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    Large Monitor upgrade from LG 43UN700-B (latest IPS version) for strictly office work and 4k movies, please help.

    I have a 43UN700-B that I thinking of replacing. I do not game at all, and the monitor is used for only desktop office work, music production and 4k movies. I sit 3-1/2 feet from my monitor for 6-8 hours a day and I really need crisp text, so I would like to find a large SRGB IPS 4K panel...
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    HTPC board using old AMD mobile processor??

    Hopefully someone can help me out I have a old AMD mobile socket s1g4 Ahtlon II P340, and 3GB SODIMM DDR3 1066 laying around, that I might as well make use of and I was wondering if anyone knew of a AMD micro or mini itx motherboard with and hdmi output, I could use to turn these into a small...
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    my book essential usb3 3TB drive exchange? formatting issue

    Hey all I bought a 3.0TB usb3 WD essential external drive, I took out the 3TB drive,and put it in my desktop case but I want to reuse the WD essential case with my older 1.5TB for portable media transfer the issue is that when I install the smaller drive (its a WD green 1.5TB), the drive...
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    Seagate SATA connector fix?? plastic shield broke

    Hey all, I have a relatively new seagate 2TB drive, that segate refuses to fix, even though I offered to pay for it (gotta love when companies DONT stand by their consumers but thats another discussion I guess) anyway, I was moving drives around in my tower, and one of the sata cables got...
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    5750 and 37w3, only 75% of screen?

    hey all, im having a weird issue, I just installed a new 5750, and for some reason my tv/monitor is only displaying windows on 75% of the screen. I have a full windows desktop screen, but it only covers 75% of the Westinghouse screen. its right in the middle of the screen for some reason The...
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    help? So which dd2 2gb or 1gb stick use the fast micron ships?

    can someone help me determine which chips to look into im getting a aw9d max,and a 6400, thx
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    anyone ever use a 975X7AB-8EKRS2H the conroe version

    title says it all any experience?