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    Seagate Expansion 4TB External HDD $130 on eBay Daily Deal

    thanks for this, ordered one.
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    WD 2TB External $70; Shell Shocker

    in for two. just what I have been waiting for. thanks.
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    Raspberry Pi 512mb Microcenter 39.99 B&M

    I'd be surprised if it could do this... I have my overclocked just to run smoothly through my large movie collection. It does smaller vids fine over wireless though.
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    Bitdefender for $20.13 :)

    I bit on this one. We have 3 pc's in the house and since MSE is doing so poorly on tests I can't justify keeping it around. So far so good. definitely not intrusive at all, which is great for the folks.
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    3TB Seagate USB 3.0 $100 at Amazon.

    In for 1 thanks
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    SanDisk 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive $4.99 w/FS

    in for two. thanks for the post OP
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    Logitech Revue $73 at NewEgg - seeking feedback

    I use one everyday. At that price point it's worth it. the keyboard remote is really nice to have. I use it for netflix daily. youtube some as well. with the 3.1 based android update it is quite nice.
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    HOT - SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD $119.99 FS @ Newegg

    In for one. I've wanted one for my folks computer for a while. I'm gonna give them my current one and keep this one.
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    Free DVD at Redbox tomorrow (March 8th) using code THANKS2U

    Used this today. Also told a random guy next to me about it. He was amazed when it worked.
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    Netgear WNR2000 4 port, 300Mbps Wireless N Router $9.99 at 1 Sale a Day

    I bit on one. I've been having trouble with my uverse not allocating wireless IP's to my devices after a few days. Hoping to remedy that issue with this router. thanks
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    hp to sell touchpads on ebay (December 11th.)

    well that was a bust. thanks a lot ebay
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    Logitech Revue & Camera 129.99 Best buy

    if they ever push the update out it will probably be worth it. The sony google tv users sound very pleased with honeycomb.
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    2TB Samsung drives $69.99 today on the Egg

    more details on this please... good deal OP, just picked up a drive for 79.99 from MC last week. Oh well
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    Warm? Wal-mart 1.5TB USB2.0 $60

    checked in La Habra, Ca store and didn't see anything :(
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    Corsair A70 $25/ A50 $20 BB B&M - YMMV

    Success at the Anaheim, Ca store. I checked the website and looked at local stores. All only had shipping except for this one. Using that info I went in and they had three of each at roughly $21 and $27. Gonna install now.
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    Microcenter: Core i7 875K, Motherboard, 4GB DDR bundle $350

    haha nope. I was looking at the one in Southern California. It sells out quickly a lot of the time
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    Microcenter: Core i7 875K, Motherboard, 4GB DDR bundle $350

    ditto. I'm confused by their system. It's like 4 something when I add to cart.
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    Dell Ultrasharp 21.5" U2211H $188, U2711 $742, *** U3011 $1012 *** + tax

    boy I really want to buy that 21" it'd compliment my 2005fpw nicely and I bought it... :)
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    Samsung Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB 5400 RPM HDD 79.99 FS A/C

    haha, I bought one like ten minutes after posting. Should be here monday. Yay for backup for my current 2tb drive. If another $60 deal comes around I'll have to get some more for raid setup
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    Samsung Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB 5400 RPM HDD 79.99 FS A/C

    very torn right now. This is a good price, but I'd hate it if another $60 deal came by. decisions decisions
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    Frys B&M Amd Phenom II x4 925 (2.8 ghz) & Biostar TA790GX (DDR3 Board) 149BR, 129AR

    should. They have a deal similar to this just about every week, for months now. It's been great. built two systems using similar deals.
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    Athlon II X4 620 w/ mobo $60 AR @Fry's

    this has been my experience as well. I've only gone for two different combos over the past few months, but I was able to get both. And it was definitely sunday or later so they'd been on sale for over 2 days.
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    Free OCZ Cooler AR from Micro Center (After MIR)

    I'll commit to $15 shipped for one of these. I live at 90638 zip code if that matters. Hit me with a PM if you do get them. I have paypal for payment.
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    Free OCZ Cooler AR from Micro Center (After MIR)

    am2 heatsink doesn't fit am3? wtf is that about
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    Hitachi Retail Boxed 1tb HD $69.99 @ Frys

    Bought this tonight. Hooked up and working quite well. it's got 32mb cache if anyone cares.
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    Seagate 1tb Internal HDD - $69.99 - Frys online and B&M

    I think there was an issue with the drive having a stutter type thing. The firmware just fixes whatever the issue is/was and it's good to go. It's not a physical problem more just a goofy way they programmed the thing.
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    Hitachi 1 TB Deskstar SATA 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache Internal Hard Drive for $74.99

    looked to see if that was true and blam, they have a samsung for 69.99
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    SlySoft sale AnyDVD HD lifetime for about $94

    I got an email today about upgrading from normal to HD at a discounted price. pretty cool of them
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    SlySoft sale AnyDVD HD lifetime for about $94

    I've got the regular anydvd for lifetime, and I love it. If I needed HD abilities I would prob jump on this.
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    HOT - Seagate 7200.11 1.5TB $79.99 Free Shipping (no rebate!)

    this is just what I wanted, but I'm having trouble justifying spending the money. argh
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    L shaped 18 inch SATA cable... 1 dollar FS $1.29 from monoprice. and they ship from within the united states. also other choices available.
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    Back for a return engagement: Dell Mini 9 for $194.37 + Tax & Ship

    thanks, that what I figured
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    Back for a return engagement: Dell Mini 9 for $194.37 + Tax & Ship

    any reason one couldn't install a normal HDD? does this use one of the ssd's that are smaller than 2.5"?
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    Back for a return engagement: Dell Mini 9 for $194.37 + Tax & Ship

    does this guy support winxp or vista? I see the config only allows for ubuntu so I wonder if the drivers are they for winders
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    Curtis Mathes Blu-ray Disc Player $99+f/s

    so if I wanted to hook this up to my tv with HDMI it would work just fine right? I don't have a sweet stereo or anything. I just want high def picture.
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    P3 Kill A Watt Electricity Load Meter and Monitor: $19.99 with free shipping

    fry's sells these for that price if there is one near you.
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    NOD32 Antivirus OEM - $29.99 FS @ Egg

    if you go to the settings you can turn off the anti-phishing. you can also disable the bar in firefox/IE as well. I agree that it was annoying.
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    NOD32 Antivirus OEM - $29.99 FS @ Egg

    I honestly get one pop-up a week about background scanning. updates or anything else doesn't require any input from the user and just works. I find it hard to believe you have all this trouble. I've never had to restart for updates either. of course I turn my computer off when I'm done as to...