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    Gigabyte P35-DS3L unable to boot from USB for windows 10

    Hi All, I'm trying to do a clean install of windows 10 (specs in signature). I upgraded my PC already using the free upgrade from win 8.1 to win 10. I created a win10 bootable usb drive using the MediaCreationToolx64 tool from microsoft. I have a Kingston DataTraveler usb thumb drive...
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    Edimax wireless usb adapter very slow

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased this: Since it was cheap and it had awesome reviews. I needed it for my desktop (specs in sig), however it is VERY slow. I ran several speed tests to see if i could find the issue, but i'm...
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    Klipsche 2.1 subwoofer crackling noises - is it blown?

    So my roommate decided to crank up some music using my speakers 1 night (subwoofer turned up to maybe 70-80% and main volume turned up to around the same levels 70-80% on the turn knob) The day after, I noticed crackling noises coming from my subwoofer even on low settings. 2 questions: 1)...
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    Cannot boot into windows, permanent blue screen. Need help!!

    Hi All, Lately, my computer (specs in sig, no OC) has been freezing once or twice a day. I would need to restart it and everything will be good for rest of the day. This started happening for about 1-2 weeks. Today, the same thing happened, except now I can't boot into windows without a blue...
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    I think my computer is slowly dying - not sure which part.. help?

    specs in my sig. So I've been having issues with my computer for the past few months. I get random freezes a few times a week, but I just live with it. However today, I thought my computer was completely done. After a few consecutive freezes (freeze after booting into windows), my computer...
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    Random freezes after SSD install, coincidence or?

    Need some help here. specs in sig (currently running stock speeds) I recently installed a new SSD. I reformatted and installed a fresh copy of win7 on it with ahci enabled through bios. I started OC'ing again (i was running stock speed for a while, but i used to run at 3.0 ghz stable...
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    Is there anyway to save volume mixer settings in windows 7? Line In volume resets!

    Does anyone know how I can get this Line In setting to stick? I have it set at level "10" as you can see in the screenshot above, but after I restart my computer, it resets to the max 100 level which is annoying. I use this for my ps3 and I have to set it at 10 otherwise it's loud as...
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    ATI TV Wonder 600 USB no picture after upgrading video card?

    I recently upgraded from a 8800GT to a GTX460 (free RMA upgrade woot!), after upgrading, I no longer get picture when I use Windows Media Center. I get audio, but no picture. I tried reinstalling the drivers for my tuner and my video card, but still does not work. Basically it's just a black...
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    Help diagnose PC issue!

    Hey everyone, I need some help ID'ing a problem I have with my PC. Specs are in my signature. Everything right now is running at stock speeds. Recently, my computer has been "blacking out" randomly. What I mean is that, the screen would basically just turn black and my monitor enters power...
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    Internet only working if I connect to my work vpn network?

    I have a strange situation here. I have a work laptop which has VPN software for connecting to my work vpn. If I connect to the VPN, I can surf the internet, etc. If I disconnect from the VPN, I cannot hit any websites. If I try to ping like, it would hang. Once connected to my...
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    PS3 issue - HDMI to DVI LCD TV, how do I get the sound to work from the TV?

    I have a samsung lcd tv, it only has DVI, no HDMI. It also has built in speakers. I have a HDMI to DVI cable plugged it from the ps3 to the TV. Output is 1080i, it looks good. I plugged in the white and red rca cables into the tv's av and set sound output to output from the av cables from ps3...
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    Laptop IBM thinkpad T60 running really hot

    I have a thinkpad T60, it has an intel core duo T2400 cpu in it. According to Core Temp, it's idle temp is around 85-95 C, isn't that extremely high? It does feel extremely hot, my desk gets really hot from my laptop. The fan seems operational, I can hear it running so I don't know why...
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    MX-518 wheel scrolling not working?

    Is there any way to test? or a special setting I'm suppose to do from set point to get it work? I just got this mouse, defective?? Wheel up wheel down does nothing, I assumed that function would work out of the box. All other buttons work, including pressing down the wheel. ugh worst part is i...
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    Windows 7 causing windows to resize when swithing between dvi and hdmi inputs?

    I have a hdmi switcher from monoprice that I use to switch input between my pc and my ps3. I just recently upgraded to win 7 from vista, but I noticed something. when I switch to ps3 and back to pc via the switcher, my program windows get re-sized, as if the resolution changed and changed...
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    Recommend a audio rca switch for me

    I'm looking for something like this: except I only need a 2-way one (1 for ps3 and 1 for xbox360), and a cheaper price. any recommendations? thx
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    PS3 - how do I increase sound output?

    I have my ps3 and xbox360 connected to the audio in on my audigy sound card through a splitter. however, the ps3 sound is very light, i have to crank my speakers up relatively high to hear anything (past mid point on klipsche speakers). obviously if my PC makes a nose, it will be supppper loud...
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    Dell 2407 A04 + PS3 over component/composite? How is quality?

    I have already done a search, most threads are about using ps3 over hdmi -> dvi, or getting a dvi switch. but I don't want to go that route. I'm thinking about picking up a ps3 slim, but I would like to know how the quality is of the component/composite for ps3 on the dell 2407 a04...
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    Help: "receive an unknown DHCP type(8)" from router Logs. Keeps disconnecting

    My router recently keeps dropping my connection. I don't think it is my ISP. When I check my router logs, I keep seeing a "receive an unknown DHCP type(8)" Anyone know what the hell that means or how I can fix this? I have a dlink DI-604 router
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    Cheapest place to get Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB?

    Haven't found any deals for this particular drive, most deals are the seagate drives and the WD green tb drives but i hear a lot of bad things about the seagates. The WD caviar black 1 tb is suppose to be the best/fastest TB drive right now. Anyone know where I can get it for a descent price...
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    Dell 2407WFP A04 screen tearing at 1:1 mode, is this normal?

    Is this normal? I just got my A02 replaced with an A04 because the A02 did not support 1:1 mode for 1080p (1920x1080). My A04 now supports 1:1 for 1080p, but there is massive screen tearing in the middle of the screen when I run in this mode. Is this normal for this monitor/rev or should I get...
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    Best resolution to play run Xbox 360 over VGA on Dell 2407 A02?

    Whats the best resolution to play it at? I'm trying to run in 1:1 mode under Wide Mode, but it is greyed out when I go to the Display Settings. It is currently on Fill Mode. Why is that? When I see screen shots online, they look so much better than what I see on my monitor
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    Anyone know how to output sound to two sound cards simultanously?

    I have headphones connected to my onboard realtek sound card, and I have my speakers connected to my PCI audigy 2 card. drivers have been installed for both cards. in vista, i can only choose 1 soundcard as the default output. Is there anyway to output all sounds to both devices at the same time?
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    Vista 64 Ultimate + EVGA 8800GT = problems?

    Not sure if it's the video card, or if it's the OS. But my friends have no problems playing games with their laptop video cards on vista 32. so I'm going to guess it is my certain vid card + my OS. Specs in sig, But I've had problems playing warcraft 3, crysis, and team fortress 2...
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    Cheapest place to get Lian Li cdrom bezel C-01B?

    Anyone? There's quite a few places selling it, but it's pretty expensive. Cheapest I can find is from, which is 9.95 + 6.60 shipping. I refuse to pay over 50% of item cost for shipping! Ridiculous.
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    Help, g.skill ddr 800 won't let me run at 400 mhz fsb for Q6600 OC

    Just finished building my new rig (in sig). I have g.skill 4gb ddr 800 ram, but I can't get it to run at 400 mhz fsb. I can run at 380x9=3.4 ghz at 1.35 Vcore . I tried running 400x8 = 3.2 at like 1.4 Vcore and I can't boot into vista, I even tried 400x7 = 2.8 ghz at 1.4 vcore, no luck. I tried...
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    Question about Shrinking and Extending volume in Vista

    I have a 372.61 GB hard drive split into 2 partitions. 1 primary partition of 24.41 GB has vista installed on it, and a 2nd logical partition of 348.20 GB (the rest). I have about 90 gigs free on the 348 gb hard drive. I want to shrink the 348 GB, and then extend my 24.41 GB to a larger amount...
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    Gigabyte P35-DS3R vs P35C-DS3R vs EP35-DSR3 vs EP35C-DSR3 vs P35-DS3L

    ok there's too many god damn versions of this mobo, i need help. the DS3L has the least features and is the cheapest, but i want to know what the main diff is for the 4 different versions of the DS3R. I know the DS3R has RAID, but whats the difference between P35, EP35, EP35C, and P35C for that...
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    EVGA 8800GT or 8800GT Superclocked? Which one should I get? Isn't it the same if I just get the regular vanilla 600 mhz version and OC it myself to 650? Do people have a lot of success with that? How much faster is it really? $15...
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    LAN keeps dropping, but internet is not the cause. Help please.

    My desktop lan, all of the sudden, keeps dropping randomly. Doesnt make any sense, I would be on AIM, and all of a sudden it disconnects completely. I can't even log into my router's IP address (, which means I'm guessing the lan totally crapped out on me. All the other computers on...
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    Anyone have experience with certification study guide softwares?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm looking to take the IBM WebSphere Test 253 certification exam. I would like to buy some study guide materials, but I see a lot of websites through googling, that offer these materials. Does anyone have any recommendations? For...
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    Need help with home network, need access to printer. (pic included)

    I included a pic of my network: Here's the situation. I bought a linksys wifi router for my laptop/iphone from ebay, but I think the router is defective, but I'm not sure because there are a lot of ppl who have the same problem. I have the latest firmware, but sometimes my wifi drops, and...
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    boot disk failure after imaging?

    I have my OS currently on a 250 gb hard drive. There are 2 partitions, a 20 gb and a 230 gb partition. the OS is on the 20 gb partition. I bought a 400 gb hard drive and made a 25 gb and 375 gb partition. I then used norton ghost through a boot up cd to do a partition to partition image from the...
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    Recommend me a budget external usb tv tuner card

    it's for laptop. $50-$100 range. thanks.
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    xbox 360 + pc speaker using vga cable, need help!

    i have an audigy card. i have my VGA cable attached to the 2-female-to-3.5mm converter (came with the microsoft vga cable). that converter is then attached to a 2-to-1 3.5mm Y splitter. the other input in the Y splitter is my 2.1 klipsch speakers. then the Y splitter goes into my speaker input...
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    HOT!! Dell Home 2407 24'' LCD for $645 shipped or $633 AR

    Dell home 24 inch is $703 right now. get a $45 off 400 coupon from playing dell game. Free shipping and no tax for me. 703-45=$658. Use DPA account, extra 2% off = 645 There was a glitch in their system, it wouldn't give me the 2%, so i called them, and they gave me a $25 rebate coupon...
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    Anyone familiar with Microsoft ISA Server? Question about restricting web access

    I'm trying to restrict a certain program on client machines to only have access to certain web sites. I installed the ISA server software on the win2k3 domain server. The problem is, if I do web access restrictions, the users won't be able to access other websites using their webrowser besides...
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    lian li v1100b plus or v1100b plusII?

    or should i just get the original v1100b? the plus's seem like they add extra cooling, what do you guys think?
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    Fastest way to deploy software through the network without Active Directory

    Any ideas? The only one I can think of is, have a public share on one of the servers with the software installation files on it, but someone will have to execute that software installer from the client machines, but that could get tedious.
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    So what's the verdict for the xbox 360 on the 2407?

    I was thinking of upgrading my lcd to a 2407, but I'm planning on buying a 360 in the feature and would like to use it on the new screen that I buy
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    Need help restricting access to control panel for users through AD

    I built a windows server 2003 domain called WCG w/ AD working correct (machines can join the domain with the user accounts I created). But this is driving me nuts, I'm trying to restrict control panel access and other things, so I want to get this working first. I can't for the life of me get...