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    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    I've been a PC gamer since early 2000s getting hooked on the original Far Cry when my friend gave me his GeForce ti 4400. In 2008, I bought my first real gaming PC with Phenom 9500 paired with a GTX 275 for $500 CAD. This quickly turned into Phenom II 965 ($150) with GTX 470s in SLI ($600), a...
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    PC Turns on randomly

    Having some issues with my older PC running Windows 7. After I turn off the computer (for clarity I'm not putting the computer in sleep mode), my computer will randomly turn itself on. I went into bios and put it back to default settings, turned off options pertaining to USB power and...
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    Gamed for 6 hours without fans spinning GTX 1070 in SLI

    I gamed for 2 days with both my GPU fans stopped playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider which is rather demanding for a total of 6 hours. The game was crashing on startup and read that it has issues with Precision and Afterburner so I closed Precision when playing not knowing it would stop my fans...
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    Getting additional Display Port input to Monitor

    My 4K monitor only has 1 display port and 2 HDMI inputs that do only 30Hz. I'm looking to connect a second monitor using that one display port. Is there such a device that will allow me to do so? For example some sort of switch that will allow me to toggle between the two monitors using that...
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    Phenom 9550 too slow for video streaming 720p?

    Hey guys, My old rig from way back is with my parents now. Its the original Phenom 9550 with 4GB of DDR2 RAM and a GTX 460. My parents only use the computer to stream video 720p (highest). The computer hasn't been formatted in some time but it is running super slow. Takes like 20 minutes to...
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    Gigabyte Gaming 7 Bios Updated to F20 - Now I can't get into the Bios

    Any ideas what could be wrong or solution? I checked everything even tried the Windows method of getting into the bios but for some reason this board doesn't want to go into the bios after the F20 update. Is there any other way of getting into the bios?
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    EVGA FTW GTX 1070 Fan Profile

    Just curious what kind of fan profile you guys are using on your cards and any tips. My fan profile is as follows: 0 - 47 Degrees Celcius: 0% 50 Degrees: 30% 60 Degrees: 55% 70 Degrees: 70% 80 Degrees: 85% 90 Degrees: 95% 100 Degrees: 100% Played Far Cry 4 yesterday and temps seems to level...
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    EVGA Precision - OSD and Syncing Questions

    I recently purchased 2 GTX 1070s running in SLI. After installing EVGA Precision, I noticed that the OSD font is much larger than before when compared to my other rig running an older version of EVGA Precision. Same applies to the font size in G510 keyboard. I tried changing the font size to...
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    Dual Boot - Installing Windows 8 on 4TB Hard Drive

    Hey guys, I apologize in advance if this question has already been raised. I currently have windows 7 64-bit installed. I want to install windows 8 on a 4TB hard drive and run dual boot. 1) Do I simply install the 4TB hard drive and windows 8? I have a 990 FXA-UD3 revision 1 motherboard...
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    DDM USB KVM/True Emulation KVM

    Hey Guys, Been a while since I logged in here and sought advice. I'm looking to build another rig to replace my current rig which has served me well for the past 3 years (my 990 GA-FXA-UD3 that is). In doing so, I will need a KVM switch so that I can use my current keyboard, mouse, monitor...
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    KVM Switch that works with Logitech G510

    Anyone know of a KVM switch that will work with Logitech G510 Keyboard. I want to be able to switch PCs, use the keyboard LCD functions as I normally would between the 2 computers. Thanks in advance
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    Games that use all 8 cores

    Downloaded and played Crysis 3. It is the first game that I've played that utilizes all 8 cores and getting surprisingly good performance (I won't post my performance results here since I already posted my results in multiple threads)! Most games will use 2, 4, and even 6 cores but all 8 is a...
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    Will PC Gaming Requirements Jump with New Console Release?

    With the new PS4 and Xbox720 around the corner do you think the game requirements on the PC will jump significantly over the next couple years? Knowing that developers are able to squeeze more out of the hardware in consoles do you foresee this happening? I can't remember but when the PS3 and...
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    Who got the best AMD Rig

    Would like to see who has the most powerful AMD rig just for fun and to prove AMD is still a viable choice (especially for the price). Please Intel fanboys don't bother posting here... My scores are below: Unigine Heaven 3.0 Score (Everything maxed out @ 1080P) FPS: 83.9 Scores: 2113 Min FPS...
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    HTPC vs File Server

    Hey gang, I have some spare parts (see below) and not sure what to build. I have no experience with HTPC or File Server (for use on my internal network). Was wondering which route to go and between the two. I'm a fairly quick learner so I'm not afraid to try new things and learn as I go...
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    2012 - A bad year for the PC

    Year to date stock value: AMD: -64.26% Intel: -16.95% HP: -48.45% Dell: -38.48% Microsoft: +2.59% Are we seeing a shift in the PC Market? I blame tablets and smartphones...
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    Boot drive connect to Sata Card ok?

    I know this may sound like a dumb question but I will be building a PC with 10 hard drives in an Antec 1200 and was wondering if it would be okay to connect the boot drive to a sata card as opposed to the sata port on the motherboard for cable management purposes. Please advise and thanks :)
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    Mouse moving on its own...(ghost maybe...)

    I have been using cooler master sentinal storm which was working fine for abour a year. Now I noticed that when i move the mouse and stop, the mouse keeps moving in a downward path. My desk is perfectly level so I've ruled that out. Even when I play music the mouse dances around the screen...
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    CPU Temps in the summer

    Hey guys, I noticed that my CPU temps are higher than normal idling around 35-37 degrees. In the winter the CPU was idling around 28-30 degrees. Is it normal for the CPU to be idling this much higher in the summer. It's 33 degrees here in Toronto and I have no AC but still...I don't...
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    Looking for a small white mATX case

    Can anyone here recommend a small (smaller the better), white mATX case that has decent cable management?
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    Mafia II

    Hey guys, When I run Mafia II benchmarks with settings maxed out (including PhysX) I can get 60 FPS. I play all my games with V-sync on. In the actual game, frame rates will drop to an unplayable 30 fps...does anyone know why this is happening? I have GTX 470 dedicated to PhysX when I play
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    How to post pictures?

    I know dumb question but how do you post pictures in this forum? Every time I try it asks for a http URL...what am I supposed to do? Thanks
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    connecting and reconnecting sata hard drive

    I plan on upgrading my CPU in the near future and have several hard drives. When I do upgrade my CPU I will have to disconnect everything. I was wondering if I have to reconnect my sata hard drives to the exact sata ports on the motherboard that each hard drive was previously connected to...
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    Mass Effect 3 - the last Mass Effect? Say it ain't so...

    I know no one may have the answer to this question, but it looks like Mass Effect 3 is supposed to conclude this series which would be a damn shame. Is this true? I really hope not because this by far my favorite series ever. So good that I have both games on PC and 360. I got totally...
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    Good games that went under the radar....

    Hey everyone, getting tired of seeing threads devoted to Battlefield 3, MW3, and Skyrim so I decided to start a new thread (somewhat related to a previous thread that I started on Vanquish). I would like to know what you guys think are some excellent games that went under the radar and that are...
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    Vanquish for PS3 - Hidden Gem

    For those of you who enjoy 3rd person shooters like Gears of War, I highly recommend you pick this game up...It was made by Sega a while back but didn't get any hype which it deserved. It's a short game but it is non-stop action from beginning to end. Campaign is addicting and a blast to play...