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    Device name not showing

    I’ve got a strange issue I’ve never seen before. I recently had to reset my router and reconfigure all my settings. After making sure all devices could access the WiFi, I noticed one phone not showing up as connected even though it is and can access the net. How is this possible? I’ve tried...
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    iOS 14+ wifi problems

    I have a 7th gen ipad (base model) and ever since installing iOS14 my wifi consistently drops out. I was hoping 14.0.1 then 14.1 would fix it but nothing I have tried has worked. I've also noticed my old iphone 5c fluctuates between my wifi and my cellular network. All the other wireless devices...
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    New Coreteks vid

    The new vid, The Future of Graphics, starts off with a brief history of graphics development before going into NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel's contributions. The focus is primarily on the direction of the industry and where the 3 companies look to press their different advantages.
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    AM4 Vcore VRM ratings

    Post contains links (spreadsheet or pic) to list of all known AM4 mobos.
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    Apollo computer

    This story appeared recently in Fast Company as part of a series they are running on the moon landing. Sometimes it's good to revisit technology milestones to appreciate just what we have today.
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    New Asus ROG monitor....

    ....with Display Stream Compression. TL;DR 43" Native 4k 144Hz via single DisplayPort 1.4 minus the chroma subsampling FreeSync 2 HDR HDR 1000 10-bit image processing...
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    5g and the weather

    So for some strange reason the FCC is selling spectrum that will interfere with weather forecasts. Is this really how far climate change deniers are willing to go to destroy our ability to forecast and respond to weather related events? I'd be willing to believe the FCC is just trying to bring...
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    AMD Shareholder Meeting The meeting ran ~30 mins and contains info regarding zen 2 and navi launch. Looks like July launch. EDIT: Lisu Su starts speaking at 16:20.
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    Pick my card

    Which of the following cards can my corsair cx430 run reliably? They are listed according to passmark's best value for money chart (best price I've found in parenthesis): 6750 (79.99), 5770 (69.99), 5670 (69.99), 6770 (79.90), 6670 (54.99) I won't be OC'ing or xfiring or adding after market...
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    PSU, HDD question

    Will the PSU listed be ok for the setup and could I get away with using a Samsung SP2514N for my HDD or should I go with something new? If the HDD is ok do I need any special adapters/cards to use with the mobo? If I do need a new HDD, since I don't save large amounts what's the best one to go...
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    First time builder needs help.

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Email, web browsing, financial software, light gaming (Civ 5) 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? ~$500 all inclusive 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if...