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    Fantasy General 2

    Hey guys Released yesterday. I did 3 mission and I think the rest could be good. Tactical turn base only. No base building and army rising. The third mission, fleeing from the Trolls and succeeding the mission...
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    F1 2016

    Very good game. I'm enjoying it a lot. Quality of Forza and Grid series. F1 2016 on Steam
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    How do we use a Xbox One Wireless controller on a PC?

    My Xbox 360 wired controller is a bit broken. I guess there is only wireless Xbox One controller on the market. So I guess I need an adapter to use it on the PC? Which is best? What is this the name of this thing so I can find it on Neweeg? Thanks for the help
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    Silent fan and water cooling noise???

    I went to my store and ask them if silent fan exist, he said no. He said it does change anything while use the cpu at max. Than I've ask if the cheap water cooling is more silent and he said no too. Can Hardforum confirm that?
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    Any freeware to clone a disk to a ssd?

    I tried some but they was not really free. Any links?
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    Trackmania Turbo

    Out now on Uplay. Cool game. I give it a 7 on 10.
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    hey Cyber-Racer, Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo

    What a good game! Cyber-Racer around should try this one! Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO sur Steam
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    Mirage: Arcane Warfare

    From the creator of Chivalry. Here the first gameplay trailer: The first teaser: The game look gory like Chivalry. Look colored a lot too. I'm sure this is going to be good and even better Chivalry. Chivalry with magic sound good to me.
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    The Culling

    "In biology, culling is the process of segregating organisms from a group according to desired or undesired characteristics." Culling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The game is release: Save 10% on The Culling on Steam I've watch some video and it's not a 3A game but it look a lot of fun...
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    Could cloud gaming kill many cheaters?

    Of course not all. But I think it could get rid of a lot of them. From my thinking, I think aimbot could still be possible but not wallhack. That's a good start!
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    I'm searching for a game name

    It's a fps. It's modern or the maybe the 1950, I'm not sure. It's something like Tomb Raider but it's the a guy the main character. The mission I've stop playing was somewhere that look like ancient Egypt and I had to place well a lot of big mirror. It was release no more than 2 years ago...
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    FlatOut 4: Total Insanity. According to a Gamespot news, this game should be release in 2016 for all platform. When I know how great was the 3 other, I can't wait for this one. I hope it will have a good mp too...
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    Any way to get notification for quoted

    Like in various forums, when you get quoted, you get an email for that. I don't see this option.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved I've watch a live of IGN and this game look good. A Rust like so definitely one of my kind of game. I'm going to buy this tomorrow and see how good it is. The review of Steam say it's positive. So this mean, as most of the time, a good game.
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    Personal cool software list

    So I though I could find out some good stuff around that I'm not aware of. All mine are freeware and google should be use to find them. Easy most of them have official page on top of google. Let me start: -Teamviewer Good program to take control of friend computer around the net and in...
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    New catalyst driver out Omega (14.12) This amd thing, gaming evolve just informed me that the new drivers are out. I'm downloading them right now.
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    10$ on steam. Out friday. Remember me a little Q.U.B.E. Not the same, need more skillz and less brain maybe. QUBE on steam I think this game is for the very skilled players that hang around. It's not that hard for me...
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    Camping is right or now in fps?

    Edit: Camping is right or not in fps? Sorry. In demotion or objective mode, it is all fine that people camp there and there. They don't camp well, they loose. Now in TDM, if they camp, at some let me say stupid place, maybe some people could be angry but in my case in pretend it's the gamemode...
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    DirectX 12 could lead to better performance

    From pc gamer: Not sure how better it could be for all the games but this sound a good news. Better graphics with software optimization sound the way too go these day.
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    Bioshock infite

    I just nearly finished this game like some days ago so I'm bit late I know. So anyone remember if this game was psychedelic for them and is the reviewer state that?
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    Kinect comming to pc

    It's available for pre-order I don't know where from a good source: Clubic. I heard a rumor that it cost 200 euro. The thing that interest the most about it is the leaning function for bf4. This is real good. I was searching for a way to lean outside the keyboard and tough about pedals but...
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    Performance gain of a 8350 over a AMD FX-9590?

    I'm looking for a greater loading time in games. Also, how good it can be overclock with watercooling?
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    Can I install a watercooling system?

    Does it fit? How to know? Should I leave that to the expert? I would, I don't find anybody here in Montreal. How in % can I expect better performance on amd cpu? Like the loading time in Ghost for example and other games.
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    E-sport and major competition like LNH

    What is killing it? Why we don't have a good cs game on tv? Twicth is cool, the quality is bad and I bet it's unknown. Not enough. Is it cheating that destroy everything? :confused:
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    Good software to upload everything from an ipad to a pc?

    I tried 2 but they suck. I need something like explorer to copy the files. Nothing else than that. Thanks.
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    Any software to stream video from a fast computer to a laptop?

    I got teamviewer but I can't watch video with this. And I don't think the other similar program can do that. I don't know any anyway. I remember msn was doing that in the past but for video? All this because my laptop is too slow or bugged to play video from youtube at 1080p or Twicth. The...
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    It's 27 too much?

    EDIT: Is 27 too much? I just buy a new 27 inch from HP and like I tough, I think it's too big. It's not bad for the eyes, Rise of Triad is good on it. Anybody feel the same?
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    Where is the driver of the ethernet card in windows7 dir

    I have reinstall and I can't find the driver of my ethernet card anywhere. It was working on my older install and win 7 installer have keep the old windows dir. Anybody know where is located the driver files of the ethernet card in the windows dir? Thanks
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    How to raise the charecter size in firefox without a mouse

    I know how to do it with a mouse but without one how can I do that? thanks.
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    Question about youtube should be post in what forum?

    ??? :confused:
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    Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 9 question

    I have found out that the store sell the new computer with windows 8 and I'm wondering if they are going to sell windows 7 for ever or everything will change for windows 8? What windows 9 will look like? Normal desktop or this new windows 8 thing? Anybody got something about these two...
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    Why you don't play bf3?

    All the server are empty. And I don't like bf3 because of its sound that I hate. So I was wondering, why nobody play this game and why cod has so many players? Beside the sound and some minor stuff, I think bf3 is very good game.
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    Password removal for windows 7

    I lost my password. I tried some I found on google but none of them work. Anybody know one working? Thanks.
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    Players play bf3 prenium?

    I already bough bf3 but there is no players almost. I'm wondering if all the players play the expension pack or the prenium pack? How much players play bf3 prenium, a lot?