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    Lovelace pci 4.0

    New info leak says Lovelace is only pci4. Does this, and it being "pin compatible" with ampere mean it is just a rebrand?
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    Only working larrabee sold
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    If Larrabee was being fabbed today...

    How many pentium cores could it fit on a piece of silicon? Would a Larrabee design make more sense now that the process node advances are slowing down? Seems that it could perform better in a chiplet scenario versus some of the other designs..? Just wonderin
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    Backward compatibility rules Intel and HPs multi billion dollar attempt at a clean break from x86. Something that sounded good in theory ( and on message boards) but no one signing checks actually wanted. Remember this, those clamoring for Microsoft to drop legacy...
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    Very white paint I wonder if this paint could be used to condense water vapor out of the air. It worked on tatoene, I think
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    I set up a DOS computer today

    Old piece of industrial equipment needed its programs reloaded. Power outage and on board battery hadn't been changed in years. No one at work had kept any old software, but I still have totes of old stuff at home. I find my ibm pc dos 6.3 disks, win 95 CD, win 98 CD, ms dos 5.02 disks etc. I...
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    Why are video cards still pice16?

    Why are all those pcie lanes used on a video card when they dont improve performance? Except for some edge cases, a 4x or 8x connection has shown to not affect performance at all.