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    My monitor keeps shutting off randomly, can anyone help?

    So I have two monitors one is plugged into my laptop's HDMI and the other into the USB C. The issue is that regardless of which monitor I plug the HDMI into they both start randomly shutting off at least twice a day every day. I've switched between 3 different HDMI cables, and nothing. Also, I...
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    Ryzen 1950x heats up my entire room, what can I do?

    I like to run Ark: Survival Evolved on Epic with tons of mods and while my 1950X never gets too hot, usually about 40°C, my room is a different story. I have to keep the AC running at all times otherwise the whole room heats up like crazy. What can I do to keep my CPU from heating up my room...
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    looking for a comfortable gaming chair

    Hi All, I'm looking for a comfortable gaming chair. Something that's soft with tons of padding and back and shoulder support. I had a La Z Boy chair which was okay but it had no headrest and my neck would always hurt. I've tried the following: 1. Nobelchairs Epic - way too firm 2. AkRacing Pro...
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    Why is my computer crashing when I use Excel, is it hardware or software?

    I have these giant spreadsheets I have to work with at work, they are 80,000 lines with several merged columns (that's 80k mergers per colmn) so any time I try to open them on my work laptop they crash my laptop. So I went on my home computer which has the specs listed in my sig and tried to...
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    My computer keeps crashing what could be the issue?

    So I built my PC about a year ago and it's been crashing quite often. Today it crashed 3 times mid game. My parts: Asus Sabertooth Z77 Intel Core i7 2700K EVGA GTX 960 FTW Corsair 750W PSU 12GB Crucial Ballistix RAM Samsung 850 PRO SSD 256 GB WD HDD 500 GB I changed my GPU from an...
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    What does the average user of an Asus or Alienware gaming laptop look like?

    I'm asking this question because while companies like MSI and Gigabyte are coming out with lightweight and portable gaming laptops Asus still seems to do the exact opposite. Just look at the new MSI GE60 GTX 860M, Core i7, and 5.28lbs or the Gigabyte P25W GTX 770M, Core i7, and 5.73 lbs...
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    Can my computer handle 2 GTX 760s?

    The specs are in my forum signature, but what they don't say is that I'm also running 6 case fans, 5 of which are scythe slipstreams.
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    Best single drive solution for Laptop: HDD, SSD, or SSHD?

    Way I see it there are 3 options for upgrading a laptop hard drive, but I'm not sure which is the best: 1. HDD: 7,200 RPM > 5,400 RPM(what most laptops come with) 2. SSD: Fastest most reliable storage, but is far more expensive and doens't last long when its by its self* 3. SSHD: 5,400 RPM...
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    Is Asus SaberTooth (and others like it) a ripoff?

    I'm not complaining I got mine dirt cheap cuz it was on sale, but generally speaking are they rip offs?
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    Looking for a good and loud computer speaker system, any ideas?

    I've seen the Logitech Z906 and that's 1,000 Watts peak I wanna know if there's anything out there that's 1,500 Watts or more, you know something that can shake the neighbor's walls.
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    Is this a good idea for a low cost (<$700) PC, very little gaming?

    Case: Silvestone Percision PS09B Motherbaord: GIGABYTE GA-F2A88XM-D3H PSU: EVGA 500W HDD: Western Digital 500 GB CPU: AMD A10 7850K Monitor: Asus 19.5 in 1600x900 CPU Cooler: Silverstone Argon RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600 (Cheapest DDR3 1600 with a heatsink) DVD Burner too. The people using it wont be...
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    Would dual GTX 760s be able to run Metro Last Light with maxed SSAA?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my video card, my rig is in the signature. I wanted a computer that can handle SSAA (super sample anti aliasing) as my current rig doesn't seem too capable of doing so. I wanted to upgrade to a GTX 760 SLI system since that wouldn't require me to get a new PSU and is...
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    Something is very wrong with my video card can any of u guys give me some insight

    My video card is an EVGA GTX 480 OC'd to 830 Core/1950 Mem/1080 Voltage. Recently I updated my driver and now when I play games it only goes up to 701 Core despite it being OC'd to 830. How do I make it hit 830 again? EDIT: I also tested it with EVGA OC Scanner the memory is also at 1848 (the...
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    My printer will not turn on what should I do?

    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section of the forum but I couldn't find where a printer question would fit. Anyway, I have a Canon Pixma MX700 and it wont turn on. It's plugged into an electrical outlet and has no surge protector, I tried plugging it into a different electrical...
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    What can I do to speed up my wireless internet speed?

    I use a powerline connector from time to time and I get 100 MBPS on that and when I plug my computer into my router again I get 100 MBPS but when I use my wireless adapter I only get 50 MBPS. What can I do to get 100 MBPS out of my wireless adapter?
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    Need new high quality photo printer, by Canon preferably.

    Currently working with a Canon Pixma IP6600D, and its getting kinda old I was wondering what new Canon printer I could get to replace it. I want it be able to print photos of better quality than my current printer and it must be wireless. I found this one on Newegg how is it
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    Does anyone have good Nvidia or EVGA desktop backgrounds?

    I looked on Google images but its mostly the same stuff, do any of you guys have any good Nvidia or EVGA desktop backgrounds.
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    Should I buy 2 new SSDs and RAID 0 or just 1 new SSD and RAID 0?

    I currently have a Corsair Force GT 90GB, which after installing SWTOR only has 20GB of free space and I wanted to get more room. I have 2 options 1) The cheaper option, I can buy a second Force GT and RAID 0 that or 2) get 2 Kingston HyperX 3k SSDs at 120 GB a piece and RAID 0 that. I...
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    Video and Photo editing computer? (not a built question)

    So maybe I've been living under a rock but last I checked Video editing, and to a lesser extent photo editing, requires high end parts (at least i5 CPU, high end GPU, tons of RAM), but I've been told by my friend who's a film major in college that everyone suggests he gets a Macbook. Why would...
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    Is Symantec Endpoint 12 worth it?

    From my understanding you buy it once and never have to buy another anti virus again and it has the smallest digital foot print and the best security. Now I'm no pro on anti viruses but how does this one stack up against the others in real time protection such as NOD32, Norton 360...
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    Who among the AMD Radeon dealers has the best RMA support?

    Please vote in the poll above, and feel free to include your personal experiences below.
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    Is there a piece of software that can tell you the expected FPS for games?

    Lets say I wanna see how well my system will perform in BF 3 before I actually commit to buying BF 3, is there a website where I can test out my system and see what kind of FPS I can expect?
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    Looking for good speakers any suggestions?

    Here's what they gotta have: - 50 Hz by 20 Khz or better - Satellite RMS at 4W or greater - Really long cable between the two speakers, at least 80 inches. - Under $40
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    How do I set up two speakers systems on my computer?

    I have two 2.1 speaker systems (4 speakers 2 subwoofers) and I'd like them both running I have an Asus Sabertooth Z77 motherboard which supports 7.1 audio but I have no idea how to get these speakers working. When I go into my playback divices and set it up as quadroponic and click test it plays...
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    Poll: Which motherboard manufacturer are you loyal to?

    Plz vote in the poll.
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    Does TRIM now work with SSDs in RAID 0?

    I read a little while back the the Kingson HyperX 3k supports TRIM in raid 0 but never verified it, I just wanna know does it support TRIM in Raid 0, and do any other SSDs support TRIM in Raid 0?
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    What fan should I upgrade to?

    I wanna OC my Core i7 2700K to about 4.2 Ghz - 4.5 Ghz (if it can take 4.5 Ghz that is). But i'm pretty sure my current Cooler Master Geminii S524 isn't going to be able to handle this thing at 4.5 Ghz. Though, I do like the structure of the heatsink so I am looking for something that resembles...
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    How long do you keep your computers for?

    Plz vote in the poll above
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    Video Card wont stop Throttling help me here plz.

    I had my GTX 480 at 840/1680/2000 at 1.1V and it was working just fine, OC Scanner X didn't pick up any artifacts and the temps were at 86 C at most. But now a few hours later I tried playing metro 2033 and it was slow, really slow. I went into OC Scanner and it says my GPU is throttling. I...
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    I've heard the GTX 480 overclocks very well, but can any users here tell me how well?

    I have a GTX 480 and I will be getting a Zalman VF3000F for it soon so I can overclock it to its peak. For those of you who have already got your cards overclocked generally what was you max overclock. I wanna hit 1000 mhz core but I'm not sure that will be possible.
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    Are there any bottlenecks in my built?

    All my built info is in my forum signature I'm just wondering are there any visible bottlenecks in my built, because I haven't experienced many slowdowns but for instance in Vindictus (which is on 1680x1050 with AA x8, MSAA x16 and Highest settings) when I perform this move at 0:18 my screen...
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    At what point is a person better off buying a prebuilt PC?

    I know most prebuilts save money by buying cheap PSUs and MOBOS, because that's one of the most common problems I encountered when I was a tech, but in general is it ever a good idea to buy prebuilt.
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    Does the Radeon HD 7950 still have those major driver issues?

    I haven't been keeping up with the news on AMD lately so I don't know if they fixed anything or not, but I wanted to know if they fixed the 7950's driver issues. I remember reading it was so bad people had to turn off Anti Aliasing on games like BF 3 or they would crash. IMO that defeats the...
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    Do you guys think PC builders becoming a dying breed?

    With the release of Windows 8 I'm starting to see that people are moving away from the idea of the conventional desktop and more towards the touchscreen/all in one or tablet. With these developments do you guys think builders will eventually become a thing of the past, seeing as how most of use...
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    GTX 660 Ti 3GB SLI vs GTX 670 4GB

    Which one gives better performance in high def games like Metro 2033 and BF3 on a 27 inch monitor at 1080P. For the purposes of this question money is not a factor.
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    Configuring sound on a Home Theater PC?

    If you have an HTPC and a 5.1 surround system how do u make sound come from BOTH the PC's Speakers (the 5.1 system) and the TV's speakers, all the time even when you're using the TV as a TV and not as a Monitor.
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    Cheap HTPC built

    Can anyone suggest some parts for a cheap HTPC 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Watching movies with netfilx and checking email mostly 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? lets keep it under $500 after shipping and tax 3)...
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    What's the best GPU under $300?

    I was thinking its this XFX 7950 because it has 3 GB of memory at 384 bits rather than the similarly priced 660 Ti which only has 2 GB at 192 bits. Even the 660 Ti that's $30 more with 3 GB still has a lower memory interface. Though I'm not sure since Anandtech benchmarks point out that these...
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    Future proofing is it real?

    Just wanted to as is getting the best CPU you can buy, mostly because that's the one part you can't upgrade, really a good idea just so you don't have to build a new computer a few years down the line? I mean the Core 2 Quad 9650 was one of the best CPUs of its time and now the Phenom 965 which...
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    Why do people install SSDs on laptops?

    Most laptops only have 1 hard drive slot and I notice some people tend to install an SSD here, why is that? I mean sure its faster but with no regular HDD you have all those temporary files being written to the SSD, you have your browser's cache going into the SSD, and bunch of other constant...