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    Purchasing an iPad 3, how to tell it's 2nd generation

    So there's two generations of the iPad 3, the one released in March then the one in October that got the new A6 processor and lightning connector. Does anyone know how to tell from the package if you have the newest one? I'm going to get one this week. (Long story short I have a coupon for a...
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    HTPC operating system advice

    So I've been following this sub-forum for awhile along with reading what I can online. I want to build an HTPC box to make things seamless with the different media I watch and what I have connected. I hate gimme-a-solution threads but I've come to point where I should ask for advice to see what...
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    Entourage problems in Exchange 2003 environment

    I have a client laptop running Lion and Office 2008 updated to Service Pack 1 during my troubleshooting. Every time Entourage launches it displays the following error, which can be dismissed. No changes have been made to the server since the certificate was issued. I've heard from one...
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    Nokia Lumia 900 $49.99 at Amazon Wireless, $39.99 if upgrading

    I was surprised to see the Nokia Lumia 900 is only $49.99 at Amazon Wireless, $39.99 if you're upgrading. They don't have it in the high gloss white though, that's still $99.99 through AT&T. I was surprised because I hadn't heard about it on the forums/blogs/etc.
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    Ubiquiti Unifi dealers

    I need to purchase a single Ubiquiti Unifi WAP. I've seen the dealers on Ubiquiti's webpage but I was wondering if someone could recommend one of them. I live in the New England area.
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    Outlook 2007 as a mini help desk ticket tool

    We run Microsoft Outlook 2007 in a college environment. We have a lab in one of our campuses that provides a variety of support like academic advisement, technical support and problems with our online learning website. The support is informal, whomever is covering the computer lab responds to...
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    10 things a web developer should do for the client

    I have this article bookmarked from 2006 and I use it for reference when working on web sites for myself. I was curious nowadays if there's anything in the article you consider outdated or things that should be in an updated version of the article.. [Article Source]
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    displaying or hiding a form text box based on radio/dropdown box selection

    Hi folks, I have a web form and without getting in too much detail, if the default option on a radio or dropbox is selected I'd like the form to submit a pre-defined value and if the user changes the radio or dropbox, then I'd like a text box to be displayed for them to enter their own value in...
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    Windows Server 2008 password reset

    Searched the archives and didn't see anything. I'm a student working on Windows Server administration with a Windows Server 2008 VM and some clients. For some reason or another I lost the password to the Server VM after I changed it due to it expiring. (I turned off expiring now..) I tried...
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    Running Virtual PC VMs off of an external HD

    I have Microsoft Virtual PC virtual machines, three of them, that I'd like to use on my Mac whether or not I use Parallels, VM Fusion or something else that works. Here's the catch.. I need a way to use these virtual machines off of the same external HD at a PC from time to time which runs...
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    LCD shopping. looking for non-gaming recommendations

    I'm looking for some LCD recommendations for a budget-minded system. There would be no gaming involved. Just your average home computer. 17" is always better but 15" is a consideration also. I tried looking on some past threads but couldn't find much with the big forum crash occuring a little...
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    web design software, dreamweaver alternative

    I'm looking for an alternative to Macromedia Dreamweaver. I like using a visual program, something that lets me work quickly to lay the groundwork and then go back and tweak the code. Basically I'd like something like what Photoshop Elements is to the regular version of Photoshop, but for web...
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    Powershot G3 buying advice

    I'm leaning towards an A70 but I'm wondering if anyone knows a good place to pickup a G3. I checked a few used stores and eBay only had a couple entries. Ideas? I'm tempted to go with it because of the hotshoe, etc. Other then that the A70 is great.