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    Windows 12

    Windows 12 ???? Please, someone make it stop....
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    Did I goof on this RAM? Speed question

    Did you ever think that I might have not only checked the Asus website but others as well. I've only been an enthusiast since 1998. A quick search produced this.......... "According to ASUS, the PRIME Z370-A supports DDR4 memories up to 4,000 MHz. The ASUS PRIME Z370-A has four memory sockets...
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    Did I goof on this RAM? Speed question

    If you look at the QVL for memory for that board.... It looks like the memory kit that you picked is not "officially" supported. There are very 32GB modules that board particular supports at ANY speed. You would have to install 4 x 16GB and not 2 x 32GB to have 64GB of usable memory.
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    [H]OT - Microcenter AMD sale (2600x - 79.99, 3600x - 159.99, 3700x - 259.99, 3800x - 279.99, 3950x - 699.99) + $20 mobo discount!

    I went to MC Westmont to get a new NVME drive for another machine and wound up buying a 2600x and board.... just 'cuz. I couldn't pass it up. Forgive me... I'm weak.
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    A man walks up to you with a 1080Ti and a 5700XT and says, "Free. Choose one."

    Already have an RTX 2080. But I'd still go with the 1080ti to replace the 1070 in my #2 rig.
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    Boxed ATI Rage Fury MAXX

    I had one of these... back in the day. It NEVER ran right. I would think that it's only value is collectability.
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    Paranoia thread: what would you do if GPU failed?

    When my 1080 borked, I pulled the 1070 out of my secondary rig. I happened to have a small gaming network. Hardware gets bumped down when I upgrade. Once I no longer have a rig on my lan to put parts in, the parts get sold off, traded or put in something for someone else. It's a good thing that...
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    Black Friday flail starts!!!!!!

    Then, stop looking at them...
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    Dude Eats 26 Year Old Ghost Buster Fruit Snacks

    You never see women doing things like this..... do ya'. That why they live longer than we do.
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    2 GeForce GTX 670s with SLI Bridge

    Yes, but not at that price. Well, not here anyway. GLWS.
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    Sticking With Windows 7? The Forecast Calls For Pain

    This.... I put together a gaming rig out of spare parts to leave at a buddy's house. I had the same issues when updating Windows 7. Since the rig was mostly old or used parts, I thought it was hardware problems. Everything worked fine... accept for Windows Update. I left it alone to do all my...
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    USPS' Bizarre Reason For Denying Insurance Claim

    I regularly ship stuff to friends in eastern Europe. I use USPS and ship Express Mail with tracking and insurance. It's expensive, but it gets there. Last parcel I sent to Romania got there from Chicago in 5 days. Too bad the fuckers there held it in customs for almost 10 days. With the tracking...
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    Squeeze more out of 955BE?

    I have a spare rig with 965BE @3.9Ghz on a Gigabyte 790FX board, with 8 gigs of ram and a 6950. it's still a fairly competent rig. It's not going to run the newest, latest, best at high resolutions. But, it does fine with most older titles on a 22" monitor. Depending on chip-set, your board is...
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    8 Things Anita Sarkeesian Wants To Change About Video Games

    Someone make this thread GO AWAY !!!
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    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    Bioshock bundle Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Fallout 3- Game of the Year Edition Far Cry bundle Metro Redux bundle Stalker bundle Return to Castle Wolfenstein Verdun Wolfenstein: New Order I'm bundled out. This should keep me busy, if I can find some time to actually play them.
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    whats the best cpu i can use for this

    For those of us who don't know our AMD cpu's and AMD motherboards.... That board only supports UP TO, 95watt cpu's. -NVIDIA GeForce 7025/nForce 630a chipset -Phenom II / Phenom / Athlon II / Athlon64 /Sempron Support up to 95W CPU -DDR2 1066/800/667 (DDR2 1066 is supported with...
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    Woman Charged For Flashing Breasts At Street View Car

    What has been seen.... can not be unseen...
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    Can I buy a new GPU and play games on my PC?

    First of all, not all 775 boards support ALL 775 cpu's. So, you might not be able to upgrade your cpu. From looking at your motherboard, I would suspect that there's little upgrading that can be done with it. Second, your PSU, (power supply unit ), is made for the hardware you currently have...
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    Corsair - You've got a problem

    Let me get this straight. You bought a refurb PSU on sale for 1/3 the cost of a new one. And, you were surprised it was DOA ? I think the saying goes, " if something is too good to be true, then it probably is".
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    Gigabyte P45 board won't boot with 8GB+ RAM, fine with 6GB

    Seems like all the ram modules on the QVL for that board are from 1.6v to 1.9v. I would set the speed and timings the same and try to run the ram at 1.65v at 1333. If that works, I'd move the speed up to 1600. Once you mix and match modules, they don't always play nice together unless they...
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    When should i replace my i5 2500K

    Replace it.... A ) When your cpu doesn't run the games, apps, etc.. you want, at the speeds you want. B ) When your cpu / rig is starting to have random hardware related problems. C ) When you get the "itch" to upgrade. I'm still running my 2500K @ 4.3Ghz, even though I have a brand new...
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    Tigerdirect is absolutely awful

    Recently, I had to buy a case from TD ( Vernon Hills, Illinois location ). This was a case that only TD had in stock. The salesperson gets the case and asks me about the build. So, I tell him that it's a gaming build for someone's kid. He then asks me what videocard I'm putting in it. I tell him...
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    Where Can I Buy New Socket A Processors?

    That board only supports 1 gig of ram. Windows XP with only 1 gig of ram is slow and sloppy. Someone recently GAVE me and old HP with a socket A 3200+ and Windows XP. Although old, it seemed fairly unused. I had some DDR lying around and maxed it out at 2 gigs. I uninstalled a bunch of stuff...
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    BB In-Store: XFX 7850 @ $107, 7770 @ $83

    Alrighty, The BB store in Evanston, Illinois had 3 XFX 7850's still in stock as of today, 1/2/14, ( 2 now, because I bought one ). Price on the shelf was $107.99 and it was marked as clearance. They were over in the "gaming" section. No, they would not let me buy more than one or use multiple...
  25. W Turning To Tech Giants For Help?

    Remember this man's name ... because he will be mysteriously disappearing ... very soon.
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    I am very angry!

    Consider this a blessing. Take the time off and re-think your life. Because, as we all know.... CS in ANY form is the root of all evil.
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    Network connection problem in Windows 7

    Sounds like NIC driver issue. Who's brand NIC and what drivers are you using ?
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    MicroCenter, One CPU... For Life

    Supposedly this...
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    Older DDR and DDR2 sticks

    Um, ever think of the For Sale / Trade portion of this forum ???
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    Been a while I want to do a small upgrade on a old machine.

    I have 965 @3.9Ghz at 1.42v, under a Xigmatek 1283 on the same board. Been running strong for several years. That would probably be your cheapest upgrade. I also have an unlocked 555 @ 3.67Ghz at 1.44v, also under a Xigmatek 1283 on an MSI 890GXM-G65. I can't tell the true cpu temps because...
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    Best Buy Says It Will Kill 'Showrooming' For Good

    I've had too many bad experiences with BB. I'll believe it when they actually DO price match. They'll find some technicality to get out of price matching. I'm just sayin'.
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    Microcenter Intel CPU/Mobo Deal Email.

    Either you're not in the store enough, or you just don't know the right people. I frequent BOTH Chicago and Westmont stores. I've never had a problem using an open box board in a combo. Then again, most of the employee's at either store seem to know me.
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    Upgrade X2 5600+ to what other AM2 cpu? Maybe AM2

    Generally speaking, AM2 cpu's are not the fastest, and you don't have the fastest chipset on that board in the Nvidia 6100. I've built a few lower-end rigs with AM2 cpu's, but I used boards with better chipsets ( 785, 790, etc ). They seemed snappy enough in Windows 7, when using 4 gigs of ram...
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    2500k worth it?

    I went from an i7 960 to a 2500K. The 2500K clocked better, used less power and ran a hell of a lot cooler. By selling off my 1366, I not only paid for my 2500K set up, but also put the extra cash toward a new videocard.
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    New Sapphire Xtreme 5850 - ends on 9/15 at 15:13 PDT @ starting $69 buy it now $129

    Like I said, the going rate for these cards is $100 to $110, shipped. I'm sure it the OP had listed this card in that price range on the "for sale" forums, he would have already sold it. Geez
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    Your AMD CPU upgrade history!

    Okay, here goes.... I've had the following... K6-2 500MHz K7 500MHz ( slot a ) K7 750MHz ( slot a ) K7 900MHz ( slot a ) K7 1,000MHz ( slot a ) Duron 1,200MHZ ( socket a ) Athlon XP 1,500+ Athlon XP 1,800+ Athlon XP 2,100+ Athlon XP 2,400+ Barton XP 2,500+...
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    New Sapphire Xtreme 5850 - ends on 9/15 at 15:13 PDT @ starting $69 buy it now $129

    EOL cards are just the... END OF LIFE. There are newer, more powerful cards on the market. Tech moves pretty fast and hardware depreciates fairly quickly. I'm not saying that it doesn't have value, just not as much on a tech forum as to the general public. When I spoke of MicroCenter, Fry's...