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    Modem: Slow Download Speeds Motorola 7420

    Motorola 7420 Win 11 All of the sudden, I'm getting 4-5Mbps. I can usually max out around 120Mbps, but I've really felt the slow down since Saturday night. As usual, Comcast says everything on their end is perfect, but didn't send out a tech yet.
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    Internal USB C adapter/splitter?

    I'm rebuilding in a new case and the new case has a front USB C port. However, my MB only has one 3.1 port . If there a plsitter/passthrough that would allow me to utilize the case's front USB C port, while retaining the USB A ports? I've found the converters that convert the entire internal...
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    External Drive Showing As Connected to Bluetooth 3.0?

    Win 11 When I plug an external drive (USB enclosure with a 2880 NVME) it shows up in Bluetooth devices as connected to BT 3.0. If I unplug it, it goes away. It's not a BT device. Stumped me.
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    First Custom Loop

    I'm preparing to do my first loop. I'm going to using hard tubing so I'll be bending it to my specs. I'm kinda lost. I'm only cooling the CPU and nothing else. I think all I need is the water block, pump, tank, radiator, fittings, coolant, and tubing? Current case Corsair Crystal 280X...
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    Bad Juju :( Black screen on boot

    Win 11 Pro MB: Gigabyte B450 Aorus pro Wifi ITX CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 RAM: GSkill x2 8GB each Everything should be in my sig. Problem: No video on boot. Fans running 100%. Seems like it is booting into BIOS and hung there. Trouble Shooting Used a different monitor with HDMI instead of DP Used a...
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    Custom Keyboard Build

    I just got this keyboard: I want to build it, but I've never done it before. I was thinking about going with Cherry switches and cherry caps to avoid any type of interference between the caps and switches, but I'm open to that. I'm not even sure if...
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    Router Open Firmware, Which One to Choose?

    How do I go about choosing an alternative firmware for a router I have? It's a brand new TP LINK X55 DECO with 3 mesh capable routers. The only access to admin is a fucking stupid Android app that has almost zero options. There is a web based admin, but it has no changeable settings. it just...
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    ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3060 Ti AMP White Edition LHR

    I just got this card from the Zotac store. I wanted to wait until cards came down, but the main game I play just had a two year update to the Unreal 4 engine. With my old card I was getting 10-20 FPS at 1600x900 and all low settings. Unplayable. It's an MMO and many of these people I have...
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    Windows 10 to Android 12 Phone - File Transfer Incomplete, No Errors

    I've never had this problem before,. Recently i tried to copy about 45GB of data to my Android Pixel4a phone, and after it completed, with no errors, only 481MB were transferred. I've recreated the problem by transferring individual directories. Watching the file transfer , the transfer just...
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    My Rig

    I've been wanting to post this but could never get the video done. I apologize for my lack of video editing and creating skills.
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    Windows 10: Black Screen Of Death

    UPDATE: I unplugged all of my USB peripherals in order to let the drivers re-establish. Then I uninstalled the AMD chipset USB drivers, which caused the system to crash and auto-reboot. I've slowly been plugging back in my USB monitor connection, hubs, and other devices. So far no black screen...
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    Computer PSU RFI?

    Does anyone know how EMI noisy modern 12V computer supplies are, the better ones, of course? If anyone has any links to tests showing EMI or lack thereof, please post them.
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    Gigabyte B450 - BIOS Not Reporting SYS1 Fan Speed - SOLVED - Bad Fan Hub

    I just noticed that the BIOS is no longer reporting the Sys 1 fan speeds. It's reporting CPU fan speed, Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro It has one CPU and one SYS fan header (ITX board) I also just updated the BIOS from F50 to the lasted, which is F62d. Sadly, I don't know if the BIOS was what caused...
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    Need Clarification About Bridge Tied Load x2 Amps and Power Supply Amperage

    When using bridge tied load, will your power supply need to have double the amperage in order to get the benefit from using BTL? ex: Power Supply 24V @ 5A Amp Chips: Both amps need 24V @ 5A to meet their single maximum power rating. So, if you use x2 of those amps, will yuor power supply...
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    92mm ARGB Fan: Asking too much?

    I'm just looking for a 92MM CPU fan that is ARGB. I'd also consider a 92mm to 120mm fan adapter, but it needs to be at least an inch tall (the flatter ones have really poor air flow).
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    Win 10 2 Bluetooth Adapters Simultaneously?

    Win 10 2 Bluetooth Adapters Simultaneously? Is this even possible? I want to use one for a BT headset for gaming and one for music. So far, it's not working,. It seems like it is either one or the other. I'm using an internal Intel AC9620 adapter with BT 5 that supports aptX, and a USB dongle...
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    All in One Benchmark Tool?

    I need to benchmark a laptop I got free for a review. I need some comparisons for the bench mark too. I'd rather just run one and done, but If I need a couple, it is what it is. I already have Cinebench and was thinking about 3D Mark. again, rather have it all in one and done, if possible, with...
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    24 pin ARGB and PCIe ARGB Amps and MB ARGB/RGB Over Current Protection

    Does anhyone know how many amps these types of ARGB cables pull? know they can all be different, but was wondering if anyone had actual information about maximum amps they can pull. Also, does anyone now if the ARGB/RGB risers on any motherboards are over current protected?
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    KLEVV CRAS C710 SSD -Macrium Clone Boot Failure

    - Product Type: KLEVV CRAS C710 SSD - Details: I'm trying to clone a Samsung 970 Evo to the KLEVV CRAS C710 SSD. I've tried twice now, and I'm getting an error that the system cannot boot. When I clone the Samsung 970 to another Samsung 970, the system boots correctly. Any ideas why I am...
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    KLEVV M.2 Cheap, but Not That Much Cheaper Than Top End. What Are they?

    I'm seeing this KLEVV drive for $50 bucks, but before chip prices went Borg, I bought my Samsung 970 Evo for $65 bucks. Then I see a Hinix 500GB that blows them both away for $75 today. Sure, $75 is 50% more than $50, but it's only 25 bucks too. The KLEVV is the poorest performer, by a long...
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    New Roccat Kone Pro Air - Now "only" $109.00 - Really Impressive mouse, though.

    A while back I received an Amazon Vine offer for the Roccat Kone Pro Air. At the time, the MSR was $129.00, and I was like, "no mouse is worth 129.00." Well, for me, being poor and living in "a van down by the river," it's still too much, but it is damn well worth it. Here is a link to my...
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    Can USB Really Deliver Hi Audio Fidelty?

    Currently I've just been using my internal adapter's Bluetooth with AptX, and when possible, the WiFi I know WiFi can deliver high Fidelity with an internal WiFi card, but what about USB connections using ether a WiFi dongle to sink or Bluetooth aptX USB to sink? Can a USB connection really...
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    Why are there no 12V RGB hubs?

    I'm just wondering why there are no 12V RGB hubs thta connect to the 12V RGB motherboard riser, since SATA can provide both 5V or 12V power?
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    Amplified Bluetooth Connected Speakers Physical Volume Knob Adjusts Windows Master Volume?

    I've just noticed wth a set of BT speakers that if I turn the volume knob on the speakers, the master Volume control in Windows 10 also moves. This is something I've never seen and it's dangerous. You can blow your ears or speakers. The way you should set speaker volume is to turn all of the...
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    Intel AC 9260 WiFi/Bluetooth M.2 - aptX? 06/09/2021: Updated and Solved

    I can;t find any information on this, even at the Intel site. Online, some say it does, some say it doesn't. AC9260 If it doesn't, any suggestions on a card that uses aptX adaptive or at least...
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    WiFi Speakers - Not Bluetooth - And Connecting to PC

    I just received a pair of bookshelf speakers and they have the option to use WiFi. The software for the speakers is only available for Android and then you can only use the app to play music. However, I need to use my PC, not my Andriod phone, and I want to use my own music program. Is there...
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    Connecting USB Device Causes (A)RGB Lights to Quickly Blink - SOLVED!

    Recently, when I plug or unplug a USB receiver (mouse/keyboard) wireless dongle into my rig, the RGB lights will sometimes change color but more often than not, will quickly blink off and on (about a 250ms blink). It doesn't happen when plugging in or unplugging USB hubs, my monitor, or my...
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    $199.00 ROCCAT "gaming" keyboard?

    This popped up in my Vine list for review, but since Vine reviewers have to pay taxes on everything they receive, I was thinking I'd ask all of you, "Why is this 200 bucks?" it's not even wireless. ROCCAT Vulcan Pro Optical RGB Gaming Keyboard Does ROCCAT ahve decent macro software? For 200...
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    ARGB 24 pin Question

    I just got my first ARGB 24 pin cable (Amazon Vine free) and the sliding part of it is on the RAM side, not the other side that goes into the case. Is that standard for some reason because it seems the slider part should go on the end that you don't see. The only thing I can think of is that...
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    Win 10 running two different sets of Bluetooth Speakers at the Same Time?

    Can you connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time using Windows 10 Stereo Mix function? I'm not talking about speakers that connect to each other of the same brand/type, but two different sets of speakers.
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    Really small ARG LEDs thta come in the M2 coolers?

    Inside every M2 PC ARGB or even RGB cooler is a really small SMD package on a 1/8" pcb strip. It's the same size that are in the Phanteks Halos ARGB fan covers (et al). Anyone know what type/size those are where to purchase them?
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    Understanding Bluetooth and WiFi Audio or Lack Thereof.

    I just wanted to open some dialogue related to BT and WiFi audio, mainly with BT codecs on the devices side related to audio quality. This isn't a discussion about latency. It's only about audio quality, and yes, we all know that if you want the best quality, use a lossless codec on a wired...
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    Logitech G Hub - Still Sucking?

    The last time I used GHUB it was terrible, about a year ago. I couldn't believe how convoluted it was, and people on other forums were saying they couldn't even figure out how to make simple macros with it. And, it was bad. Has anyone used it recently? I see they have an update from December 2020.
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    "Gaming" keyboard?

    I just got this 'gaming' keyboard. It's all 100% NKRO, and no LEDs. It has dip switches in the back and one of them puts the board into "macro mode." It has it's own on board memory. It says it's "macro" and "key re-assignable" but I have no idea what they mean by "macro." You can reassign...
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    Hitting jump while running stops character

    I've always noticed that when I am running or sprinting ("W" or Shift-W) hitting the space bar to jump stop my character running. Why is that, and is there any way around it? It's the same thing when holding the "W" key down in Notepad, etc., and after you hit space, the character "W" stops...
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    Using Wireless Controls (IOT) Without Internet.

    How can you use wireless lamps without using the internet? Do you need some sort of hub or do you have to do everything with Bluetooth? IoT sounds great, until you start thinking about why your lamp needs permissions from a foreign server to just turn the fuck on? The answer, for me, is that a...
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    What is 5Ghz-2 I'm seeing on my new router?

    The 5Ghz-2 has a higher channels and faster speeds. NETGEAR Nighthawk 8-Stream Tri-Band AX8 WiFi 6 Router (RAX70) – AX6600 My DLink Router didn't have that. D-Link WiFi 6 Router AX4800 MU-MIMO Voice Control Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, Dual Band Gigabit Gaming Internet Network...
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    Reading USB External M2 Drive Temp Possible?

    I'm wondering if trehre is anyway to monitor temp for an external M2 drive? I assume teh reporting would ahve to be from the external enclosure? If so, that would pretty much mean no?
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    M.2 NVME external enclosure hot even at idle

    I have a Samsung 970 Evo in an aluminum USB enclosure, and it seconds as my hand warmer, even at idle. Anyone know why that is? It seems to me that without the need for power, it would be cool.
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    Windows 10 Audio Recorder: Pausing or Stopping Mutes Bluetooth Playback

    I posted a similar issue for Firefox. When watching a video in Firefox Brave and listening to BT audio at the same time, when stopping browser video playback, Bluetooth sound would also mute. The BT stream is still playing, but not through the speakers. It was truly a problem as others finally...