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    my first drive is a 120gb
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    If I bought this: SATA harddrive, because I have a hunch that my current ide western digital HD that I got last year is about to fail, would I be able to still boot windows using IDE hd and windows recognizing the sata hard drive...
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    Anyone got the Asus K8N-E yet?

    Anyone got any good information on this board, I dont want to shell out 150 bucks for it just to be not worth it.
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    Asus K8N-E Deluxe in stock at ZipZoomFly

    Ya Im going to wait two weeks for some reviews make sure this thing is all it seems stoked up to be but its an Asus so I know I wont be let odwn.
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    Is this case overdoing it? Something like that ? Maybe.
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    Is this case overdoing it?

    Ok Im going to look on newegg a bit more, thanks again. I have one more question I was recently talking to a friend and he said that Aluminum cases were the best because they're really light and what not. I live in Florida and theres not alot of LANs or anything of that type. But is aluminum...
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    Is this case overdoing it?

    Alright, would 350watts be enough for todays hardware?
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    Is this case overdoing it?

    Hello, I'm new I just registered like 2 minutes of though. So please ignore my ignorance if it prevails. Anyway I wanted your opinions on this case is it ugly? Am I over doing it? The reason I like this case because it has alot of fan options, has a window, actually has sort of theme to it...