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    Evga 3090 ftw3 next to evga 3090ti ftw

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    New gaming board i been building.

    65% board dz65 rgn and a kbd fans case. Holy panda switches. Still waiting on keycaps. took about 5 hours to build and lube the holy polar pandas.
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    NVME and threadripper slower than old intel system.

    So i came from a 5960x to a 1950x thread ripper. i have a samsung 960 pro. on my old intel system i can easily transfer ( my test files 40gigs) at 2.0GB/s copying the same files on my new thread ripper install im at 1.46 GB/s i have the same samsung NVME driver install. am i missing...
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    no vesa mounts for new monitors?

    im looking at this monitor but have no idea how i would attach it to my multiple monitor stand since it dosent have a VESA mount. any one have any ideas?
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    seti@home app_config

    whats the best app_config settings to use? seems like it doesnt always max out my CPU sometimes cpu stays at 20% some times goes to 100% cpu5960x gpu titan x anything i can do to make it use 100% of cpu all the time? current config<app_config> <app> <name>astropulse_v7</name>...
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    sata express drives

    where are my sata express drives at?
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    note 4 or android 4.4.4 hide issue

    how do i hide photos on my note 4 or android 4.4.4. i dont see any option to hide photos. i could do this on my note 3. is this option gone in android 4.4.4 or is it a note 4 thing?
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    MSI 980 gaming 4g. DANNNGGG

    1602 on core., only have taken memory to 3800mhz. 65c with fans max. runs rock stable. some games it hits power limits and down clocks to 1586. one hell of a card. wish nvidia wouldn't have these stupid limiters.
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    dumb ramapge 5 question

    where do i get a cable for this 4pin plug? my corsair 1200 didnt come with anything. or do i just use the 8pin? plugs on right.
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    my 5820k a dud?

    so i can only get 100 x 44 4.4ghz at 1.35v. 2400mhz. only things changed in bios. Rampage 5 any tips to squeeze 4.6 out? even to get 4.2ghz i still have to have 1.34v for it to even boot into windows. so far it appears stable anything i throw at it at 4.4 ghz 1.35v
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    asus rampage 4 3930k instability

    So I been having issues where my motherboard cpu woul report odd mhz. So my fsb is set at 100 multi is at 46. It reports 4606mhz. No matter what multi I select the 6mhz will be there. I updated to new bios now its reporting 46010mhz. Reset the bios and im still showing an extra 10mhz no...
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    5760x1080 shadows of mordor

    im trying to get shadow of mordor running in surround at 5760x1080. its selected in the options but will only out put to the middle screen and about 2-3 inches outwards on the surround monitors. how do i get it to be full screen ive tried all the options but same issue. any help?
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    can you tri sli 970s?

    i cant find anything concrete nvidia says "Used by the most demanding gamers worldwide, SLI technology lets you link up to four NVIDIA SLI®-Ready cards together for astounding performance. " can anyone confirm if...
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    Asus marketing hype?

    marketing hype or real world use?
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    can drivers cause coil wine?

    just updated to the new beta 337.50 drivers and my 780ti now gets coil whine under load. can drivers cause coil wine. getting ready to go back to old ones to see if it goes away.
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    290x battlefied 4 editions

    does this come with BF4 +premium or just bf4. i remeber reading somewhere and i cant find it now it came with bf4 and premium. but now all i can find is it says bf4. i want to know if i need to cancel my preorder through origin or keep it before the game launches.
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    amd mini ITX questions on help. please

    total amd noob since my 3800+ x2. so im looking at mini itx for my lan build im trying to build a cheap lan computer and ill move my 780gtx over to it when i go to lans. from what i gather socket fm2 is the only mini itx you can get? and is this the best fm2 processor? AMD A10-6800K...
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    New lan build

    so we lan once a month and my ft02 and now my 900d are way to big to tote now. Im getting old. This will be a few month build i have tons of ideas. still debating on full water cooling setup or just go with an h100i. proposed mother board will be asus maximus vi impact with a 4670k 2x8gig...
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    are titans done?

    seems like they are always sold out. are they still that popluar or is there run done now since the 780 are out?
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    case mod for the wife

    wife thinks black cases are boring.
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    "TITAN" from blizzard delyated till 2016.

    looks like they didnt like the direction it was heading. guess they will have to squeeze a few more expansions out of wow.
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    corsair 900d rant

    im going crazy waiting for this case. it keeps getting pushed back and pushed back. should of just picked one up on corsairs site when they had them and paid the ridiculous shipping cost. Grrr but its a damn sexy case.
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    there goes the starwars gaming franchise $10 bucks says ea screws this up.
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    Corsair Vengeance 2000 vs logitech g930

    Has anyone used both and which one do you like the best. i really like the corsair vengeance. but ive seen tons and tons of complaints about the plastic breaking. Thats why im very worried about getting a set. how good are the g930 compared to the vengeance 2000?
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    is it too late? eveonline

    is it too late to get into eve online?
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    son wanted an orange computer.

    So my son wanted an oragne computer. Hes 3 years old. he picked the colors. it was just an old core 2 duo. Some cheap ass case. i didnt want to spend alot of time on it since the case was pretty beat up. total amateur paint job. still working on it
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    tomb raider help???? pleas

    ok this is for the pc. warning spoiler. when your part is captured and your hands are bound and you escape up the moutain and he finds you then he come out. you have to perform some action but i keep failing. what am i suppose to hit?? button wise?
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    DDR 4

    when is ddr4 coming out? im looking at replacing my 32gig set with a much faster 16gig set. (socket 2011) is haswell still ddr3? what i have found is ddr 4 will be mainstream in skylake and thats set to come out 2015?
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    corsair tx650 fan question

    New build for a friend the fan in this psu spins up when powered on. But then quits spinning after 20 seconds or so. Is this normal? Does it just spin up when its hot?
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    finally got my evbot

    picked it up for 49 bucks. broke 1320mhz. going to see how high i can go. sucks nvidia is killing off o/c on gpu's.
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    asherons call 2 is back

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    now i see why people hate ubisoft

    finally bought farcry 3 because i love the series. well i cant play the damn game cause i cant connect to Uplay what a piece of crap software. was playing earlier logged of for a few cause i needed to restart my computer and log back in and cant connect. now i get disconnected saying my...
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    sms mms help on note 2 tmobile

    Im coming from an iphone 4. Im missing where group txt were all in one chat window. Since I came to android I cant respond to one window and it goes out to everyone. And when other people reply there all seperate so its hard to know whats going on in the discussion. Is there a way to fix this...
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    note 2 tmobile roms

    Im using jedi x rom. What are other good roms for the tmobile version of the note 2. I wanted to try cleanmods 2.0 but my friend said its for att only
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    so modded the bios on my 680 classifieds.

    Nothing earth shattering as far as performance goes. but this is with out an evbot my wife is getting me one for my birthday so i should be able to get more volts to them. but got 1286mhz at 1.21 volts in SLI. they both would do over 1306mhz single card but this is highest i could go with...
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    league of legends

    i tried playing this game a while ago and never could get into it. but i have to admit its fun as hell to watch. im watching the world playoffs for the first time. The link came up while i was watching another stream on twitch. its actually a fun competitor game to watch.
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    cliffyb leaves epic
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    680 power target question

    whats the purpose of this. i never see anything above 102% when over clocking the card even set at 131% it never goes above 102% the card boosts to 1253.
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    Bf3 gtx680 4gb vram question

    For those of you with 4gb cards what is your vram usage at 2560x1600 with everything max
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    best drivers for BF3? gtx580

    its seems that 296.10 are the best performing drivers for bf3. ive tried all the new ones and beta drivers has anyone found any better ones?