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  1. Pyroja

    Triple Monitor Mount for 34" + 2x27" PLP?

    So I currently have a 34" 21:9 display and I will soon be getting two 27" displays to go alongside it. Ideally, I'd like to have the 27" monitors in portrait mode (good for reading documents and such). What'd be perfect is if I could get them all on on monitor mount, clamped to my desk. Anyone...
  2. Pyroja

    V-Sync stuck at 120fps, running out of ideas

    Short version: I have a 60hz monitor plugged in, but for some reason V-Syncs keeps the framerate at 120fps, causing minor tearing. Longer version: My primary display is 60hz. For kicks and giggles, I hooked up a 120hz projector and gamed on it for a bit. Disconnected it and went back to my 60hz...
  3. Pyroja

    XFX Radeon R9 295X2 $600 AR @ NewEgg

    Didn't see any other discussion about this one, but seems like a solid deal. Honestly cheaper than getting 2 290X's separately.
  4. Pyroja

    N00b question, trying to figure out surround sound on my PC

    I'm a total n00b here, as I've been running a stereo setup for pretty as long as I've had my own desktop to mess with. Well, I've been using home theatre receivers and home stereo speakers to provide that stereo sound for a long while now (using SPDIF or Optical, whichever was more convenient)...
  5. Pyroja

    Been out of the AMD game awhile, now have AMD mobo.

    As the title says, I've been away from the AMD world for a good long while. I bought into Intel with the Q6600 and haven't looked back. Until now. I was just gifted a Gigabyte M57SLI-S4 Rev 2.0 (nForce 570 chipset): There's a CPU compatibility list on Gigabyte's site, and it according to it...
  6. Pyroja

    XFX 4890 Pencil Mod?

    My GTX260 died on me and XFX shipped me a 4890 as a replacement. I was initially excited, knowing the high overclocking potential I remembered the 4890s having. Ultimately, I was disappointed to learn that XFX uses a non-ref design that ditches the programmable VRMs. Here I am reading of how...
  7. Pyroja

    Crappy Cable Conundrum

    I have an annoying issue I've been trying to deal with. I'm a typical Poor College Kid renting out a section of a house. Said house is divided into the sections, and I'm on one far side. I had my priorities right and first thing upon moving in, I got my broadband service setup. The ISP is...
  8. Pyroja

    Dead BFG ES 800?

    Hey folks. I have a tale of woe and despair. My desktop of more than two years is dead :( A few months ago, I had a power issue. My system just wouldn't turn on. No matter what I did, no power was coming to the motherboard. No lights lit up. Nothin'. I swapped my PSU to a different (much...
  9. Pyroja

    Thoughts on GTX260 SLI

    With the release of Sandy Bridge, I've been taking a look at my current rig and wondering if it's time to upgrade. Obviously, SB will wipe the floor with my Q6600, overclocked though it may be. So we've come to the point where mid-range parts are absolutely killing what I have now. Then I...
  10. Pyroja

    HDD Swap Question

    Just a quick question: Gonna be bulding a new system for a friend. Obviously this entails a new hard drive. He's stressed to me that he wants everything to appear, to him, exactly as it was on his old setup. So! With that in mind, I was wondering if there's some software around, maybe a bootable...