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    Koolance 1000W Watercooled PSU

    This PSU was an RMA for the original and this one has been sitting in my closet for YEARS. Please take this off my hands! Opened for the sole purpose of checking contents. Sadly, I don't have the power cables for it, but they are modular and hopefully easy to find. Box opening to prove it...
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    My computer is drawing 685 watts under load!!

    Yikes! Just got a "Kill-A-Watt" and with my Geforce 280 and it's STARTLING how much power I'm using. Now I need to figure out how much of that is the Vapochill LS. With my 8800GTX under load, I was at 640 watts. The biggest improvement seems to be at idle were my power consumption had...
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    Dell 3007 for $1499 Canadien ($1285 US)

    Holy Sh!t Link Use code RF2243HS5LB51L at checkout :mad:
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    NF4 Ultra-D -> NF4 SLI-DR "Expert": OS Reinstall?

    So I'm switching to the "Expert" NF4 mobo from DFI and am wondering if I'm gonna have to reinstall the OS. In theory it should not be necessary. Right? Same chipset. Same drivers to my knownledge. Anyone else done this upgrade?
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    Scheduled BF2 Sessions? Anyone?

    I'm tired of going it alone in BF2. Maybe we should start a thread (maybe this one) to announce an "Official" server and time/date to play each week. I'm just a casual player and don't use teamspeak, but this game is much better with some teamwork. Anyone? Edit: Or maybe we should all sign...
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    HDTV woes

    Ok, so I'm trying to get HDTV on my HTPC, but it's just not working well. Here are my system specs: P4 Prescott 3.2ghz 1gb Kingston HyperX hauppauge PVR-150 hauppauge PVR-250 DVICO Fusion5 lite XFX 6600 GT Windows XP Pro Basically, playback has a LOT of tearing when using the DVICO...
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    Seasonic 460w or PCP&C Silencer 470?

    My HTPC's Enermax PSU is on it's way out and I need a replacement. Both PSU's have similar specs, so it all comes down to noise. PCP&C said that the Silencer is "much quieter" than my 510 SLI (which is only tolerable because I have a noisier vapochill). I'd rather give PCP&C the business...
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    Pure Video: Two Thumbs Up!

    Wow, I can't believe how good the image quality is with the Nvidia Pure Video decoder and my new 6600GT. I had a 9800Pro before and hardware deinterlacing just kicks A$$!!! Here are my HTPC specs: 3.2E P4 on Asus P4C800-E 6600GT 1gb HyperX Hauppauge PVR-150 Hauppauge PVR-250...
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    Anyone use a 6600GT on Battlefield 2?

    I'm buying one for my HTPC because of it's purevideo support, but I'd like to occasionally play BF2 on that computer. What settings/resolution are you 6600 GT users using? I'll hopefully be clocked 500mhz+ and 500+ on the mem.
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    Pure Video Support

    Ok, so we know that the 7800 and the 6600 series cards have it. But I keep hearing that Pure Video was (and still is) broken on the 6800 series cards. Anyone? My Home Theater PC needs enough horsepower for occasional gaming, but I really want Pure Video for it's deinterlacing and MPEG2...
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    I <heart> eBay

    Just sold my 3.4C for $336!!!!!!! Whoooo hoo :p Where do these crazies on ebay come from!?!?
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    Ultra-Strange CS:S Error

    This is the strangest error I've seen. This is my card @ stock speeds. 5.3 ATI drivers and running the CSS Stress Test Anyone have a guess?
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    Delta 120mm GHE 220CFM Fan

    Anyone here try one? I'm going to hook one up to my vapo for benchin' purposes. I'm guessing it's going to sound like a small jet taking off.
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    3.2E DO rocks!

    That is all. I'm still about two weeks away from getting my mobo back from bitchbreaker, so can't really have any fun just yet. 3.2E DO got in today on the Vapo, and I'm really excited! Stock voltage took me all the way to 4150ghz (259fsb wall). I am amazed at this chip! My 3.2E CO...
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    Northwood 3.4c @ 4.5

    Ok, so what are some of the highest OCs that people have gotten with the 3.4c Northwood? I know the prescott will do 5ghz on some people's VapoLS units. I'm really curious because I'm at 4.55ghz and it looks like I still have a little bit of headroom left! I'm loving phase-chage cooling...
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    Vapochill LS here I come!

    Cumulative Data moved here to first post 3.4C So far: Max OC (SuperPi 32M Stable) 4.4ghz with 1:1 memory ratio Max OC (Suicide Screen) 4.8ghz Super Pi 1M 31sec 8M 5min 58sec 32M 29min 42sec 3DMark2001 28132 marks 3DMark2005 7204 marks Aquamark 88,914 3.2E CO...
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    TEC w/Adjustable Voltage (+Min voltage question)

    Ok, so I want to TEC cool my X800XTPE. I'm worried about excess condensation while not gaming with a high-powered TEC. Is it safe to turn off the TEC (unplug it) while the system is doing mundane tasks? (and of course reduce the clock) Also, can I somehow rig up a meanwell with an...
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    Abit RMA Rocks

    Ok, I bought a defective IC7-Max3 from a member here (they thought it was fine). I RMA'd it to Abit on Wednesday and the replacement was mailed today (Thursday). Even better, their web-RMA service is ultra-easy to use. After this experience, I will probably buy Abit whenever I can. My...
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    Raptors need to GO! Help me!

    Ok, my twin Raptors are driving me nuts. It want a QUIET hard drive to run in SATA Raid 0 on my computer. PLEASE HELP ME! I'm begging you! I heard the 160gb samsung spinpoint sata is quiet. Any others? I don't need monster capacity because my other computer is for that.
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    My Last Hurrah With Intel

    I'm giving my intel platform it's last shot in the arm! Asus P4C800-E -> Abit IC7-Max3 (to avoid my current vcore fluctuation problems) Kingston HyperX -> Gskill TCCD Koolance Exos -> Custom water Air Northbridge -> Water Northbridge Tubing 1/4" -> 1/2" Innovatek GPU cooling -> Danger...
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    Gotta love cold weather

    Opened my windows for once and got my x800pro up to 648/652. I didn't want to mess with my gpu voltage for a "one off" experiment, but probably could have gotten more out of my setup with more gpu voltage. My previous best at normal room temps is in my sig.
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    3.4c @ 4.25 woot!

    Well, it'll post at 4.25 I'm getting it to run 3dmark05 at 4.11ghz I have to admit that I'm cheating though and using my watercooling setup with the window open If only I had better ram and no voltage droop, i might be able to get some higher speeds out of this baby
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    Okay, should I go Vapochill or Better water setup?

    My rig specs are in my sig. Two scenarios I'm considering: 1) Add a Vapochill LS to my system and then use the Exos solely for cooling my video card. Pros: Fast CPU overclock, GPU gets all of exos cooling capacity Con: Messy vapochill install, exos might still be too weak for my vid...
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    P4C800-E Deluxe Voltage Measurement

    Is there any way for me to measure the vcore with a multimeter? I've noticed that my core voltage drops suddently (as much as .9volts) while the system is idling and I'm thinking it's the only reason my system reboots itself while booting windows at high OC settings. I want to view my...
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    Thought I'd Share My Little X800Pro Project

    Well, I decided to have some fun with my X800pro while my X800XTPE is out for RMA. I OCed it on stock air to about 565/600 but wasn't stable for long-time gaming (worked fine for one 3dmark run though). (Stable for gaming was about 550/580) So, enter my waterblock (Innovatek). I used...