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    Why Amd's Bulldozer "should" be far behind

    1) Amd's fastest current desktop processor (Phenom II) is based directly off around 10yr old single core athlon tech. 2) Amd's total R&D funding per year has been (averagely) only 1/6th of Intel's R&D costs. 3) After purchasing Ati graphics for an insane $5.4 billion in 2006...
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    Crossfire experience

    You mostly hear about the bad stories using a multi-gpu setup with driver issues etc. so I thought i would share my good experience with crossfire. I have owned HD6850's since last year and have regularly updated the amd driver (no not every hotfix) over the course of this period. I am using...
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    Thuban overclocking hurdles

    I'm trying to get my 1055t prime stable @ 4ghz but have run into some issues going from 3.8 - 4ghz. Basically after 10mins or so of p95 small fft's the pc would completely shut off with no bsod, cpu temps were within range and extra cpu/cpu-nb voltage didn't really help - i relaxed all ram...
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    Amd 5870 overclocking questions

    I have a stock 5870 from when they first launched so it has adjustable voltage control :) now i wan't to know what kind of voltage i can put through this chip if temperature isn't an issue? I've got a Swiftech mw-60r on the 5870 core with a loop that was able to cool an I7 @ 4ghz fine (of...
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    Retro Gaming

    I know there are alot of older gamers who participate on these forums so i thought i would check this out. Basically if anyone would like to participate in some retro online gaming i can host the games and see if we can get something going. Games: off the top of my head - re-volt...
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    I7 920 4ghz+

    Recently got a decent watercooling setup with a 3x120mm rad so i've been wanting to get as high as i can, i assumed i had a decent chip as i could get 3.8ghz @ 1.218v (1.209 in cpuz after vdrop, I7 920) but i tried for maybe 30mins to get 4ghz+ and it needed alot of cpu volts to get posting...
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    Eyefinity Horizontal position

    How can i set the horizontal image position when eyefinity is enabled? The monitor settings don't do anything and i can't see an option in the ccc.
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    XFX Rma, Good job...

    So late last year my 8800gt started artifacting and i created a support ticket, we conversed back and forwards and eventually they said send it to us we will replace it. I live in New Zealand so i had to send it to hong kong, they linked me a rma form which i printed and filled out put in the...
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    Rma time limit?

    Early on in the year my xfx 8800gt died and it had been registered with them. Basically i had completed the process by talking to their reps and they said to rma it, i haven't done it yet because i have to send it overseas (because of where i live) and it wasn't a big hurry. I'm thinking...
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    GTS 240 Another renamed card emerges?

    Well it looks like the 8800gt ie the 9800gt will now also be known as a GTS 240, great!
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    Overclocking contest

    Ok i was thinking maybe we should have an overclocking contest with a series of benchmarks where we tally up our results and thats the final score. I was thinking air/water and maybe different classes for people that have extreme cooling (liquid nitrogen etc), crossfire/sli, olders pc's and...
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    Xonar dx wont slot in on motherboard

    I have a Gigabyte Ga-ma770-ud3 motherboard and just got a asus xonar dx pci-e sound card and it wont slot into the pci-e x1 slot. Bascially the pci-e x1 slots are lower than the other slots so it doesnt go all the way in - the bracket is lined up with the other cards but because the slots...
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    Crossfire X 4890 + 4870

    Just got a cheap Asus dark knight 4870 for my 2nd pc so thought i would test it in crossfire X with my 4890. Originally it overclocked the 4870 to 4890 speeds, but i have an o/c version of the 4890 so it just couldnt handle that speed. 3dmark06 - just over 19k with 4890 @ 930/1100 4890 +...
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    Phenom temperature monitoring?

    I have recently picked up a phenom x4 9850 for my 2nd pc and was wondering what a good temperature monitoring program to use. I have been using easytune 6 (gigabyte software) and core temp and there is about a 5 - 10c difference betweem them. Also have modified the stock cooling, pix...
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    GG Saphire

    Well i bought a sapphire 4890 1gb standard card 2 weeks ago and it died 5 days later, so this morning i get the new package to my suprise it had a vapor-x oc 4890. All i can say is thank you, great card, great temps and it fits it with my case cause of the blue led. I can get it to 950...
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    Tcpview showing multiple copies open

    I recently had some issues with trojans so i reformatted my drive, reinstalled windows and am a bit concerned about security now. When i open up tcpview i sometimes see a whole lot of IE8 windows open and established close when i havent touched anything or closed any windows recently. Also...
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    What Ati card dilema

    Well i've got my I7 up and running so now its time for a new video card (or 2), will be upgrading from a 8800ultra, rest of specs in sig. I Was thinking 4850 crossfire until i saw the 4770 ,and it looks pretty darn good for crossfire. Keep in mind i will be overclocking as much as possible, it...
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    New i7 build

    Was thinking of going quad 775 but thought for a similar price i can get an i7 cpu, which would then justify buying an x58 m/b + tri channel ram =) - Asus P6T m/b - G-skill 3 x 1gb DDR3 1600 - I7 920 [img=]...
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    8800 ultra cooling mod

    With the stock cooler on my 8800ultra i regularly see the temps at 84c+ when playing a gpu intensive game, so i decided to change coolers. This may be attributed to me performing the oven trick due to massive artifacting. Thermaltake duorb vga cooler + 8800 ultra = fail. The idle temps were...
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    Q8200 + True 120 o/c

    So i just picked up a cheap quad, q8200, and finally got around to setting up a push/pull setup on my true. Anyway i upped the volts by 0.125 changed fsb to 428 and its stable straight away @ 3ghz, idles @ 27c. It seems 3 of the sensors are stuck(core 2,3,4) at a specific temp unless it goes...
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    XFX 8800gt overheating, artifacting

    I have an xfx 8800gt alpha dog and have been running it for 1yr with no probs but suddenly it has been artifacting in games so i checked the temps and its getting to 95c+. First thought would be to adjust the fan settings to see whether the artifacts go away, but its been running fine for a year...
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    Ati 4670 + Thermaltake Duorb?

    I've got a thermaltake duorb sitting here from when i had a 48xx card, now ive been offered a 4670 at a cheap price and i was just wondering whether the duorb will fit onto the 4670? Edit: or even if it has the same mounting holes as a 4850 or 8800 series. Thanks.
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    Thermaltake DuOrb vga work on 4870?

    Hey, Was just wondering whether the Thermaltake DuOrb vga will work on my sapphire 4870 gfx card, as that is pretty much the only vga hsf i can find in NZ that might work. thanks.
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    X800pro o/c

    Hey i'm thinkin of upgrading so i thought why not o/c the crap out of my X800pro. My system : athlon 64 3500+ 1gb ddr400 abit av8 3rd eye m/b sapphire 256mb X800pro Default clocks = core : 475 memory : 450 so far ive been able to push the core to 500 and the mem to 500 without any...