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    8k60 8-bit rgb hdmi 2.1 from a 2080ti finally working!

    Ordered one of these new sabrent usb-c to hdmi 2.1 adapters and can confirm it works at 8k60 8bit rgb out of the usb-c port on my zotac 2080ti. Figured i'd post a heads up on it since previously the only other option was the club 3d adapter that needs external power and is very glitchy...
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    Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM, still the best 120mm silent fan?

    So have a few older Noctua fans and need to buy at least 3 more for a 3x360 radiator configuration, but debating just replacing them all with Noctua NF-A12X25 PWM fans. Is there anything better performing out there in a 120mm option at that noise level or are those still considered the best?
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    Next Threadripper?

    Maybe we will see it launched this year. 3.6 base clock on 32 cores would be excellent.
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    Anyone get smb multichannel working between windows 10 and linux?

    Has anyone here successfully setup smb multichannel between windows / linux? Tried balance-rr 20g bond on the Linux server side, with two ip's set on the windows side, but all traffic always goes over one network path and Get-SmbMultichannelConnection in powershell never returns anything...
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    Warm: 24 core 2970wx 750 @ microcenter

    If I wasn't waiting for the next threadripper with pcie4 id probably pick up one of these:
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    Anyone dropping ebay Xeon® cpus in their x79 / x99's?

    Decided to order a E5-2697 v2 12 core chip off ebay to drop in my old x79 platform replacing a 6 core 3930k (seems like that is the highest chip released for that platform). Anyone do a similar upgrade to extend their old x79 platforms? Still planning on upgrading to the next threadripper, but...
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    usb-c PD to 12v DC barrel adapter?

    Not exactly a PSU question, but does anyone here know of a device that can take usb-c power delivery (off of a usb-c battery pack), then automatically go through the handshake / auto-negations to output power at 12v at 3-5a on a dc barrel connector? The closest thing i've found to wiring...
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    Zotac rtx 2080 ti amp hdmi port won't do 444 60hz with LG OLED's

    So after trying a bunch of different HDMI cables, turns out there is some kind of incompatibility between the 55" C8 OLED and the Zotac 2080 ti, as that combo doesn't support 444 at 60hz over the hdmi port (although it worked fine with my older samsung 4k tv). Works fine at 30hz 444, but 60hz...
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    3930k + 2080 ti

    Anyone still rocking a OC'd 3930k with a new rtx series? I was thinking of pairing a ryzen or threadripper with the 2080 ti, but single core performance at 4.6 to 4.8 still seems better on the 3930k and no games that I play are using all 6 cores yet. 4k gaming always seems to be limited by the...
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    3 year old OC'd intel hardware still faster than top stock chips?

    So a friend of mine was building a PC and asking me about parts, and I was excited to find that a 4930k and even 5930k have been released.... I then checked out the passmark benchmark site cpu charts and found out that my Q4'11 released 3930k turbo boost at 4.8 GHZ still wipes the floor...
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    7970 stuck at 30hz

    Anyone know how to force custom resolutions out of a 7970? My nvidia card it was easy to create them but after much searching and trying several utilities I am still stuck at 30hz. The seiki 4k TV I am using runs 1080p 60hz from my Xbox 360 just fine but when I set lower resolutions out of...
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    amd custom resolution?

    Hello, I have a 7970GE driving a 4k tv over hdmi. Anyone know how to force custom resolutions through an amd card? I know the tv also does 2560x1440 at 75hz or so (which I would like to try for gaming) but am unable to find anywhere to set that in the amd catalyst control center. On my...
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    options on connectivity ZFS -> Desktop

    I am thinking of converting my desktop (currently around 15TB or so) to a ZFS home server and building a new desktop. What are the current preferred ways of connecting a ZFS server directly to another PC? I have gigabit right now and have maxed it out, but would really only like the faster...
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    VM linux Raid 6 guest under windows using physical disks?

    Has anyone ever tried a setup like this: Host OS: Windows 7 (installed to motherboard's software raid1 using two disks). Virtual OS: Some form of Linux, has direct access to around ten full physical disks, and has all of them in raid 6. Host OS has this volume mounted over the fastest...
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    lapped hs 15C drop untill.... (pics)

    lapped my 2yr old thermaltake sonic tower and got a 15C drop @full load w/ q6600 untill.... I put the cover back on the case, then it shot right back up and was only about 5-6c cooler. Any recommendations on how to improve the case cooling? before lapping after lapping: after...
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    psu not cutting it?

    so i just rebuilt my system with the following new parts... q6600 p5k-e wifi/ap 8gb ddr2-800 in addition to: 5 hd's (1 ide 4sata), and a nec burner 6800gt fan controller w/ 4x fans and 4x ccfls 1 leadtek tvxp2000 1 ati hdtv wonder and a floppy drive :) I was powering it on an...
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    $650 quadcore system refresh question

    right now i am running an amd x2 4400+ i built a little over 2 years ago but am going to need more ram and power for vmware w/ vista for a security class i'm taking this semester so was planning to upgrade to a q6600 with at least 4gb of ram... what i plan on using from my old system(s)...