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    Formatting and selling hard drives. Help?

    I want to format three different hard drives and sell them with my desktop PC tomorrow at noon. I need to make sure that the data cannot be restored... as some of it is private. I have heard there are programs that can format a drive and scramble the left over data so that it cannot be...
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    Selling PC... what do I need to save?

    I am selling my desktop PC and buying a laptop. I have already saved all of my personal data to a portable hard drive, but I'm guessing there is other stuff floating around on the HD that I might want to keep. Can anyone give me some suggestions on stuff I should save before formatting the drive...
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    I don't know where to post this. Please help!

    I was writing some very important lyrics on a notepad. It was a spur of the moment thing, but they are very important for specific reasons that I won't get into. Suddenly my computer crashes instantly.. just shuts off. I'm back and of course the stuff I was writing is gone as I didn't save...
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    Ugh... need a new motherboard

    Here is my current setup. MB: Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3r GC: EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 640 RAM: Patriot 1GBx2 DDR2 800 PSU Corsair 620hx CPU: Core 2 QUAD Q6600 CASE: Thermaltake Armor Full Black tower SOUND: M-Audio Delta 66 (music) SOUND: x-fi Titanium (gaming) So I want 5.1 sound with gaming with my...
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    Need 5.1 sound card for HTPC

    I currently have my computer hooked up to my home theater with an optical cable via the optical port on my motherboard, but apparently it doesn't send a 5.1 signal. I need a Soundcard (less than $200) that will output 5.1 via optical. I mostly use this PC to game on as I have a PS3 that I...
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    I need the PC equivelant to this

    I currently own the wired version of this . My version has the number pad. The reason I want this wireless one is because it's smaller and wireless which is great for my HTPC. However I have read that some people have had...
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    Please help me hook my computer up to my TV

    I have a 8800gts in my computer with DVI ports. I used a DVI-VGA adapter and hooked the computer up to the TV using the VGA cable. My computer does not have HDMI. I'm getting an image on my TV and it's clear, but there are black borders on either side. I tried increasing the res to max, but...
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    Need a 5.1 soundcard with optical out. Suggestions?

    I built a computer earlier this year and it has an M-Audio Delta 66 sound card for Pro Tools. It runs Windows 7 x64. I will be upgrading my home theater in January, and so I'm wanting to use my old 5.1 Dolby Digita/DTS receiver and old speakers for my computer setup. My receiver does not have...
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    Building a living room computer in January. Suggestions?

    I'm wanting to build a computer in the middle of January 2010 for the purpose of hooking it up to my living room TV and sound system. I currently have a 5.1 DTS sound system and a 47" 1080p TV. As of now, I'm not sure what my budget will be, but I know that I want the computer to be as...
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    Wanting to add some more ram. Suggestions?

    Here is my Motherboard. I currently have two of these. I would like to add at least 2 more gigs... maybe more. Not really wanting to spend that much...
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    Is my hard drive dead?

    I have an 80g SATA that I have been using as my OS drive for a long time now. I got it when SATA drives were first becoming popular. I had XP on it, but last night I partitioned it in half with partition magic and put Windows 7 32bit Pro on the other half. I left my computer on all night...
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    Dual booting for the first time.

    I have XP on a dedicated hard drive. I want to use a program to partition half of the hard drive so that I can dual boot Windows 7. What program do I need to use and can anyone give me some tips on the process? Also, I have never dual booted before. Anything I should know? Any help is...
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    Wanting to replace my PC with a Laptop. Opinions?

    I bet I'm probably posting this in the wrong forum and if so, I apologize. I'm wanting to sell my desktop PC and buy a laptop instead. I would rather have both, but I lack the funds. I would rather be able to get on my computer anywhere in the house and even away from the house instead of...
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    Maxtor 1tb drive - Having problems

    I just bought a Maxtor Basics 1TB drive. Last night I installed it. I read the instructions in the manual on how to set it up and so I went into the admin tools and did all that. However the drive is not showing up in my computer and in the admin tools... it shows as only having 33mb. I...
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    Just wanted to give a heads up on some good hardware

    Last week I finaly got all my parts in for my new computer. Everything installed into the case perfectly. The computer booted up the first time with no problems. Dual boot XP 32 and Vista 64. Both OS's run great with no problems. No driver conflicts with absolutely anything. This is my...
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    I just ordered a 2007wfp from Dell's webpage. Yet when I look at my order confirmation in my email, it lists the item as a 2007fpw. I searched 2007fpw in Dell and it brought up the 2007wfp. What's the deal? Does a 2007fpw exist? Did Dell make some kind of mistake?
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    Printer problems

    So I have an Epson Stylus 220 printer. I was printing some color fliers for my band's show, and then all the color cartriges ran out. So I turned the image into a greyscale and tried printing, and the printer is like... No! Please replace the cartriges. But... I'm not using color. I'm just...
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    What's the difference

    between these 2 cards. Which one is better. And is this brand recomended over the other versions of the card?
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    Metroid Prime 3 plays better than any console FPS... ever!
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    Buying LCD's from Newegg

    So from what I understand, if I get a monitor with under 9 dead pixels, or back light bleed, I can't get an exchange monitor from Newegg? I see that you can't get a full refund from them regardless. Would it be better to buy the monitor in a store? Would I have more freedom with getting it...
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    MX Revolution

    Does anyone have this mouse? What do you think? I read a review saying that it's not a good gaming mouse. Is this true?
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    Dell 22" Vs. Samsung 22" VS. or
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    Is the MX1000 still the best mouse?

    I've seen newer mice, but they aren't as big and comfortable as the MX1000. Yet my MX1000 has issues where it doesn't want to charge anymore and sometimes the pointer on the screen goes super slow for no reason till I shake the mouse to fix it. Can someone recomend a similar mouse that is big...
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    Monitor for 3D applications and gaming

    I'm thinking around 22"... wide screen. I have no idea what's out there. Please recomend!
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    Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo for under $200

    I'm looking for a good combo package with a wireless mouse and keyboard. I like my keyboards as simple and small as possible, while I like my mouses to be big because I have big hands. I currently have the MX1000 but I have had it for like 3 years. The charger doesn't like the mouse anymore...
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    Playing Crysis with a Quadro

    Ok I know the required specs aren't out for Crysis and no one has played it, but I'm sure some people have some educated openions/guesses on this. I'm building a 3D Applications computer and am torn between the 8800 and the dollar equivalant in the Quadro series. How much of a drop in...
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    color changing neons

    Where can I find neon lights to go in my computer that change color? I searched on newegg and couldn't find anything. Not sure where to look as I've never bought neons before.
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    Quadro Vs. GeForce

    So I'm building a new rig based around 3D applications, and gaming. There is a 3 page thread about it in the general hardware section of this forum. A few people are telling me that if I want good performance in 3D applications, I need to get the quadro. It's really imprortant to me... that...
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    Thermaltake Armor Series VA8000BWS Black Aluminum

    Anyone have this case, or have experience with it or openions about it?
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    Motherboard for 3D applications?

    First of all, I'm getting the q6600 at the end of the month. I want a P35 motherboard that supports both DDR3 AND DDR2 because at first, I will be buying DDR2 due to money constraints. SLI is not needed because I will never have the money to buy two top end graphics cards. Suggestions?
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    Help me build a computer animation/graphics computer

    I'm about to enroll in school soon for a computer animation degree. I know it's not required to have a computer that can do the things required in the class, but it's something that I want. I want to be able to practice what I have learned at home so that I'll stay ahead of my teachings, and I...