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    Logo Request for my small cellphone website

    Hey guys, I'm own/operate a small import cellphone business and I need a logo for my new website. Company name is: Gsmhookup or I know, Its a ghetto name but lots of people know the name and I cant change it anymore. Anyways, If there is a logo I really like, I will pay...
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    Accessing computers on windows xp network?

    hey guys.. I have a 6 computer wireless/wired network here, all under same workgroup name w/ file and printer sharing enabled.. They are all accessible except for one..whenever i double click it asks for password.. I checked all settings and found no admin or user pass on it.. any idea how i...
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    End the Whine - May 20th, 2006 Digg it >>
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    "nmbd" calling/making weird connections?

    Hey guys, i noticed app named "nmbd" making couple of strange connections today.. not sure what its communicating and why :confused: ..I only noticed them today when i started using Camino instead of Firefox browser. any idea what its trying to do and whether it should be allowed ? thanks...
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    "nmbd" calling/making weird connections?

    sorry, double post :(
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    Windows Formatted External drive not supported on OS X 10.4.5?

    Hey guys, i just got 12.1" Powerbook G4 1.33Ghz 768Mb ram, 80GB hdd from a friend who upgraded to new MBP..This is my first Mac so please explain comment in layman's/PC user terms :p I have this 40Gb External WD drive in Vantec enclosure.. been using it on PC for a while now.. all my data...
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    Cheap but effective IP Cam solutions?

    hey guys, a friend of mine recently got a retail store and wants me to help him w/ some remote surveillance.. I checked out the local stores and founds lots of them selling cheap looking(quality wise..) Orite IPCam for $129 cdn.. they don't have an open box or one on display showing the FPS and...
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    iPod Nano Playlist locked, Can't delete/edit anything :(

    hey guys, I can't delete or edit songs/podcasts on my 2Gb Nano anymore.. when connected, songs and podcasts are displayed but greyed out.. The list also showing this small lock sign w/ iPod options.. I check the settings, but can't find the lock/unlock option. The lock button on the iPod is...
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    Wired Print Server w/ Monitoring software?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for nice/cheap Print server for my 10 Computer network..I'm also looking for something which can Monitor the print jobs, makes a log of all the print jobs and stores them in HTML or any browser viewable form. any help is much appreciated :)
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    Printer Monitor utility?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a printer monitor utility/program Or OS(if possible?) which canbe installed on an old computer(like a print server) Or existing Networked Computer, which will monitor and store data about print jobs and where the job/command originated from, etc.. I need something...
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    LAN messenger, Inter office messaging program?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some kinda free/open source LAN messenger which can run on each computer w/ using any kinda outside server(Like MSN, Yahoo, AIM) I have already looked @ Softros LAN messenger , But its not free :( please help...
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    Firefox not loading any website :(

    Hey guys, My firefox is not loading anything at all :(.. I have used firefox for almost 1 year and never had this kinda of problem before. Came home, switched on the computer, Retrieved my mail from Thunderbird and tried opening FF, But it Timed out on home page) So far, i have...
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    Dell 2005FPW + BF-2 + DVI = No Go :(

    hey guys, I just installed the new Dell 2005FPW and i can't play BF-2 with DVI anymore :(.. It works fine with Analog 15 pin connector..Is there anyway i can fix this issue without re-installing the game? Other games, like CSS work fine with DVI. thanks.
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    L90D+ and DVI cable.

    hey guys, my friend recently bought an L90d+ from egg and we can't get the DVI to power the monitor.. everything works fine with analog cable, tried BF-2, CS source, Windows etc..But when trying connect DVI cable, the monitor show "no signal" blue screen :(...We also tried the Menu and switched...
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    LCD monitor dilemma >> 20" 2005FPW or 19" Viewsonic VP191B-2

    hey guys, i can finally afford a high-end LCD monitor lol.. so I have narrowed my choices down to the following: first, 19" Viewsonic VP191B-2 8ms revision: Good, Black LCD pannel, low response time, no ghosting or back light bleeding, Good viewing angles, Pivot function, Pricey for a...
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    Hyundai ImageQuest L90D+ Vs Viewsonic VP191 MVA 8 ms

    Dumping my old Dell 19" Trinitron for a new 19" 8ms LCD.. After reading all 19" LCD reviews in Display section I have come to two last choices: Hyundai ImageQuest L90D+ AND Viewsonic VP191 MVA 8 ms. Any opinions/comments/ user reviews are much appreciated. thanks :)
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    New G band Router?

    hey guys, i need some help choosing my new home network wireless router. I can't decide between these two models: Linksys WRT54G and D-Link DI-524 . My home network setup: 1mb/500kb DSL internet >> ADSL modem>>4 Desktops(2 wirelessly connected) and 2 Centrino notebooks(b/g). I need user...
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    Looking for PC Alarm clock =p

    hey guys, my alarm clock broke last night and i didn't get time to go buy a new one today ..Is there any good(spyware free/loud alarm tones, etc) Alarm clock software available which can be used a temp. alternative? thanks
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    How to install Suse 9.3

    hey guys, i have a Suse 9.3 Prof 7.9Gb DVD .iso.. Is there anyway i can install it without burning it on a Dula Layer dvd media? Somebody pointed that i can install it from Hard drive.. is that possible? If thanks :)
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    Corrupted graphics after Fedora C3 64bit install

    hey guys, This is my first Fedora core 3 install. I downloaded the Core 3 64 Bit edition DVD copy from one of the mirrors last night. After making a partition on my Primary hard disk i was able to install Core, Took less than 16 mins. My system rebooted.. Fedora screen loaded up Hdd, network...
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    Merchant account setup help

    hey guys, I'm working on a friend's site and he wants to setup a merchant account. I looked at Paypal but they lack the direct payment from bank account option. Are there any other good/secure companies which offer merchant accounts? many thanks.
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    DVD RW for Quiet SFF setup

    hey guys, I'm looking for Quiet reading/writing DVD RW for my new SK83G setup.. Also do SFF need small drives? Is BenQ DW-1620A a good choice? many thanks :)
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    Shuttle SK83G, Athlon 64 2800 Mobile 1Mb L2?

    hey guys, I got a Shuttle SK83G and Athlon 64 Mobile 2800+ 1Mb L2 cache from a guy on forums. Everything is up and running fine ..but the Cpu is running @ 800Mhz 4x200(according to CPU-Z and Aida32/Everest). I don't have any "quiet and cool" Option enabled in the Bios. Does "Smart fan" setting...
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    Motorola MPX 220

    I have been looking @ this phone for couple of weeks now..and i really wanna buy one soon.. anybody has one here? i need some opinions/comments, etc.. post anything you know, like or dislike about this Smartphone :) many thanks.
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    Asus M6NE not turning on? :(

    hey guys, last night me and my friends were playing some Halo and Counter strike Via S-video on my uncle's 60" LCD-Projection TV and went asleep after the notebook went out of battery during the game(2 AM @ Night)..anyways its pretty normal for notebooks to run out of battery, then you re charge...
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    AMD's Centrino challenger: Turion

    Turion is the brand name of a new line of energy-efficient notebook processors Advanced Micro Devices will come out with in the first half of 2005. It is chipmaker's response to Intel's Centrino notebook technology, company executives said at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week...
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    Got Asus M6NE barebone, Installing CPU now..?

    hey guys, I got my Asus M6NE barebone.. and damn this thing looks sweet :D .. I ran into an early problem with CPU installation.. How do you access the CPU socket? There is a Plastic plate with Power and other buttons covering it. I already took the screws off, But still its there.. Tried...
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    Opine/Comment on Asus M6NE

    ^^^^ Thanks :)
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    WXGA or SXGA?

    hey all, I'm buying a laptop next month.. here are the specs: Asus M6BNE/M6NE Dothan 1.6Ghz 2mb L2cache Samsung 2x512Mb ddr333 ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 64Mb Samsung 40Gb 54K 2.5" hd Asus M6N CDRW-DVD drive Intel PRO Wireless 2200 B/G 8 Cell Battery, 4.5 Hrs 5.6 lbs., 1.1" Thin The...
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    Asus Barebones? Which one?

    hey guys, i wanna move to a laptop and was looking @ Asus barebones.. What do you guys think about M3NP? anybody owns one around here? OR the Z91N's ? which one is better? pro/cons? I will be using this laptop/s for university stuff and web browsing etc... also can these can take 5-8...
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    stuck, listening to damn "Instinct" lecture...

    hey guys, help me out here.. where do i go after i reach outside the insertion point? All other citizen can pass through.. i can't :(
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    Calling all Toshiba Tecra A2 users!!

    I'm looking for Ethernet controller and Wireless Lan drivers for this notebook.. can't seem to find them on Toshiba site :( Any help is much appreciated... :D
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    Firefox 1.0 PR

    Hi all, where can i find Firefox 1.0 PR? I installed 1.0(final) this morning and it sucks, disabled all my extentions cus it can't support them?? :mad: If anybody has a link to 1.0 PR, please post it here. many thanks!
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    Voltages, up and down

    hi all, Is this normal? or should i think about investing into a new/powerful/stable PSU? My setup is in my Signature. many thanks.
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    Kudos to OCZ

    Got my PC3700EBram back from OCZ RMA today.. They sent me brand new sticks with new heat spreaders(sealed package).. The ram instantly O/Ced to 240Mhz 1T stable.. after few Bios tweaks I was able to run it at 260Mhz @ 2.9V compared to my earlier 240(Max) O/C on old ram. Big thanks to BigToe...
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    OCZ PC3700EB, how many Revisions?

    hi all, I was just wondering.. was there any OCZ PC3700EB Rev 2.0? Or they is only one EB series? I know they discontinued selling EB, but was there any attempt to use diff. chips in these sticks? many thanks.
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    Best Additive?

    I'm running zerex : distilled water in 1:20 ratio, very happy with my temps..but now i wanna produce some UV effect in it.. I'm about to redo the tubing/filling and bleeding.. which additive/mixture i should go for? please vote :) EDIT: My WCing setup is in the sig.
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    Jump PSU?

    hi there, this is a very noobish question but how do you run your PSU as it is? I wanna run my new watercooling setup outside the case for a while, the pump can be powered with 12V molex.. how do i start the psu? thanks :)
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    Clawhammer or Newcastle?

    hi all, I'm finally upgrading to A64 :D .. Questions: we have couple of dealers who still carry OEM version Clawhammer A64 3200+ 1MB L2 2.0Ghz ~ sells for $279 CDN and on the other hand Newcastle core A64 3200+ 512KB L2 2.2Ghz Retail ~ sells for $299.... so which one is a better deal...
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    Help with G4 17" notebook

    A friend of mine who moved back to his countrty sold me his G4 17" notebook for really cheap.. now comes the problem..I'm a PRO PC guy and have no idea how to install new OS on Mac's.. in windows you just boot from CD.. what should i do with Mac OS X? Is there any nice guide for new Mac...