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    FTP being attacked?

    Hey, I recently restarted my FTP to send files to my family easier. Since the second day I put it up I started to see some suspicious stuff in the log. Looks like this stuff, coming from all different IP addresses. (000046) 8/13/2018 0:30:29 AM - (not logged in) (> Connected on port...
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    Newegg has it for $110, but the Newegg Ebay store has it listed for $70. With 8% ebay bucks today, not terrible.
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    Juniper SRX210H advice

    I was cleaning up a pile of leftovers from job sites and came across a SRX210. Have new internet service coming tomorrow and was hoping to use this to secure the network and with my current procurve 1800-24g (and a 3com 4200g) and an already programmed WAP serve out network to my home. Procurve...
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    GBE seeming too slow these days

    I have a windows computer serving out a fair bit of data to about 4 machines in my house, sometimes more. When I launch something data heavy like video editing the whole thing slows down and I cannot stream to the other machines effectively. Seems to be reaching the maximum on the NIC in the...
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    Windows 8.1 seems to delete backups on external drive when it's reconnected

    My brother is running a laptop with Windows 8.1 and he is copying data from the internal drive to a USB drive and then deleting the original copy and the recycle bin. Then when he reconnects the external drive the copy on the external drive magically goes to the recycle bin causing him to have...
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    WTB smallish/cheap SSDs...

    I need a few SATA3 SSD drives. No need to be over 256GB so all the people upgrading lately maybe have some leftovers. Might even consider some SATA2 drives or an MSATA or SAS. Willing to consider as small as 60GB drives. Could possibly use as many as 6 so LMK what you got. Give me your best...
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    Dell r900

    I recently acquired a Dell r900 with 4 x7460 cpus and 32GB ram and no hard drives. I installed a 160GB WD Black drive and Windows 2012 R2 onto it and I can't get the fans to spin down at all. I installed Dell OpenManage and it shows all 4 fans running at ~5500RPMs and I find no option to lower...
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    Cisco 1142n on home network

    Okay, so I had wired my house with cat6 and cat5e a while back and was running a simple network with just a FV220 dsl modem and an unmanaged 16 port gigabit switch. Now the network has expanded and includes the unmanaged switch upstairs and a 3com 4200g in the basement set up as simply as I...
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    Best use for multiple vintage PCs?

    I was digging up computer cases I could gut paint for a cosplay project and I found quite a few in my closet. Mostly I found junk. Among the junk were 5 or 6 motherboards with memory (128-1GB) and CPUs (Athlon 1Ghz-AthlonXP 1.6) What would you suggest as something to do with these systems? I...
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    XFX 7950 3GB Double Dissipation

    I bought one of these used a while back and it seems like they have recently gone way up in price. Did I miss something? I haven't been using it as much as I expected. Is it time to sell it and get something else? It almost seems like I can buy one of the new gen cards new for what these are...
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    Prime95 for stability test of OC.

    I've been testing my OC on my 3570k with prime95 to check how stable it is. Think there is a 'better' way? If the prime95 is fine, how long would you run it before you assume everything is OK.
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    I'm reading about it and it seems like JEDEC only certified PC100 up to 256MB per chip and for PC133 up to 512MB. Reason I ask is I recently bought a PC100 512MB chip on ebay that didn't work, and I am annoyed at having to pay return shipping. The 'store' that sold it to me is saying it is...
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    25% off

    As far as I know this coupon hasn't been announced anywhere yet. DMFF2513 25% off online orders over $125 Will most likely be announced tonight on woot. Doesn't cover clearance or the 'For-Life' editions. Their server is under heavy load though.
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    should I try something different?

    Right now I am running windows 7 64 bit on my main pc/server with 5x3TB drives, 6x2TB drives, a 240GB SSD for booting, 2x1.5TB esata drives and 2x2TB usb3 drives. System has 24GB ddr3, a 3570k running at 4.4, and an XFX DD 7950. Currently I have about 17TB of stuff on the drives now that I...
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    old 2.5" sata drive performance

    I've been using an old Seagate Momentus 5400.3 sata I 80gb drive in my mini system for a little while now and when I went to offload some data, I noticed it seems slow. When I copy data off of it to another drive on the network over gigabit ethernet I get 20MB/sec. Tried this with the built in...
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    Looking for a cheap upgrade for my secondary PC

    Currently I have an 8800gts 640mb and a HD 5570 1gb I am looking for a significant upgrade since both those cards are antiques and seem to run even slower than the onboard intel 4000 on my other system. What does anyone think for a nice cheap upgrade that is worth my time. Looking to be able...
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    Just aquired an ECS h67h2-i Motherboard, no post.

    I just traded for this motherboard here on [H] and upon receiving it I cannot get it to post. I have tried clearing the CMOS, removing the CMOS battery and letting it sit unplugged to make sure it has discharged, tried two different PSUs, 4 different ram chips, and two different CPUs. I also...
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    Watercooling suggestions for socket P mITX in SG05

    I have a Jetway JNC64-LF Socket P motherboard with a T9400 C2D which I have in an sg-05 case. I was thinking about watercooling the CPU but have no experience with it. The stock cooler is horrible. 40mm fan on a copper heatsink that is maybe 10mm thick. I put an adapter to change it to a 60mm...
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    Watercooling for XBOX 360?

    I've never done anything with watercooling, but my XBox keeps getting the RROD due to overheating. Already replaced the thermal paste and it kames it so I can game for about 15 or 20 minutes before it overheats and I have to start all over. Saw a waterblock for the 360 that seemed cheap at $44...
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    Agility 3 120gb seems slow?

    I've been running this drive for a while now and it seems like either it's getting slower, or something changed that caused it to get slower. running it connected to onboard sata3 ports on a p8z77v-pro Any feedback on testing or things I should look at? Thanks.
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    CarPC Storage thoughts.

    I recently bought a carPC from a user here on the forums and I'm trying to figure out what I ought to do about storage. I don't wan't to use rotational storage since that doesn't last long vibrating away in a car all day long. And my Budget is super tight right now. The PC is going to be...
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    New New video card How much better will it be with 4GB of ram

    I recently bought an MSI 7870 and it had issues with the audio. Returned and exchanged for a brand new one and it had basically the same issue. The audio would sound distorted and there would be a pop and then the audio would be OK for a while. MSI suggested that their cards may not work with...
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    problem booting after 7870 install

    I installed my new 7870 today and when I turned the system on it wouldn't boot. I removed the overclocking and got it to boot and installed the divers from amd/ati and after I reboot I can no longer get it to load Windows even in safe mode. a 3570k on an Asus p8z77v pro. And have an ocz 600...
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    Need some more ram

    I need to get some memory for the system I am putting together for my sister. I have two options. 1) I can take 8GB of the ddr3 from my system and put it in her system and then get some more memory for my system. 2) I can just buy 4 or 8gb of ddr3 for her system and me done with it. My...
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    Best video card sub $200

    My main system right now is still using the intel 4000 on board graphics which I have found to be surprisingly good for onboard. The cards I currently have that I'm not using are a 8800GTX which was top of the line when I bought it I stopped using due to artifacting and a Quadro FX 5600 which...
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    Super cheap card for basic use

    First post on here, but I've been around elsewhere for a while. Building a replacement PC for my sister. It's only for basic office use and maybe for playing back 1080p mkvs on her TV. I already have her a miniPC I built for her TV, but if that fails I would like her to have this as a backup...