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    Webbase Ticket Tracker for interal

    I will assume ameoba was talking about Request Tracker. At work we use Bugzilla. I personally use trac RT and Bugzilla are Perl based, trac is python based.
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    Why use a T1 for internet?

    Also, you get a service level agreement. You have to decide if the cost is worth it to you to have a dedicated link to the net and a SLA.
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    Could someone shed some light on this Seagate Law Suite email I just received

    The box uses decimal, since the manufacturers can use decimal to report 300 GB rather than 279 GB (binary). Operating systems will see the capacity in terms of binary. Western Digital has been sued about this as well, and they settled as well...
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    comcast phone service affected by bittorrent?

    Comcast Digital Phone or Digital Voice? I thought Digital Phone was still using landlines, and Digital Voice is the actual VoIP service (I am still a subscriber of their awfully expensive digital phone service). But yes, if you have digital voice, your call quality could be affected by heavier...
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    SOLARIS OS, what is it?

    Anybody here use solaris? I do at work. Other managers at my company love to task me with testing, investigating and fixing issues our products exhibit on Solaris platforms because I work in a Linux/Unix-only development team. Solaris has a lot of software, but since I mainly use Linux...
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    Prog to rename a whole folder of pictures ?

    Are they files in a single folder, or a whole tree of folders with files in each under a folder? If it is all in one folder, you could actually select all the files you wanted to rename (common name only), choose to rename them, type in something like mypicture.extension, and explorer would...
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    Built in Windows command to extract zips?

    There is not as far as I know. I wanted to know this months ago and I read something about the zip functionality being provided through a DLL so you could do the extraction via explorer, but there would be no command line tools to perform the same actions because some company did not want...
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    How do I retrieve Outlook Express emails after a system restore?

    So it sounds like no backup of data was made and she used a restore CD to basically blow away the existing OS install and reinstall, and that all her emails had been downloaded and saved locally but are now toast with the old install. Information from this link could be useful unless the...
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    Have you ever purchased any XBLA games?

    I can't vote since there's no option for me. I have Castlevania SoTN, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix etc. etc., and Streets of Rage 2. I am planning to buy E4 and probably Puzzle Quest as well when I am cleared of the other games I am playing.
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    I once made Firefox use 2.5 GB of RAM, unfortunately, I didn't take a screenie, though I still have one of then it sucked down 1.6 GB because of its raw image caching function. I would still recommend 32-bit versions of browsers because as other people have said, you will not have plugins...
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    verify burned data needed?

    I would 4th the recommendation to verify burned data if the discs will be stored and used a long time off from now. Also, what media are you using, and what burner? You might have some really low grade media, or the burner and media combination you have is a bad mix. I know at work, I have to...
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    Hitachi Pulls Out of Home PCs

    This is the first time I heard about them making full computer systems as well. When I was in Hong Kong I did see some nice Benq notebooks though, which was a little surprising. Their reasons for moving out of the personal computer realm sounds a lot like IBM's reasons for selling their...
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    Anyone running 4GB RAM (4x1GB)???

    I am running 4 sticks on an Abit IP35 Pro. 2x1 GB Buffalo Firestix DDR2-800, and 2x1 GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2-800. Voltage set to 2.1 V, everything is current at 415 Mhz since I haven't felt like mucking around a little more to get my CPU to a stable 3+ Ghz. It works fine for me.
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    Movie Resolutions

    HD-DVD/Blu-Ray: both support a bunch of resolutions, but I think most will be 1920x1080 (but otherwise they support 1280x720 and other resolutions) DVD: 720x480 is the standard resolution for DVD video Widescreen: No standard that I know of, but common ratios are 1.85:1 and 1.66:1. Fullscreen: a...
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    plugging in laptop in airline or airport

    In an airport, definitely, there are outlets all over the place, the question is will other people be hogging all of them? On the plane? Highly depends on what airline you are flying. If you sit in business or first class with any airline (I only know United for sure) you will most likely...
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    Question on MS Server 2k3 - how to get legit..

    2003 R2 does need its own keys, here at work I have to test with 2003 installs from time to time, and while I have a key to install 2003, I can never find a key to upgrade to R2.
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    4gb and vista only see 2,3gb

    Were you using 64-bit XP? In 32-bit XP you should have also seen ~3.2 if Vista only sees that much. Regardless, because of how device addressing is implemented in CPUs (mmap i/o) a 32-bit CPU is capable of addressing 4 GB, but some of that address space is reserved for addressing other...
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    Staples to Sell Dell PCs

    There is definitely a lot of motivation for Dell to end their traditional direct order/sale model in favor of a blend model. Desktop PC sales are okay in recent times, but notebook computers are the fastest growing segment (or were). They probably need to get more in the retail stream so that...
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    new install, win installed to drive F, not C

    When installing Windows and you want the Windows drive to be labeled 'C:' you should disconnect any other hard drives present if they have been partitioned. Also remove other devices like USB storage devices during installation. Technically, it is possible to change your Windows drive letter...
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    Could someone shed some light on this Seagate Law Suite email I just received

    My friend got an email about this too. I think if you ever RMAed to Seagate or registered a hard drive you bought with them, you got the email. If they went after Seagate, why not go after Microsoft for calculating storage size in binary instead of metric in Windows? :rolleyes: I just googled...
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    AIM Program

    If you can't install, try Portable Pidgin.[]
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    any ideas?? abit ip35-pro + 8800gts constant BSODs

    Any other messages on that BSOD? Any files/drivers being called into question? Have you run a memtest scan to see if your memory is at fault? You probably also have a crash dump report which you can analyze and it could probably lead in the right direction if none of the above works/applies.
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    Looking for a nice drive, any suggestions?

    If you want a SATA drive, I'd say the Samsung 203B or the Pioneer DVR-212D. Samsung SH-S203B: Pioneer DVR-212D Beige: I use...
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    Setting voltage and Timing for RAM

    If you leave the settings at auto, the motherboard takes the settings from the RAM's SPD in order to configure timings and voltage. In most cases leaving it at auto is sufficient, but sometimes you might have to manually configure RAM for better timings or to change the RAM speed or voltage.
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    anyway to watch the game over the internet?

    Yeah, I think MLB holds exclusive rights to all MLB gamestreams, so you are out of luck.
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    Windows Home Server for sale.

    Just a question of curiosity for you, since you have used the beta, munkle. Since WHS is really just an OS for OEM builders, how do you find the hardware support? Could I just take my machine and slap it on (it has some common commodity parts from 2003)? I read a review on ars and they didn't...
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    I don't know how this is called but I need help

    It's an I/O shield. You don't specifically need it, but if you can't get back the old one, try contacting DFI.
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    MP3 Player For An Audiophile?

    You can find players with SnRs > 90 dB. I didn't know the iPod family had SnRs < 90 dB these days. I use an iRiver H120, which has been superceded by newer models in the past 3 years, and at the time I bought it, it had a SnR of 90 dB. Personally, I think it sounds great, provided you swap...
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    Looking at headphones

    I found the isolation between them pretty much equal, provided you have a good fit. For better isolation I think you might want to look at Shures or Etymotics, but I haven't tried those before and the price starts increasing very fast.
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    Vista x64 and codecs?

    I installed the 32-bit version, since the players I use are 32-bit (MPC, Zoomplayer). If you installed 64-bit codecs, you will need a 64-bit player.
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    Vista x64 and codecs?

    I run FFDShow in Vista x64 and it works fine for me. Have you tried installing CCCP (if you installed FFDShow previously, run cccp-insurgent to clear out any cruft from previous codec installs)?
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    Looking at headphones

    What were you wearing previously, MDR-EX71s? If so, I found their sound to be too muddy, and for the last three years I have been using a pair of Panasonic RP-HJE50 canal phones which cost me about 50% of what I paid for the Sony EX71, but sounded much better and cleaner. Well they just died...
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    Burn DVD to CD

    How was the slideshow/video burned - as data or as DVD video? If it was just as data (some file on the disc) I think you could simply copy the file from the DVD to your computer, then reburn it onto CD. It would be easy if we could see the directory structure and file(s) on the disc.
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    Compression Question

    Agreed. No point in recursively compressing everything, then compressing all the compressed files together. Compression algorithms generally exploit redundancies or data patterns in the data being compressed, so post-compression, the redundancies or patterns have already been re-encoded to...
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    C++ Socket Programming

    Well, C/C++ themselves do not directly support socket programming with any built in language features, though there are APIs that are operating systems dependent that assist you in socket programming. Examples include BSD sockets API or Winsock API (based on BSD API). When I did networks...
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    Premium or Ultimate?

    Personally I run Ultimate x64 (I wanted MUI for other members of the family and some of the other stuff like Terminal Services Server) but you should look at the feature comparison list to determine whether or not to pay the difference between a Home Premium license and an Ultimate license. It...
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    Abit IP35 PRo vs Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 vs wait for x38?

    What ultra durable thing? You mean the solid capacitor stuff? The Abit IP35 Pro I have has that stuff too, and I assume the IP35 and IP35-E both sport the same thing. I love my Abit IP35-P, after that initial memory trouble I had since I finally realized that my Firestix RAM's SPD had CL3...
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    Buying ne HD what do you reccomend

    Both drives are great IMO. The WD5000AAKS is probably the quietest hard drive I have right now (300 GB Maxline, 320 GB hitachi, 400 GB Seagate 7200.10, then the two 500s) and it is pretty fast, though I am only using the numbers from the Vista file copy window and the resource monitor when I say...
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    Buying ne HD what do you reccomend

    I agree. I just got a WD5000AAKS and Hitachi T7K500 for about $100 each. Nice drives. 500 GB is the sweet spot in GB/$ ratio right now.
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    Abit IP35 Pro - Unknown POST Codes?

    The POST codes should be listed somewhere in the last 10 pages of your manual. Otherwise, use this list: Did you make sure all cables were properly plugged in (including the +12 V)?