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    Is that a good idea to put the PBX with the POE switch ?! I have this setup : Modem === Router (Edgerouter) ==== SWITCH (HP 1810-24v2) === POE SWITCH (4 phones + PBX) or should I do something like this : Modem === Router (Edgerouter) ==== SWITCH (HP 1810-24v2 + PBX) === POE SWITCH...
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    Faster setup for a mac based office

    I am going to revamp a mac based office. They have about 4 newish iMacs or MacBook Pros and they are 4 users (all 4 are designers and graphists) and they want something relatively fast. They currently have an iomega ix-200 (1TB) and a netgear WNDR4500 and they says its quite slow. I was...
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    Erase sensitive data

    I want to erase "live" sensitive data on several windows 7 computers. Mostly excel spreadsheets and word documents I dont want to wipe the entire disk yet, because all the computers are in used by users. When decommissioned, I will wipe the disk with DBAN. Is there a program that can erase...
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    Output the sound of 12 iPads simultaneously

    I am searching for a mixer and/or something similar to output the sound of 12 iPads on speakers or monitors. What would be the more cost effective solution ? (its for a non-profit) The iPads have a custom made composition application for teaching kids the basics of music composition...
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    Zyxel USG20

    Hi I have just bought a Zyxel USG20 for a small office of 4 users. They all use the same gmail account (no google apps) on outlook for email and calendar sync (with gsyncit addon). Since I installed the firewall two weeks ago they started to have some errors on outlook : "TOO MANY...
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    freeBSD + samba 4

    Does anyone here use freeBSD as a domain controller with samba 4 ? I would like to know if its possible to use only freeBSD in a production environnement with something like group policies !?
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    Good small business printer

    I am looking for a small business color laser multifonction printer... We have a MFC-9840CDW that just died and we are looking for a remplacement !? Any suggestions for a multifonction center ? Thanks
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    Shared vs Digital Ocean

    I just recently got a digital ocean server for a django project and I must say the performance, price and commodity is just incredible. I bought a shared web hosting plan for a wordpress blog/woocommerce 2 years ago and I was wondering if I should move. Sometimes, I got slow loading times...
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    Raid 6 large arrays

    I just landed this quick repair service for a company and they just bought a server with about 160 TB of storage. They plan to install windows server and do some SMB shares for a windows domain, and the windows part is a requirement for them. But anyway I didnt want to be out of line and I...
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    PHP Framework

    I want to start small projects with a php framework. Do any of you recommends CakePHP and/or Yii ? I want to build reservations systems mainly ! Thanks !
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    Sharing a lot of files to 500 users

    I am looking for a way to share about 650 files to about 500 users over the internet. There is a number of private files, about the same number as the user number and the rest (150 ish files) are public. I am thinking to get a dedicated box, create the 500 users with a batch file and send...
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    Office 365 SPF records

    I have a wordpress site with an e-commerce module. The emails sent, when something is bought, are flagged as spam and/or rejected sometimes because of the spf records. How could I add a rule to allow emails sent from my wordpress ? The error that I keep getting from some domains...
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    Should I go dedicated ?

    I have my personnal domain with 1&1 on a shared webhosting and I run a few scripts in php for invoicing, tickets, project management and my resume. 5$ a month I aslo have a winhost account for a ASP.NET application that needed full trust. 8$ a month. I am lauching 2 more websites : 1 wordpress...
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    GNS3 - V.1 crowdfunding

    I just learned that GNS3 is crowdfunding the next release
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    Office 365

    Do you guys have any recommendations for Office 365 administration books or videos ? I just applied for a non-profit account and I got 25 Office 365 Enterprise E1 for Nonprofits. Thanks !
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    Mikrotik releasing new line of switchs

    Mikrotik is about to release 3 new models for october/movember and l3 switches ! Anyone plan to get their hands on a unit ? Router + AP CRS125-24G-1S-2HnD-IN 1U Switch (L3) CRS125-24G-1S-RM Desktop Switch CRS125-24G-1S-IN
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    Heinous content censorship

    I had an interesting debate today at work about internet censorship and I decided to dig more into this. What would be a good technological way to prevent someone from hosting hateful content on a personal web server and then sharing it with other people and stay out of the ''radar'' ? How to...
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    Juniper JNCIE

    I want to dig in un Juniper and I was wondering if there is a way to achieve JNCIE without buying any hardware. I don't mind a small investment. My goal is to start from JNCIA and go to JNCIE without buying any equipment. The blogs and website I am reading are quite old so I am not sure if...
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    Outdoor Cable part 2

    Not so long ago, I made a thread about installing outdoor shielded twisted pairs between buildings. The Bell Aliant Tech who installed everything (off his working hours)...
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    HP Server

    I just purchased a HP Proliant DL160 G6 for fun at tigerdirect, and it will sound like a noob question but do I keep the plastic duct inside ? It seems like a rectangular plastic case that covers the cpus/ram/etc etc ! Thanks
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    Bulk email with attachments

    I am looking for a tool to send about 500 emails with a different attachment on each email. For example Email 1 : Attachment 1 to Guy 1 Email 2 : Attachment 2 to Guy 2 ... ... The attachment are mp3 files Any solutions for this out there ? I don't mind paying for a tool or a...
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    pfSense with Squid

    Hello I have this setup I want to run as fast as possible for my cabin in the woods. 2wire Modem (DSL) ----- pfSense ------ Switch ------- AP & Computer I am getting a 2 mbps connection out of my DSL Line so I decided to save a little bandwidth to use pfSense with squid to cache some pages...
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    Web based music distribution

    Hello I am helping a non-profit organization that is a musical band-camp for kids and they record about 600 CDs in 2 months and they are planning to switch to a web based music distribution system. Every 2 weeks about 150 kids will want to download and/or listen on the website, its 100%...
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    Your favorite small business networking equipment

    Hello I would like to know out of curiosity what are your favorite small business routers, firewall, access points, switch and NAS ? I know people here are very fond of Ubiquity AP so I am curious what you guys use and bundle when you consult. What are your favorite kits :) ? For me...
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    Ubiquity Cloud Controller

    Does anyone use the UniFi Controller on the cloud with Amazaon, I was searching in the wiki and I found this article : I was planning to use it and I was wondering if anyone has...
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    Do you guys keep documentation in your business or do you guys give basic documentation when you consult ? How much importance do you give to documentation ? Are you using Wiki's ? Word, Excell, PDF documents ? XML files ? software like Docbooks ? I try to give at least a word document with...
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    Router recommendation for hotel

    I am searching for a router and/or firewall system for a small hotel, with some kind of captive portal. Actually there is nothing in place, there is 5 computers that need to access the internet all day long, but there is no servers, no vpn, its only web traffic. There is 2 buildings of 24 rooms...
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    Shielded patch pannels

    What is the use of a shielded patch pannel ? I was on moniprice and I saw this. Is it recommended for STP/FTP ? I got a client who refused to buy fiber and installed this instead, the guy at the DSL compagny made a deal and a cheap labor fee to install this on the campus... The STP drops...
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    Learning PBX systems

    Hi I would like some advice on where to start to get a small working PBX lab. I have a spare mini-box computer, m350 with a 2500cce motherboard, 4gb of ram, 120 gb ssd. Dont know if its appropriate, but I have to ask. Is there some phone line USB card I can get, or are they all PCI...
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    Online storage and file sharing

    I just landed in this small business this morning. They are managing prints and publicity for different companies. They hire a external consultant for the photo-shopping and then do the rest of the documents needed. The consultant send them psd files directly to the FTP server. They have an...
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    I am taking a look at RouterOS products and I saw this AP Is there a reason that those APs have 5 ports ? I presume you can put a lvl4 licence and use them as routers ? Thanks
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    Java : align characters

    Hello I have made a chunk of java code based on this algorithm I read on Wikipedia function printDiff(C[0..m,0..n], X[1..m], Y[1..n], i, j) if i > 0 and j > 0 and X[i] = Y[j] printDiff(C, X, Y, i-1, j-1) print " " + X[i] else if j > 0 and (i = 0 or C[i,j-1]...
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    Online training

    I have been granted budget for online training and I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations. I searched on some forums and people are mentioning CBT Nuggets, Trainsignal, VTC (looks outdated). It seems Trainsignal is cheaper and have pretty much the same things than CBT, they seems...
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    Underground fiber

    I am searching about recent documentation/training about fiber installation. All I ever done is change some cables or pass drops in small buildings. Can someone put me in the right direction and link some good recent books or online training about fiber installation (inside outside) Lets say...
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    Amer networks ?

    Have anybody used Amer networks products ? There is a sale on NCIX and I find this very intriguing ! 24 port Gigabit Switch : 109$ I dont find reviews anywere, even on amazon...
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    pfSense and SSD

    I have read on HardForums and pfSense forums about SSD degradation. Does people have any confirmations and real experiences or war stories to share. I just received a mini-box appliance with an intel D2500CCE and I have spare OCZ Onyx Series OCZSSD2-1ONX32G that I want to use as a testing...
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    Anyone knows and/or recommend Cybertron servers ? I am trying to build a cheap, low cost lab with GNS3. My plan is to build a ''router'' server. I found this very cheap, considering that it...
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    Large Area Network Design !

    I help a non-profit organisation building a network to help them in their operations. For now I just want to give them access to web traffic and emails, no servers ever. There is an attached file, this is the plan of the campus, and the blue square is a river. Actually, only H6 have...
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    Routing protocols, multiples routeurs, small business

    Hi It is a really dumb question but what is the use for a routing protocol/multiple router in a small business ? Lets say i have a small office Internet----Firewall----Router-----Switch----Clients/Servers (static route to my ISP) Why or when would I need multiple routeurs and routing...
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    Cisco 892 + PPTP

    We have a Cisco 892 with this configuration. I got several laptops that needs to connect to windows server with pptp. They are using the windows connection manager. We can connect to the windows pptp server for hours sometimes.But, sometimes we can just connect about 5 minutes. Is there...