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    Viewsonic VX2370S & VX2770S

    These new IPS monitors have thin bezels like the new Dell S-line LCDs and come with a lower price. The 23" is under $200 and the 27" is around $320. The panel surface is anti-glare which makes it an cheap matte alternative to the Dell.
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    Emissive displays like OLED do worse in sunlight. It's why plasma screens which are also emissive do worse than LCD when there is massive glare. LCD is different in that it can partially use the light from the sun to project an image like e-ink. Transflective LCD allows you to turn off the...
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    An LED display without local dimming usually will not provide better blacks than a CCFL display. They are in principle the same thing when you set them to equal brightness except that it may provide more or less backlight bleed depending on how well it is designed or assembled. If each pixel in...
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    Acer Ferrari F-20 good deal for $130?

    The screen seemed a little too blue by default(even on the warm setting!) so I lowered the blue saturation until it matched the whites of the Dell 2005FPW which was closer to a warmer yellow. They look really close now, but the Dell has slightly better color saturation which is not surprising...
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    24" LED backlit NON-TN for under a grand?

    Did you consider getting a adjustable stand for the Apple display? Is LED that critical for you? This stand is perfect for Apple 24" LED: You need a VESA mount from Apple:
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    Acer Ferrari F-20 good deal for $130?

    /337: Yes you can see clearly from the sides from a good quality TN, their horizontal viewing angles are often superior to P-MVA. If you look from below the monitor it should darken and invert, this means you have a TN. I'm loving this monitor, for $130. Compared to the sandy textured colors...
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    Acer Ferrari F-20 good deal for $130?

    It seems the one I got is TN, so they seem to be doing a panel lottery. I was disappointed initially but got over it because the picture is as good if not in some aspects better than S-IPS Dell 2005FPW(thanks to the glossy coating). It has even backlighting and no dead pixels so the quality is...
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    Acer Ferrari F-20 good deal for $130?

    Yes it's a good deal. I just bought one when I saw it on slickdeals. Look at Acer's other monitors selling for $130 and they are 17" TNs.
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    Atom vs Nano review

    Engadget revealed the Asus N10 in August, but it didn't exactly say it had a Geforce, but the HDMI port implied it had something more than integrated graphics. I can't say how successful they will sell, given that they cost twice as much as the average netbook. I guess for the WoW addict, it...
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    Atom vs Nano review

    So not true, Asus N10 has a Atom with Geforce 9300
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    Apple 24" LED-backlit IPS Cinema Display with DisplayPort ($899)?

    If you hate glossy that much why not just get a matte screen filter? At least with glossy you have a choice...
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    HP LP2480zx

    That monitor's price makes the NECs look like a bargain. Did you actually buy it for yourself?
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    Any IPS HDTVs in the 20 inch range?;-LCD-HDTVs/model.TC-26LX85_11002_7000000000000005702
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    WHAT 32INCH MONITOR??? Don't wanna return any more

    The newer plasma have an anti glare coating which really cuts down on the image clarity imo. I've seen the Panasonics with and without the AG side by side and you can definitely notice a brown haze on one of them. I have the 60 series and it is glossy which I prefer.
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    32" 1080p IPS panel as a PC monitor

    For under $900 you won't find a better deal. I wouldn't even consider getting a 26" IPS if I had a choice. I'd just get this since these panels are manufactured in Japan. I don't think Panny LCDs are getting the same kind of respect as Sony and Sharp but it will only be a matter of time until...
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    Software compensation for TN viewing angles?

    You would need to wear a sensor like the wii that would track where your head is in relation to the screen, which would be weird. It wouldn't work on more than one person so for watching movies in a group is pretty useless.
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    8' display...

    In the first screen it looks like the reflection from the wall and ceiling is causing the blacks in the letterbox to suffer on the top right of the image. Does it bother you at all?
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    The highly rated HP Pavilion Slimline PC thread

    Chaintech is also whisper quiet, I don't know if the same can be said of the Galaxy. In a small form factor PC, this may be more important than a few fps. And yes you do not need to use the VGA on the Chaintech, in fact mine had blurriness so I chucked it immediately. The single bracket fits...
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    PVA vs IPS ??

    Here is some info on IPS Alpha: One thing to note are the sub pixels are very defined compared to S-IPS from LG Philips. It could arguably be the best IPS considering they are produced in Japan. The 37" 1080p Panasonic 37lz85 is out now for...
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    PVA vs IPS ??

    IPS also has a lot more consistent ghosting than PVA if they are quoted to have the same response times. PVA may have 8ms gtg but it may have up to 60 ms in black to black, where as 8ms IPS may only have 20 ms black to black.
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    Lenovo L220X

    The sparkles are the result of lower quality in mass production, which causes a deformed LCD structure. What you see is the unevenness in the quality of each sub-pixel construction. This is pretty much inevitable in order for them to keep costs down. H-IPS doesn't have this problem but is much...
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    Why IPS if most use MVA / TN?

    In general you still want a monitor that is accurate as possible to insure that the color you are using is really the color you want. Not all TN panels and VA panels display the same colors, they can appear different on each and every monitor like purple appearing blue while on some monitors...
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    The highly rated HP Pavilion Slimline PC thread

    Thanks. I went with the Chaintech since the price was right. The Galaxy was very tempting but it has a big fan which is notorious for being loud on some systems(the HP slims in particular, but quieter on the Dell hmm). On your HP the chaintech is quiet so it should be near silent on the Dell but...
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    Sharp LC-32GP3U review

    Disregard this if it's already been mentioned but Sharp has a 26" 1080p display in the Japanese market for a few months which has a regular pixel alignment. It's possible they may bring it over to North America which may be of interest to some of you.
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    laptop with ips screen

    You will only find 12" IPS screen in tablets these days. I can confirm Macbook Pros have TN. All Thinkpad tablets, Dell XT tablet and most Fujitsu T series have IPS. I happen to have a IPS LED tablet(Fujitsu T2010) which has good viewing angles and contrast but the colors aren't as vibrant...
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    Need Advice: Dell Vostro TrueLife Screen vs. Lenovo T61 Screen They sparkle which means very low production quality.
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    The highly rated HP Pavilion Slimline PC thread

    I'm very interested in the Chaintech 8600GT for my slim Vostro 200. Does it come with those low profile brackets?
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    Lots of grain and some lag when watching HD movies?

    There isn't much you can do since this is inherent of all LCD, some worse than others. You may want to look into a 32" LCD TV by Sharp which always is a good choice.
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    Does a mediocre S-IPS screen give better IQ and color than the best S-M/PVA screen?

    Feature wise its going to be a wash, S-PVA will always have things S-IPS won't and vice versa. Both technologies are improving to the point that an S-PVA probably has better color than a S-IPS 4 years back. Although most high end S-PVA seem to be used a lot in professional displays, I've heard...
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    Lots of grain and some lag when watching HD movies?

    The grain is probably the result of the LCD, some LCD accentuate grain more than other LCDs according to BeHardware reviews. IPS and PVA more so than MVA. I believe it could be the PVA inside there.
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    Who Else Is Holding Out?

    How does my Radeon 9800 compare to the Geforce 9800?
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    highest quality LCD monitor?

    Eizo or Lenovo 22"
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    Might get a second 19" LCD, but which one?

    The HP 19" would probably be a top candidate off the top of my head. It is glossy though but it makes the image clearer and sharper. If you can't stand the glossy then take a look at the...
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    Survey of 32" 1080p monitors

    Amazon just lowered the price on a Toshiba 42" to $950: They are going to go out fast.
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    What is the point of two or even three monitors?

    I use a tablet pc to take notes at school. When I study in my room I hook it up to a 20" display in portrait mode to display an e-textbook or PDF notes, while displaying the class notes on the tablet screen. It really is more productive to have more real estate through multiple screens without...
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    20 inch IPS vs. 24 inch *VA

    The advantages of IPS or VA aren't nearly worth the cost for an office environment, that's why TN LCDs is always a good choice for office use. If you're going for 20"-22" I recommend TN, anything bigger you may benefit from IPS or VA viewing angles. VA usually has some color shifting problems...
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    20 inch IPS vs. 24 inch *VA

    If you're only going to use it in the office, you won't care between IPS or VA or even TN, so I'll just recommend you save your money and get a nice 22" TN. I have a 20" IPS and TN from Dell and for office use I would take the TN.
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    Survey of 32" 1080p monitors

    Icec0o1: What panel does the 32RV530U use? IPS or PVA?
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    lcd hdtv as moniter?!

    The resolution is fine for gaming and movies, but it will feel very cramped for web surfing and photoshop.
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    Panasonic TC-37LZ85 (1080p, IPS-A)

    Since it is IPS, the black levels will not be its strongest factor but that is to be expected. A lot of people want this display for its viewing angles, colors and size. The LCD manufactuer quotes a 900:1 CR, which is moderate these days.