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    Nvidia's Fermi reminds me of the song "Pants on the ground"

    You know the one that goes "Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground." The Pants are symbolic as they represent Nvidia's CEO's pants on the ground and Fermi represents his non-existent woohoo. :D
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    Strong Humble Message to ATI and Nvidia.

    As we embark on Nvidia's next generation of cards....I remain an optimist, but I am pretty sure that Fermi isn't going to be revolutionary or exciting. What we will see is just a fps improvement, we are not going to see avatar-like graphics any time soon. Whatever fps improvement, whether it be...
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    Is it possible bad drivers can cause video cards to die?

    This possible? There were complaints from consumers of both camps(Nvidia and ATI) that drivers has caused their video cards to die. If someone could prove this you probably could open a class action suit though if you can some how prove it was the driver's that caused led to the video card's...
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    I am amazed GTX285s cost as much as 5870s

    Sorry but even for Nvidia, that is low. :p
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    Will Bad Company 2 Require Stupid Steam or MS live game login?

    I don't think it's necessary since it's a multiplayer game and everyone will need a key to play multiplayer. It'd be nice where I can actually play a game without stupid steam or stupid ms live game login requirement. I remember back in the good old days we could just click on the game shortcut...
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    Who cares about Fermi?

    Poll. :p
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    Hard's MW2 review a 9.5?

    I think [H]ard gave mw2 too high of a mark at 9.5 in their video review of modern warfare 2. I would not of given the game a 9.5/10, but more like a 8.5 verall. I did not know Kyle reviewed games, but he did bring up good points. Link Removed Kyle's note to the folks that made this video for...
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    Bad Company 2 / GF100 Release in March Coincidental?

    Or is it a TWIMTBP Title? :mad:
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    5870 the Next 8800gtx / Ultra?

    8800gtx & Ultra reigned supreme for a very long time. 5870 sure has dominated for quite some time now. Going on 4 months or so. I wonder if this card can be considered to the likes of the legendary 8800gtx/8800ultra as far as the length at which a single gpu dominated. :cool:
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    HPET Mode setting in mobo bios?

    I got this bios setting. Say HPET mode. Options are 32-bit or 64-bit. Seems obvious to chose 64-bit since I run vista 64...or is it?
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    AMD Price Drops After Fermi

    I know what some people are waiting for...price drops. Should see them dropping soon for 5800 series cards at launch msrp at least...but the real question is what will the prices be after Fermi launches. Here is a proposed breakdown of price drops on ATI cards after Fermi launch: 5970 - $349...
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    FYI: Steam VAC bans on MW2 and how to report hackers.

    FYI: After the first wave of 2500 hackers have been banned since IW's little twitter account things are looking good on MW2. The nice thing about vac bans is that they are not instant from what I've read. I personally haven't encountered one cheater yet in MW2. It's amazing. If you do need to...
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    Modern Warfare 2 makes 550 million in Five Days: 2500 pc cheaters banned.

    This must be a record! 550 million in 5 days! Wha? I must say multiplayer for me is definitely making this game worth $60. The IWNet system really works great. I don't see the need for dedicated servers for this game. I am amazed at how smooth the...
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    Bad Corsair 620HX experience - Never going to buy a Corsair psu again

    Man, this is weird, I thought I had diagnosed a buzzing issue as a motherboard problem, but it turns out it was the corsair psu all along :o - Running a xfx 5870, Q9550 at 3.6ghz, and a gigabyte micro atx board s series board. I fully gave this corsair psu a chance. I even believed it to be...
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    Solutions to capacitor buzz/"5870 buzzing sound": Not necessarily video card related!

    I know most of you guys already know this, that irritating buzzing sound doesn't necessarily come from the psu or video card, it can come from your motherboard. There are recent complaints about the 5870 causing buzzing sounds. Yes, the video card can be causing a buzzing sound, but also know...
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    Changes you'd like to see in MW3: ***mw2 spoiler warning**

    MW2 is obviously the game of the year hands down. For those that don't know here is a recap of mw2: Graphics are really good on the pc. Very clear and awesome with a decent graphics card...I would say 5850 or 5870 will really do this game'll want to use super-sample aa to really...
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    5850 vs 5870 Performance: Is the 5870 really that much better

    Is there really a noticeable performance improvement? You can get a 5850 to 5870 clocks pretty easily.
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    Corsair 620HX - Modular - $90 AR Amazon

    This seemed like a good deal to me. But then again, I sometimes wonder if a Corsair PSU is all hype. I mean what makes their psus so special? It's $110 then $90 After rebate. Only reason I got it is because it's modular, and I know it can handle my on board graphics, and possibly a future...
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    Half Life 3 / Half Life 4: Who wants it? Does pc gaming need it?

    First off, happy holidays to everyone here, it's good to see that you guys have been loading up on eggnog rather than the usual protein shake diet. Going to have to say that HL/HL2 is probably the best shooter I have ever played / and the best shooting game series for that matter. Great...
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    Sapphire Solves Dreaded Eyeinfinity Issue

    Active DisplayPort adapter enables use of third DVI monitor:
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    3 monitors + Eyeinfinity = Power Hungry Monster

    I was thinking how great the power savings is on 5800 series cards(in terms of their performnace), and people praise them as such, but seeing that if you run eyeinfinity, these monitors produce like 200 watts each, that's 600 watts just for three monitors running eyeinfinity. Combine that with...
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    Why do video cards need 2GB video memory?

    Like the 5970, 4870x2, GTX285 2GB version, etc. Isn't this overkill since most reviews show that anything over 1GB is pretty much overkill, showing no performance differences. Or is there some underlying cause to having over 1GB frame buffer, like smoother gameplay? I've heard of mass effect...
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    Best Buy: 5850 $289 / 5870 $389 ----->beats newegg

    This is good stuff. Who would of thought BB :cool:. Finally some realistic prices. I mean seriously, newegg has had the 5850s for like $369 and 5870s upwards of $419. It's insane. 5850 @ $289 5870 @ $389
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    Do you need a dedicated graphics card for video editing?

    Just bought a cannon vixia hf10 for a good price and plan to do some video editing once it arrives. Since getting rid of the gtx295, I'm wondering if on board graphics is enough to handle video editing. I would think that it's the processor that is crucial for video editing correct? If so then...
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    Perfect time 4 a year off from computertech/games..let games catch up to hardware.

    It's been pretty fun the last few weeks watching the new tech roll in. I've been thinking a lot about what Brent said...that the hardware is far surpassed the software. Seems to me that right now is the worse time to buy high end, since most of the good games are currently console ports, and...
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    How do you get audio by hdmi on an nvidia card?

    There a way to get audio pass through by hdmi in a nvidia card?
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    GTX295 Vantage Performance Issues

    I'm wondering if possibly the 2nd gpu is somehow disabled. For some reason on the performance test I was only able to achieve a lowly slightly better than 19k gpu score on the default performance settings. With a single 5850 I was able to get about 28k, so a 9k difference seems a bit absurd...
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    Visiontek 5850 in stock at newegg...Go! Go! Go!

    One of the few brands that has lifetime warranty...go go go! hurry!
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    Have you seen this gtx 295 bios? Possible 5970 killer.

    Found this on an ebay ad...can't find it any where on the internet though. He called it the supercharged bios, lol.
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    A win for GTX295 over 5970 in Modern Warfare 2?

    Thought this was interesting if you look at the minimum FPS in MW2, the 295 is beating the 5970. Minimum FPS = smoothness, so I would say I would give mw2 to the 295 still. :D - obviously this victory will be extremely short lived once ati irons out the drivers I assume, but interesting...
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    5970 Sightings....Where are they?

    If the 5850/5870 availability was ridiculous enough...I'm guessing finding this card is going to be like finding the holy grail.
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    New GTX 295 Owner - Any Tips / Issues I should know?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-answered fan boy replies: Ok, the 5870 is better, you and amd win. Ok, the 5850 is better, you and amd win. Ok, 5770 CF is better, you and ati win. Yes it's more power hungry, you...
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    <$100 vid card to max out cod5 60fps constant w 4xaa / 16xaf @ 1360x768?

    Need a very temp. budget card that will only be used to play cod5. Been looking around and it sure doesn't seem possible. FPS can't dip below 60fps(even with 3 smoke grenades popped), and must be able to run at max settings. That is the requirement, and card must be less than $100 before...
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    Can hackers hack MW2 so that it can use dedicated servers / lan?

    You have all these hackers creating aimbots and wallhacks and what not, why can't they use their genius and some how hack the game so that people can use dedicated servers. This will solve everyone's problem that has a vendetta with this game! And then, when IW finds out about it they will...
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    My PC MW2 Review: A must buy! Cancel teh boycotts!

    Graphics: 9.2/10 *4xaa / 16xaf all settings maxed* Gameplay: 10/10 Replay Value: 9/10 Great game all around. I was concerned about there not being dedicated servers, but the p2p system actually works well. You have to think even on good dedicated servers you will experience lag sometimes...
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    Would you, or are you paying for DLC?

    I sure as hell aint. I got other bills that are priority over map packs and what not. :cool:
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    Never knew it would pay off being an early adopter for the 5850/5870

    It's crazy, this has never happened before. Video card prices going up after launch? Usually you get burned for being an early adopter, and they have higher launch prices...and then prices get lower. Now, it's reversed, prices were lower at launch, lol Glad I only paid $259 for my 5850 with...
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    Best buy to open at midnight for Modern Warfare 2 release!

    Just a reminder for those anxious pc gamers who want to get the game. Get in line five hours prior. Bring a sleeping bag, a few pillows, and maybe some lawn chairs. Perhaps bring your psp and play call of duty while you wait as well :) Report back to this thread while you wait in line...and...
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    Try these Catalyst Settings for superior IQ in games

    Finally got a round to fooling with different IQ settings, specifically for COD WAW. I'm using the official 9.10 drivers at the moment. I've found these settings to greatly improve IQ in COD WAW: In CCC I've been using these settings for Call of Duty 5: Anti-Aliasing - 4xaa Anti-Stropic...