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    MSI 780ti SLI dilemma

    I just dropped a second MSI 780ti into my new Asus VI Formula with a 4770. I loaded Far Cry 3 last night and the game reads up to 95FPS with Fraps, but the image is gameplay is incredibly choppy even with the high framerate. I have an old Dell 3008 WFP. I know all of my drivers are updated and...
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    PCIE Division

    Is it bad to have a motherboard that only has one 16PCIE slot if you have a dual SLI 780ti setup? Because now I'll have the two cards running at 8X
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    New to overclocking

    I was able to just have my P8Z77 MB set an overclock for me. It had two settings fast and extreme, with extreme settings my temps went up to 80c with Prime 95, and with fast they stayed around 60c. I just installed my first water cooling kit, and with no overclock my temps stayed around 30c idle...
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    Advice on my first build

    I'm just curious as to what advice I might get on my first build to see if you guys would change anything I did so far. Here's my specs: Case: Phanteks Enthoo Primo PSU: Antec HCP 1000 Plantinum MB: Asus PZ77-V Pro GPU: MSI GTX 780Ti gaming CPU cooler: Raystorm 750 AX 240 CPU: 2600K...