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    Network pics thread

    They don't serve any purpose at the moment, just for looks. Made by Trak Systems, they are so old, I'm not sure they are around anymore. They were used back in the Telstar satellite days at the ground control station.
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    Network pics thread

    Home network upgrades: Rack top down: Elo touch screen monitor Shelf with Cable modem, embedded web server (backup), VoIP to POTS House patch panel Misc patch panel (USB, Audio, HDMI, Crestnet) Rack patch panel Dell 5324 switch Dell Optiplex server running file server backup and...
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    Chrome Text rendering issues

    Well, for anyone who might have been following, it looks like the Roboto font set had to be installed to clear this up. (direct email from Google tech support) EDIT: Issue no longer fixed after restart. It something to do with Windows stupid clear text feature.
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    Chrome Text rendering issues

    Sorry, but that did not fix any issues. But I guess I am gathering from that link that there is no solution.
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    Chrome Text rendering issues

    This is probably the wrong place to ask, but not sure where to put it. Certain websites don't appear to be rendering the text correctly on my computer. In the past, I've ignored this error since they were just random websites, but now since Google Plus has changed their layout, this issue is...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Comcast decided to double my speed...
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    display manager woes

    Looks like I fixed the problem... so far. I've uninstalled the dispalylink driver for my USB video card (wasn't using it any more) and the on screen function key thingamigig display software.
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    display manager woes

    That didn't seem to do the trick. I currently have IE 9 installed. Never upgraded to 10. I've tried both methods found in that link you provided. The "Desktop Windows Manager Session Manager" service is currently running. Plus the trick in the command prompt returned that the "service was...
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    display manager woes

    Hi all, I have a strange issue, most like a driver issue. My setup consist of a Lenovo W520 laptop with a dock and two Dell 24" monitors attached to the dock via the DVI ports. The laptop has a NVIDIA Quadro 1000m card. At one point I had no issue with this setup. I was then away from my desk...
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    Laptop not working with Verizon Hotspot

    No one has any ideas?
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    Laptop not working with Verizon Hotspot

    Hi All, I got some WiFi networking issues... I have a Lenovo W520 laptop with a RTK-RTL8188CE WiFi card and a Motorola Droid Maxx HD phone on Verizon. I'm running into an issue trying to use the hotspot on the phone with my laptop. The laptop has no problems connection to the hotspot on...
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    Home network security test?

    this might help... go to and take a look at the SheildsUP! tests
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    cisco switch, PoE, UPS's, and power outages

    KISS, Get another POE switch. This way you have a critical POE switch and an non critical POE switch. Put the phones on the critical and the rest on the non critical.
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    Separating Broadcast Domains

    I forgot about the detail of changing the subnet mask address. If I'm going to change the mask, I might as well change the IP addresses to new subnets. Running wireshark yields a lot of ARP requests and UDP broadcasts between various servers and control panels. I think the best solution...
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    Separating Broadcast Domains

    it wouldn't matter that all the devices are still on the same subnet?
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    Separating Broadcast Domains

    I don't think this is really possible, but thought I would ask... I am in the broadcast field with a whole bunch of devices that are all on the same network, same subnet and broadcast domain. Because of advancement in broadcast technology, a lot of new devices we receive all all network...
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    Narrow Power Switcher

    well, if your lights use low voltage power (12v), you could always build your own custom project box with switches and layout of your choice. check out digikey, mouser or alied electronics for those parts.
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    Colorblindness and IT

    i did a search in the android app store "color picker camera" and came up with a list of real time color identifier apps. There might be something there that would work out. I'm sure there would be something similar if you have an iPhone.
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    Internet VPN public providers

    found this the other day...
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    Network pics thread

    In a scanner without a fiber NIC, when the photons from scanned item is converted to electrical energy to be transferred to your computer, there is a loss in the picture quality. Since this scanner has a fiber NIC and if you have a fiber NIC in your computer, the photons don't need to be...
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    Keepass with online backup service?

    I have always wondered this my self. I use keepass with a strong password and key. The database file is stored in dropbox so it updates across all my computers. The key is stored in a separate directory on the computers outside of the dropbox sync. Seems to work for me. For added security, I...
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    Screen Sharing in a small classroom.

    The last time I dealt with this issue was back in 2002 with XP computers. In a classroom we used a program called Netop. It worked fairly well for our CAD lab at the time. I did a quick Google search on the name to see if it is still around and it looks like it is... I...
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    Network pics thread

    nah its quite common. its actually ST connectors. just about all video transport gear has it.
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    Network pics thread

    Fiber anyone? Superbowl 46 World Feed Compound Fiber room
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    Avocent DSR2010 KVM there a free version?

    I been looking at getting one of these things...
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    Remote power switch for servers

    I dont know of any off the self products off that works out of the box at the moment, but you could interface the power button and power light to some sort of ethernet controller such as the arduino with an ethernet sheild. I did the same sort of thing with my pFsense but interfacing it to my...
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    Building a Gateway

    I dont know anything about your skills or application here, but you could look into something like:
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    Multi use console cable

    not quite the same thing but close,
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    Cell Phone Wireless range extenders

    we use these at work: however, they require that you can get a signal somewhere on your property before it would be any good for you.
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    Cable company/FCC warning letter for "signal leak" Could it be related to torrents?

    they are most likely referring to RF signal leaks from the cable system regardless of what you do on the internet. I its possible you have a bad piece of coax cable or splitter somewhere in your cable network that is not shielded and is "leaking" RF noise. take a look at...
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    Looking for a DHCP server

    the hamaci virtual adapter mac address is 10 octet. this is the adapter thats used for the vpn communication. the physical adapter on the machine is still the standard 8 octet address and that gets its ip configuration from the remote site dhcp server. im using hamachi over, say, open vpn...
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    Looking for a DHCP server

    Just tested out pfsense in a vm environment and it does not accept a 10 octet mac address for static mapping...
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    Looking for a DHCP server

    not sure, haven't found one yet... i would like an ASA or similar type device...
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    Looking for a DHCP server

    I got that part down, but what about my two requirements?
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    Looking for a DHCP server

    thats a possibility, but i would like to explore the cisco hardware route first
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    Looking for a DHCP server

    Sounds simple, but not quite.... I'm looking for a DHCP server to replace my win 2003 server box. the DHCP service is the only thing running on it. I would like to get a Cisco router to take its place. This is for a home network. I would like a cisco ASA or a Cisco SRP 521W, but I cant...
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    WIreless network on top of full wired network?

    use different channels to avoid frequency interference. you got the right idea with dd-wrt
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    PowerConnect 5448 lost VLAN

    I have a dell powerconnect that reverts back to its last saved setting. I found that configuring through the web gui does not save the settings. So, after i configure the powerconnect via the web gui, i telnet into the unit and issue the "copy run start" command. This fix my power problems
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    Quick question about esata

    If I were to get an external esata hard drive or two, would it show up as an internal hard drive? This would be in Windows XP Pro
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    Dash's new untangle & Vlans

    keep in mind that ports can only be assigned to one vlan as untagged. but a single port can belong to multiple vlans as a tagged interface. if you are using port one as your "gateway." you would have it belong to VLAN1 as a untagged interface and VLAN2 as a tagged interface. Then the device you...