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    New Router Recommendation

    Internet speeds upgrade to 400mbit down. Current network Gear: Edgerouter Lite ER3 Router Dell 5448 Powerconnect switch UniFi Pro AP / Unifi AC-Lite AP I am doing traffic shaping on the Edgerouter and it looks like it can't go past ~100mbit with shaping enabled. CPU is maxed at ~100mbit...
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    Monitor recommendation.

    Looking to replace my main monitor which is currently a 23" 1080p panel. Hardware: 7700K, 1070TI I do some non-serious gaming and mostly productivity oriented tasks. My main want is to get more screen real estate so either 2K or 4K resolution, but I'm concerned with gaming performance as...
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    Help finding programmable keyboard.

    Looking for the following parameters: Fully programmable. I need to reprogram keys such as Q, E, spacebar, and left shift. I don't want just "G" keys on the side bar. No Funky handrests, like on the G910 etc. A plain old keyboard format is ideal. A software solution like softkeys is NOT...
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    Crap Wifi, tons of APs

    Anything I can do about my terrible 2.4 wifi? In any given hour, not including car based wifi there are 25+ APs visible. I already tried channel 6, etc. to no avail. The other stations around hop as well. It's working fine now, but at various points of the day, ie. when kids get off of school...
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    Play Diablo in your Browser just point it to your DIABDAT.MPQ file
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    Looking for mid-range phone, ~$250-300

    Budget is $250-300. I currently use a just over 3 year old Honor 5X on Lineage and it's time has come. Needs: Unlocked GSM, good AT&T MVNO network compatibility. New. No used phones. Strong wants: SD card slot Much faster user experience. I want apps to open fast and be responsive even...
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    Data backup, new solution needed.

    I'm looking to improve my backup solution. My requirements would be: Can compact the files to a strong encrypted archive. I want the files encrypted before being sent to remote data storage. Can backup to the remote storage location over SSH & SCP Can backup files to a local NAS. Automated...
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    Firewall IPv6 Outbound

    Is there a way to assign a private IP scope and use NAT with IPv6 like we do with IPv4? NAT66? I want to restrict outbound IPv6 except to approved devices. The complicating factor is that whenever my WAN connection is reset I get a new /64 IPv6 scope, so all of the client devices now have a...
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    Use both discreet and onboard GPU.

    On an Asus Z270A Prime w/7700k is it possible to use both a discrete GPU and onboarde GPU? I can't seem to find an answer via google or manual.