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    Fastest VPN? (Torrenting)

    Private Internet Access VPN, no problems at all to max out a 900/900 connection for torrents.
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    Is this peak idiocy in case designs?

    It was also available in silver. I remember someone had it re-anodized in red back in the day.
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    Is this peak idiocy in case designs?

    I don't think anyone had 300mm GPUs in mind 16 years ago when these cases were released. Still with a push something around 290-295mm could fit without removing the drive cage.
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    Is this peak idiocy in case designs?

    No problem, here it is in its current 16 drive bay configuration (14 used): Current spec: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X ASUS STRIX B550-A Gaming 128GB (4x32GB) Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX Black Palit GeForce GTX 1650 GAMING PRO 4GB GDDR6 LSI 3905-24i Samsung 980 1TB (system) WD Black 1TB (temp) 14x...
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    Is this peak idiocy in case designs?

    I still use the PC-777b aka "Snail Case" as my daily driver.
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    The custom/unique case thread.

    Not easy to do mitre joints with a CNC which I guess what is used here.
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    HAF 932 stuffing the maximum amount of HDDs in it

    I use two of these in my LianLi PC-777: I swapped the 80mm fans for Noctua so they are quiet now.
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    The custom/unique case thread.

    Interesting indeed, what are the plans for cable management and such?
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    Do people actually upgrade just the CPU and keep using existing motherboard?

    Earlier this week I was planning on upgrading my E5-1650 v3 to an E5-2687W v4. Well I killed the motherboard when trying to upgrade the BIOS to add support for the v4 CPU's. So now I get to upgrade CPU, motherboard and RAM to a 5900X based setup instead. But in general I normally upgrade so...
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    Removing "Logos"

    Use a razor blade and then Go Gone. I have had my bottle since 2009 and I have yet to come across any sticker glue that it can't remove. That includes 30 year old price tags under ornaments.
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    Forum performance

    Fixed it, turned out my router needed a kicking with 101 days uptime and a few hundred TB transferred across it. Before reboot: After reboot: Strange thing no other website behaved the same.
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    Forum performance

    I'm on a 900/900 connection and it feels like dialup. The rest of the forum is fast, just not the hosted images.
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    Forum performance

    I have noticed over the past week that images hosted on the forum have become extremely slow to load. We are talking 15 minutes for one page of the funny images thread to load (if at all). Do we need to hire more hamsters to turn the wheels?
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    Ronin hacked, $600M in Ethereum stolen

    And nothing of value was lost ;)
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    Robotics Kit? (Science project with kid)

    See if you can find something over at Lynxmotion within your budget. They have been in the business for over 20 years as I bought a kit there back in 1998. LEGO Mindstorm is another solid suggestion, but not that cheap either.
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    If anyone gives a poop about 3d printed cases

    With a 3d printer, the last thing I would do would be an angular case. Go wild with the curves.
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    Starlink (Generation 2) testing

    My sister should get her StarLink kit next week in Colorado. Will be interesting to see how it works out. It will be quite an upgrade from her rural 10mbit wireless service for the same price pretty much. Are there any wall mount kits or similar for the dish?
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Mine was definitely when I moved to two Monster 3D II in SLI. Suddenly I had Quake II in its colourful glory at 1024x768 smooth as butter.
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    Lian Li all brushed aluminum cases

    I still use a Lian-Li PC-777b as my daily driver.
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    First HT

    I started my journey with 5.1 in 1998 that became 7.1 in 2009 and in 2016 I went all in with 9.1.6, a decision that I have yet to regret. Your surround speakers don't have to be behind you, they can be on the walls in line with your head if required.
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    First HT

    Congratulations, you have officially started the journey down the rabbit hole. Before you know it you will have surround and height speakers installed.
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    500TB+ storage

    As this is isn't for home use go with a vendor that will offer 24/7 support such as Dell/HPE/Cisco. Their pre-sales can get you a suitable build of you have properly defined requirements.
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    Why is that some VPN is several times the monthly fee vs. others?

    So you would expect a non shady business to run a VPN service for users that pretty much only want it for shady business? ;) Also I don't trust their word, I trust their actions. They have ceased operating in any country that has tried to force them to log their users activity, South Korea...
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    Why is that some VPN is several times the monthly fee vs. others?

    I don't use it on my router as I don't want all my traffic to end up in a different country. I do have a split tunnel sending Transmission and Firefox to France. In your case try a) just to get it working to start with. 2) No idea.
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    Why is that some VPN is several times the monthly fee vs. others?

    1) Correct, works fine. 2) Yes all of it. 3) More or less, depends on the load on the VPN server and what your broadband connection.
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    Why is that some VPN is several times the monthly fee vs. others?

    1) I use both their Linux and Windows Clients. If you install and connect using one of those it will show you the IP it uses, pick the same for your router. I don't run PIA on a router as I run split tunnel and only have a select few programs using the VPN. 2) The easist way to check what is...
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    Why is that some VPN is several times the monthly fee vs. others?

    I second this, I always get full speed across PIA on my 500/500 connection.
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    My strange modding collection!

    Dried paint isn't conductive.
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    My strange modding collection!

    Very nice!
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    Best modern equivalent of these drives to upgrade my RAID?

    Get one of the Seagate IronWolf 3TB drives, I have 10 Seagate IronWolf 10TB drives in my RAID 6 array and they are working great.
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    why would they build a floppy disk drive on a Borg Cube?

    Also I can't see a slot for the floppy in the case so unless the floppy disk is permamently in the drive it would be hard to swap it.
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    Anyone else love their old case?

    My Lian-Li PC777 is still going strong.
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    AMD EPYC “Genoa” (Zen4) to feature 96 cores across 12 chiplets, 12-channel DDR5 memory and SP5 (LGA6096 socket)

    More cores per chiplet means higher risk of defective chiplets. Increasing the number of chiplets per CPU is a smarter move.
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    EPYC 72F3 vs 5800X

    The speed optimized EPYC's were introduced a couple of months after the 7002 series launch and priced accordingly.
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    EPYC 72F3 vs 5800X

    Sure, for $2500 ;) That is a server part optimised for expensive per core licensed software. Same with the 16 core version for $3500. Leaked pricing here:
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    I am abandoning this project

    For some reason I never got around to do a Star Wars themed case. An AT-ST would be a great desk side computer if anyone is up to the challenge.
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    Australian invention will see 'transformational' scaling up of quantum computers, experts say

    It's one step closer to the one million qubits required to make a useful quantum computer I guess.
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    (WTF Amazon?) Would you use these or return them?

    It takes a lot to kill a copper SFP, I wouldn't be the slightest worried.
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    WoW Themed Fractal Design case

    That is a nice old skool mod.