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    Aquacomputer Quadro Pump Control Question

    Recently pickup a Quadro for fan and pump control. I'm using a EK D5 pump with pwm. Connected the pump's pwm to one of the Quadro fan headers but the Aquasuite software doesn't show pump rpm in the default fan gauge or allows for control. No problems with connected pwn fans. What am I doing...
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    Vizio 65" P65-F1 $899 shipped (It's Back) Best Buy

    Nice TV, just picked one up.
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    Crackling Sound, Stuttering, Crashing, Far Cry 3 :(

    I've built a newish system to keep up with the times and work on my steam backlog. Started up Far Cry 3 and after 5 - 10mins of game play the sound will pop / crackle, then game stutter, and lastly crash to a hard reset. Same sequence of events every time. Doesn't matter if your in the menu...
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    EK Supreme LT Fit Socket 1150?

    Does anyone know if a EK Supreme LT fit a 1150 socket? Trying to update the rig and wish to use my old water block if possible. I notice this EK adapter plate but wasn't sure if that's all I needed?
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    X58 MB will not post past bios screen with 980 sli

    As titled states once I install the second 980 the system will reset every time past the x58 sli bios screens during start-up. With one 980 installed the system will boot normal into win 7. I've tried switching cards outs thinking one of the them was bad causing the issue. This only happens...
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    Asus 290x Reference card @ Egg $519 shipped

    Newegg Asus 290x reference card $519 shipped. Shows $549 but once added to your cart it drops to $519 with free shipping
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    BF2 Problem Double Images At Once

    I keep getting double images of what is behind or to the side posted in front; in a shadow / outline figure. It's hard to describe, look at the pics. Anyone know what is causing this problem? I've change graphic settings, in and out of surround, resolution, overclocking, etc. I'm not...
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    BioShock for PC DL Free @ GameFly

    If you don't already have it....
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    Staples Box CD Win 8 Pro $43 / free ship

    At Staples Coupon code "41793" to subtract $30
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    EVGA giving away GTX 680 high flow brackets

    EVGA is giving away free high flow brackets to the first 200 who have registered their cards. Got mine.
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    700D w/ Koolance Shroud PA120.4 Fit Problem

    Been working on fitting / cutting a 700D to accept a PA120.4 under an Koolance shroud. I already purchased gentle typhoon fans to use. The problem I ran into is when I piece together the shroud, fans, and radiator the top of the radiator is the same height as the case cutout. This leaves no...
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    Suggestions 120mm Fans For Cooling HT Cabinet Furniture?

    Which 120mm fans does everyone use for their HT cooling needs? What I have done is cut two 120mm holes in the back of a TV cabinet. One for exhaust and one for intake. I have already install a temp probe from Coolerguys: Example of cabinet...
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    Woot: Pioneer VSX-1021-K / $289 / $5sh

    Today Woot has the Pioneer VSX-1021-K 7.1CH Receiver for $289 with 5sh. Nice mid-budget receiver with about all the options most will need. Have one myself and it's been great.
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    OCZ Solid 3 120GB $140 / after $30 rebate / $2 s&h

    At TigerDirect Or CircuitCity to escape taxes (NC etc) Comes to about $1.19/GB. Seen mix reviews on reliability.
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    Fun putt putt game: (hosted site) Background information about the game development and you can download it for free too.
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    Pioneer VSX-1021-K for $389 / FS at Amazon

    Excellent midrange AV receiver with air play. Amazon: Add to cart to see price. Bundle this with Polks Series 2 (60's are on sell now at Egg) and get a great home...
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    3DFX background on Nvidia's website?

    Anyone else notice 3DFX background on Nvidia's website? Guess this is another lame April fools joke. Nice to see the picture again thou. added
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    XFX Black Edition XPS-850 $90 MIR/Promo /FS

    Gold Winner by [H] $130 - 40 (MIR) - 20 (Promo Code EMCKHKG29) = $90 /FS
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    Has PrimoFlex tubing changed in color tint?

    Bought some PrimoFlex Pro back in November for a new 1366 build. Reorder the same tubing again to add a 480 to the loop and some for spare. Got the tubing and noticed the color tint of blue has changed. Even checked both orders to make sure I bought the same tubing. Did PrimoFlex change blue...
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    ES-800 power a 480 SLI setup

    Thinking about adding another 480 for sli but I'm on the lowend of the psu range by [H] requirements 800-850 watts. I like to try surround with the two additional monitors I've fixed (bad caps) and don't have funds for both a used 480 and a new psu. Rest of the specs are in the sig with 2...
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    VSX-1120-K $430, CS2 $100, free ship at Egg

    Pretty good deal the VSX-1120-K $430 with EMCZNYN63 Thinking about picking this up myself. Hot deal on CS2 $100 with EMCZNYN48...
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    Hitachi, 12" miter saw, finishing nailer, sander for $200 @ Lowes stores

    For in-store pickup only, Lowes offers the Hitachi 12" 15-amp Compound Miter Saw, model no. C12FDH, bundled with the 2.2-lb. Hitachi Finishing Pneumatic Nailer, model no. NT50AE2, and Hitachi 5" Random Orbit Single Speed Sander, model no. SV13YB, for $199...
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    Borderlands PC download for $7 Microsoft Store

    If you don't already have it. Valid through to 29th
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    Core i7 875K $250 @ Microcenter B&M Only
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    Where to buy a FuZion i7 (LGA1366) Pro-Mount Set

    Does anyone sell this anymore? I've looked but can seem to find someone that does. Like to use my V2 (775) for an upcoming I7 build.
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    WD Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 6Gb's $85 Shipped

    Little warm Newegg has $10 off and free shipping.
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    EAH5870 V2, Adjust Voltage with Afterburner

    Check allow/monitor voltage control. Edited the cfg file to change EnableUnofficialOverclocking from 0 to 1. To enable VRM detection on a EAH5870V2 add the following text to your hardware profile file (.\Profiles\ VEN_1002&DEV_6899&SUBSYS_034E1043&REV_00&BUS_1&DEV _0&FN_0.cfg): [Settings]...
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    Asus 5870V2, Voltage Regulator Chip?

    Anyone know what voltage regulator chip the Asus 5870 V2 uses?
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    Afterburner unlock voltages on Asus 5870 V2?

    Has anyone been able to unlock the voltage slider in Afterburner on a Asus 5870 V2? I change the .cgf setting in Afterburner but the slider is still grayed out. Asus Smartdoctor will allow...
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    Q9550 Retail $215.00 + S/H @ ZipZoomFly

    To battle Newegg's price. :)
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    Looking For Fan Adjustment Chart In Excel I Lost

    Someone came up with fan adjustment chart that is in excel? After you enter in your t-max, T range, etc. the chart will out put your fan% within a temp range. Anybody have a link so I can download it again?
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    Horny USB Humping Dog $5.99 w/ free shipping, 2 weeks

    Energizer may have fur ball drum beating bunny.......we have a secret getting ready to explode all over the place.....again......The Humping Dog.:p $5.99 shipped with standard shipping service. Will take around 2 weeks for delivery...
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    GhostBusters VG PC ($37 free s/h) Preorder Newegg

    For the GhostBusters fans out there Newegg has the pc and other platforms for preorder with free shipping. Not hot but not at bad price on a newly ready to be released game.
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    GTX275 Stock Voltage?

    Does anyone know the stock voltage for the GTX 275?
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    PNY 9600GSO 768MB / 96sp / 50.00 after 40mir

    Seems to be a pretty good deal for physx card or a back-up card.
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    D-Tek Fuzion V2 Replacement Screws ?

    Does anyone know where you can buy replacement screws for the Fuzion V2 water block? I'm looking for the bottom four allen head screws that hold the copper base and top together. Or if someone knows the size of a substitute
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    Can't Boot Completely With 2nd Physx Card Installed

    Finally got a chance to install my GTX295 last night with a 9600 gso to handle (some what) physx. Only problem is once I install the 9600 I can't completely boot into Vista. I can get to the loading screen (where the green bar is) but then the screen goes to a bluish color and computer either...
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    This Artifacting In SS2 (Pics)

    I started having problems with the images changing while playing SS2. Pics below show before and after examples of the problems I'm having. I RMA the card and received another still having the same problems after a few days of game play. Now using a 7900GTXOC with the same drivers none of the...
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    Asus P5Q mosfet / other heatsinks, buy where?

    Where can you buy the stock (close to) heatsinks from P5Q series, mainly the mosfet heatsink.
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    Evga Brand Stickers Removed Void Warranty?

    Does removing the brand stickers void the warranty on EVGA products? I've got a 9600GSO about 2 weeks old and the stickers have started to come off completely on the fan side (they were even bubbled up taking it out of the box). So I took off the sticker; hanging down anyway. Now it looks...