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  1. Monstieur

    1080p RGB (Full Range) 8/10-bit + HDR?

    1. Does any TV support 10-bit RGB full range at 1080p? So far I have only seen 10-bit in YCbCr444 with limited range even at 1080p - RGB was always locked to 8-bit. 2. Is HDR metadata even compatible with RGB, or does it have to be YCbCr444 with limited range? This is for desktop usage / gaming...
  2. Monstieur

    [GUIDE] Fixing the gamma on the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q

    There's a simple way to fix the gamma on your particular monitor without using the unreliable nVidia control panel settings or someone's random ICC profile. Open the following page and scroll down to the gamma section till the image is at the height of your eyes at a normal seating position...
  3. Monstieur

    WD Red extremely loud grinding noise

    I got two new WD Red 2 TB drives for my RAID array. One or both of them (I can't tell) randomly starts making this extremely loud grinding noise continuously for several minutes. It's louder than all 6 other HDDs put together. It's about as loud as an electric razor - no clicking, just a...