I get a post. I atleast have a water block (EK velocity) mounted. Just no water lines yet as I'll need a quick...
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    Xbox 3 month game pass with console from bestbuy.

    Anyone buy a Xbox s console over the holidays at best buy and get there free 3 month game pass by email from bestbuy??? I have not and I've gone there and complained about it and all they say is that it's on the recipet so you should get it. On the site at the time it said you would receive it...
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    How to clean 10+ year old radiators

    I have 2 10+ year old rads and would love to use them again if p ossable. They are 2 360 thermochill HE rads. Were sitting in a loop for the last 4 plus years by a relative of mine.. was a former build I made for him.. the rads were used by me prior to that. Pretty sure I stuck to distilled...
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    1080sli to 1080ti??

    Dumb idea to upgrade from eggs 1080sli classified water cooled ocerxloxked to 2190mhz to a single evga 1080ti ftw3 elite??? This is for 4k.. I've tested and in my games I'm getting over 60fps with a single 1080 in all but witcher 3. That's at 51-53 fps max setting with hw off. Thoughts are to...
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    Best vr title for room scale??

    Setting up my room scale now with 3 sensors... looking to make my first game purchase.. which title will work great for room scale?? I have the oculus with touch if that matters. Have steam account as well. Good sized room.. 8x10 play area.
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    Extend oculus headset cable length

    I just need to know what works with extending the headset for oculus. I think 16' might do it off the top of my head.. figure extending the usb connection with a cable matters 16' active usb 3.0 cable would do that but what about the hdmi?? Adding more then 10' will work?? Ive heard some use a...
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    Where to put the fillport and drain line???

    I have a thermaltake core x9 case and I'm going to install a 120.3 rad in the front and I'm going to use a ek pump/res combo model 140 I believe along with only a single cpu block. For the life of me I can't figure out where best to put the pump/res?? At the bottom, top or it don't matter...
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    New m.2 Samsung 950 for boot or game drive?

    Bugging question as I'm debating upgrading my rig.. Is it nessisary to use a m.2 drive as a boot drive over a Samsung 850 ssd?? Feel like I'd see a bigger difference with it loading my games. If newer mbs had 3 slots this would be easy. Currently using a Samsung 840 256gb drive for Windows...
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    Void warranty water cooling a pny 1080? Evga brand better?

    I have 2 pny fe 1080s and just checked there warranty and it seems they updated it recently to not allow water cooling.. Warranties & Policies - GeForce Graphics Cards | will they know? Should I exchange them for evga brand cards insted?? There fine with it right? As long as the card...
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    1080 sli or 1 1080 and htc vr?

    Can't make up my mind!! I originally bought 2 1080s to replace my 980 sli and tried just 1 1080 last night (zotac 1080 amp! Edition) and it's awesome.. so awesome I kinda don't think I need sli.. but did buy 2 for the future games.. Now I discover vr which I ignored it in the past and now I'm...
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    What to upgrade my gaming rig. Confused by all the newest tech.

    I've had a budget gaming rig the past 2 years and I'm ready to build a new gaming rig.. way too confused with all the new tech out there. Give me some guidance please! What do I need and what don't I need? I'm all for fast and the latest and greatest but don't want to blow money stupidly...
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    What to buy starting off fresh?

    I've had a budget gaming rig the past 2 years and I'm ready to build a new gaming rig.. way too confused with all the new tech out there. Give me some guidance please! What do I need and what don't I need? I'm all for fast and the latest and greatest but don't want to blow money stupidly...
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    980 SLI with different revision Gigabyte G1 Gaming Cards

    Just bought my 2nd Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980 card tonight at my local Microcenter and I get home and I check the box and it says rev. 1.0. :( God.. I cant believe I forgot to check the box as I knew I had the newest rev 1.1 card from the same store 22 days sooner. Honestly was distracted in the...
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    single 980 enough for BF4 at 3440x1440?

    Debating which new screen to buy and stuck on those crazy 34" 3440x1440P screens currently but wondering how the performace hit will be gaming on a single 980? Gota figure all this out before bringing it up to the wife :rolleyes:
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    Whats the last great driver set for 7970s crossfire?

    Just encase i feel like going through all the crap to play some BF3 for the first time in months.. whats the best drivers for my 7970s in Quadfire? I hear the newest beta is a miss so before i kill myself installing and uninstalling and installing driver sets over and over which would be safe...
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    AMD Cat 12.6 "JUNE 6" Unoffical Beta release

    These must of just came out.. Get them here The shocker?? I CAN FINALLY PLAY USING QUAD-FIRE!!!! Holy crap!! Just got done testing out BF3 maxed out and everything turned on in Eyefinity 6120x1080 @120hz using Quad-Fire on a 64 multiplayer server with 0 issues!!! Crazy right? Only...
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    My 7970 Quad-Fire Build

    Just some quick photos of the system after upgrading the cards on water. FIgured i'd post it somewhere where everyone could see it insted of some random thread. More later.. Case is a MountainMods Extended Ascension with Quad/2x tripple rads on the front and another Tripple rad in the...
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    Anyone been able to run BF3 with Quad Fire?

    Just wondering cause i've been going crazy the last 2 nights trying to get BF3 to run in Quad Fire with my 7970s. Game locks either right away or within 5 mins. If i change the crossfire mode to 3 cards in the control panel i can play for over an hour no prob. System seems pretty stable...
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    Quad 7970s or can we do tri-fire 7970+ 1 7990???

    Coming from Quad 580 SLI to ATI cards.. brand new build all around and i just opened up the 3 new 7970s today and cant wait to possably fire this up this evening after bleeding the water cooling. Anyways.. question is, can i run 3 7970s and add a 7990 in the future? Or does it have to be 2...
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    120Mhz work using the DVI connection on a 7970 card?

    Needing to know if i can get 120Hertz out of the DVI connection on a 7970? Want to run 1920x1080 at 120 refresh rate.. with all the talk about the connections not doing 120Hertz unless using the display port, i'm confused. I have 3x 3D Acer monitors that only have HDMI and DVI dual port...
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    Prey for $2.50! Works with Steam!

    Prey on sale for 2.50! If you wanted it on steam, but couldn't obtain a copy, look here Bought that and serial works on steam!
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    Laing D4 x 2 pumps or DDC 3.25 x2 pumps?

    Currently i have 3 Laing D4 pumps that i could use in my dual loops. Debating on using 2 of them with a dual face top for one line runing through 3x DD 480GTX blocks and HL 480GTX rad. Would that be ok or would i be better off getting 2 laing DDC 3.25 pumps? Would i hear the D4 pumps more...
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    Help with identifing Caps from a 8800GTS Video card.

    Hello, I just bought a damaged EVGA 8800GTS 360MB Super Clocked card from someone online. All the silver caps were broken off apon other things that were damaged in shipping in the past. Anyways i need to know what these aluminum caps with a plastic base are called and were i...
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    My latest "Computer Case Creation!"

    Many years ago (damn cant remember exactly, but its was when the voodoo 2 graphics cards were out) i had a strange idea looking at my large Kenwood tall air cleaner to put the computer inside and it would cool the whole computer perfectly with its dual massive squirel cage fans at the top pumpin...