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    Beginners Linux

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    help building a fileserver?

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    How to: Dual monitor Movies on an ATI card

    I have been using dual CRTs for a while and like so many others, who have posted here numerous times, I was wondering if I could watch a movie in wide screen across both monitors. I am running Windows XP and I have a ATI Radeon 9600 and was told there is currently no way to do it. Of course I...
  4. X variable type Double is too small

    Im using Visual Studio 2003, in the variable type double is to my knowledge the largest number variable but it only goes to 1.79769313486231570E+308 or basically ~1.8 * 10 ^ 308. I am writing some math programs and any number bigger than that returns the value inifinity. Is there a way...
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    Budget Headphones

    I am looking for an inexpensive pair of wireless headphones. I had a pair from sennheiser that I got as a present but they fell apart (the thing was connected by like a tiny piece of plastic) plus they were never that comfortable anyway. But I did like them and am looking for a cheap comfortable...
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    mail server

    Can you send mail to an IP address? I recently figured out how to host a site off my computer and am trying to see what else I can do. Thanks in advance.
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    I dont know what I did to my router?

    I think I added some info to the static routing page and now i cant access my router config page but my network is still running fine. How can I get to my router config page? Its a linksys, and I dont want to reset it. Thanks
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    Whats a good inexpensive KVM

    I am looking for a good but inexpensive kvm. i got a vga monitor and ps2 keyboard and usb mouse. I dont need more than 1280x1024 resolution. any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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    Annoying Restart Message in SP2

    I have been looking for a solution and havent found one yet. In SP2 with automatic updates after it installs the updates it pops up a message to tell you to restart. So I click restart later and 15 minutes later it pops up again and 15 minutes after that it pops up again and i am pretty sure you...
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    Custom Mail Notification

    My school has a course management system. Their is an e-mail system. Is there a way to make a e-mail notification system for it? Any help is appreciated. -XPhantG0d Here is a picture. It is in a larger html page and is based on courses. The system is called angel it is made by cyberlearning
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    Google Hardforum

    I just googled hardforum and this is what came up. [H]ard|Forum Database Error There seems to have been a slight problem with the [H]ard|Forum database. Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser. ... intersting though is that if you google hotmail it also has the...
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    Chopping a picture and putting it together in powerpoint..Help Please

    Here is an interesting problem. I need some way of revealing pieces of a picture in powerpoint. You can think of it as a game and have a face and you have to guess whos face it is but only small pieces are revealed at a time. This needs to be in powerpoint and I am looking for a way to do it. So...
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    Is this a good speed?

    I was running a speed test and i keep getting different results. What is a good speed test site? and are these good speeds?
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    lol. a really good or a realyl stupid idea?

    Can you overclock a subwoofer? I just thought of this. Is this possible? Has it been done before?
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    Which is cheaper?

    Which has a good price vs. performance? (where the price is always under $100) Air cooling (cheap but i dont know about performance) Peltier (dont know alot about this just started looking into it today) Watercooling (dont think you can do this for under a hundred bucks)
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    Fluctuating core speed?

    I downloaded cpu-z and ran it and my core speed is fluctuating. It moves from like 308.3-3014.8 its is just like moving around that area. Is this normal? it is a 3.0ghz p4. its not overclocked (though the fsb reads as 201mhz). And of course what is a good temp on this proccesor? and does...
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    Virus Scanning takes 4 hours

    I have norton antivirus and just did a full system scan it took a whopping 3 hours 39 minutes 57 seconds. Is it me or is that a really long time? is their a way to speed the virus scan up without compromising security? scanned ~3/4 million files (723460 to be exact) 2 hds: total size/free...
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    SQL datetime problem

    I am storing a date in sql as a smalldatetime. When my asp application retrieves it and puts it in a datagrid it shows the date and the time. (i.e. 8/12/2004 12:00:00 AM). The time is always 12:00:00 AM since no time is given to the server. I dont want to see the time. Is there a statement i can...
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    cable prices

    I was at compusa yesterday looking for a 25foot patch cable and was really shocked to see that it was $40 ( ) for a stupid cable. I just looked on newegg and they have generic ones for under 5 bucks (...
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    Send a message via email to *******

    In all the profiles there is a link to send the user e-mail but when clicked most people have the message Which means they dont want to get e-mail. Why is the link always present if it isnt always used. The other links like homepage only appear if they are used shouldnt it be the same for e-mail?
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    Good Product to make a farm?

    184 dollars for a linux based pc. this thing is tiny and is 200mhz. Could you run folding on this thing? Some Specs:
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    Seagate Barracuda 200GB 8MB Cache Drive $104 at

    From bens bargains 200gb 8mb cache seagate oem harddrive. has the new 5 year warantee on it. it is 114 dollars but their is a 10 dollars off purchases over $75 (below link)
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    Common Question Sticky

    I dont know if this has been suggested before (i think i vaguely remember seeing it somewhere) but would it be practical to have a list of frequently asked questions stickied here. It would contain some of the most common questions like "I've been a n00bie forever when do i get a better title?"...
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    Special Mod?

    I was looking at and noticed there was a seperate catagory for the FSFT mod. And their is only one mod listed all by his lonesome. Is there a reason for this?
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    Shimmering text?

    I am running an old monitor at 1280x1024. I dont think it was made to do it but somehow it is working. but the text sort of shimmers. if i degauss it helps a little but it just gets worse. It is mainly happening in the middle of the screen. anything i can do to stop the shimmering?
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    GM Preview

    I am new to Hardforum and was not here back when general mayhem was free. What exactly is in it? Is there a way you can offer a free preview or something for like a couple of days so people like me can see what it is all about before we decide whether or not to pay?
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    What does this mean?

    What does that mean when it is next to the name of a thread?
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    Good beginners photo editing software

    My mom wants a program to edit her pictures. She doesnt need anything fancy (actually the simpler the better). She just wants to fix redeye, maybe crop some stuff and that is pretty much it. Thanks in advance, -XPhantG0d
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    I need more connectors!!!

    I ran out of molex connectors attached to my psu and i want to add another hd. Is there a molex divider type thingy? To be a little more descriptive is there something that you can hook up to one molex connector and has 2 on it? I looked on newegg and couldnt find anything like this but i am...
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    Where do you access [H]ardforum from?

    I was wondering where most people access [H]ardforum from? Just to add I access [H]ardforum at home, work, and school. To mods/admins: No other catagory seems to fit this poll and it is forum feedback I dont know if you could use this info for something but I would just find it interesting...
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    Great New Product!

    Ever rent a dvd and as your about to return it realize you forgot to rewind it? Well suffer no futher the new and inovative dvd rewinder will solve all your problems! I cant believe they are out of stock, who buys this stuff?
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    Wireless Network questions

    I have a linksys router and was wondering how to set up mac filtering? Also what do the following settings mean? All have a choice to enable or disable
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    Anyone know of a good guide on securing a wireless network?

    Anyone know of a good guide on securing a wireless network? So far I have enabled the 128 bit encryption and stopped broadcasting an ssid. anything else i should know or do? And does anyone know a good guide about securing wireless networks? Also how do I enable mac filtering on a linksys...
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    Problem Sharing Printer

    My dad has a laptop and wants to print on my printer. It wasnt working for a while but I discovered the problem was I had the windows firewall enabled on my connection to my router. Is their a way I can keep the firewall on and still allow printing?
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    Where to buy barebone?

    I am going to be building a computer for my mom and was wondering where I could get a barebone (case, mobo, psu, proccesor)? I got one from a while ago but i was looking today and the cases they have for the barebones arent good. I just need a plain one; no doors, no lights, no...
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    Install OS X on PC?

    Is it possible to install OS X on pc? and if it is how? I am pretty sure you can do this since my friend told he he did it a while ago.
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    Currently Active Users

    Is it possible that we can have a seperate listing of admins and mods or have a special symbol by their name so when we need to contact an admin or mod who is on we can?
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    burner is slow... 52x

    why dont 52x burners burn at 52x mine burns arouns 26x or something?
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    Custom Names (not asking about post count)

    I have seen alot lately about people asking what the ranking system is. i read those threads but my questions is how do some people only have 1,000 posts but have a custom title? I dont think all of these people are mods? are they? how can i tell? Or are they special people? EDIT CIWS -...