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    GoGamer UT2k4 $27.90 2 day only!

    Link: For this price im almost gonna order the 6 cd, still gonna wait and try and find an se but this is best price around. $5.99 shipping total comes to: $33.89 mine didn't have...
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    Question about K8V Deluxe integrated NIC

    Well I've been running my ASUS K8V Deluxe for about a month now and its extremely fast compared to my old computer. My big question though is why I get random lag when im playing games like wc3 and cs. It runs great and i get random lag spikes. I'm wondering is it the drivers since its a new...
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    Question on ASUS K8V Deluxe

    Bought a new computer a week ago and I'm having a problem with my audigy 2. At first it detected the card and the drivers would install but all i would get is static out of the card. I know the headphones i used were good cause i tested them on my other computer. I got over it for a week and...