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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    I would hold off upgrading until DDR5 systems start coming out. Alderlake with the small/big core is the first CPU to support DDR5 which is supposed to come out later this year. I've already got the PC Case (Phanteks Evolve X), Asus Thor PSU (800 watt), 3X120mm QL fans, 140mm QL fans ready for...
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    Do I need to build a new PC?

    I know CoD will max out all available VRAM even if its not using it. Using that much system RAM seems a bit excessive, I would try reinstalling.
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    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    The reason I spent $3,000 is cause I refuse to compromise when it comes to PC gaming. If I'm gaming on PC, I'm trying to max out settings and enjoy PC gaming in all its glory. It's go big or go home for me. When it comes to consoles, I can accept it for what it is. I don't expect most of you...
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    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    I like how you left out my reason for posting - jump in cost compared to years ago and really the purpose of the post was to say my farewell to [H] for the time being. Anyways, that's it, I'm out... I won't miss the many trolls here (but I did expect to get trolled :P) but I will miss the...
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    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    Let me clarify my post... I'm not looking for sympathy or asking people to beg me stick with PC gaming. I'm simply expressing my frustration with respect to the price graphics cards. I recognize SLI was a waste of money but it was well supported up until 3-4 years ago. I'm also not willing to...
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    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    Thank you for your touching words
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    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    I've been a PC gamer since early 2000s getting hooked on the original Far Cry when my friend gave me his GeForce ti 4400. In 2008, I bought my first real gaming PC with Phenom 9500 paired with a GTX 275 for $500 CAD. This quickly turned into Phenom II 965 ($150) with GTX 470s in SLI ($600), a...
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    Any SLI / 2080 TI owners feeling completely ripped off by NVIDIA?

    I've had 3 generations of SLI: GTX 470s, GTX 670s and GTX 1070s. Up until the 670s, SLI was well supported but when I bought the 1070s was really disappointed with the lack of support. On the flip side, I really like the way 2 cards look in my case :P
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    Is 10nm worth the wait?

    Gaming that 6700K will beat AMD hands down
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    Review the game you finished recently.

    I'm still playing MVP Baseball 2005 on PC... the last good baseball game. Not a big fan of The Show...the hitting and pitching mechanics are not as fun as MVP Baseball where you actually use the stick to adjust your swing to match where the pitch is
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    Intel Comet Lake Processors Could Pack 10 Cores

    From what I read it looks like it will still be 14nm meanwhile AMD will be on 7
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    Is 10nm worth the wait?

    DDR5 and the PCI 4.0 or 5.0 aren't far off either...
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    Ryzen laptop corrupt files after 1809 update

    If you can get into Windows, try system restore. If that doesn't work download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and try to repair Windows. W10 almost failed on my a 3rd time couple weeks back when Windows Firewall, Defender and subsequently Norton Firewall and Windows Store (including XBOX app...
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    1080 TI vs 1080 TI SLI vs 2080 TI Personal Review

    Interesting... I actually don't have Battlefield V but have all the previous Battlefields which all scaled well. If its using the same Frostbyte Engine you'd think it would be the same. That said, I'm done with SLI as well. I paid $1,400 CAD for the 2XGTX1070s and most games my other card does...
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    1080 TI vs 1080 TI SLI vs 2080 TI Personal Review

    It looks like your CPU bottlenecked at 2k. Battlefield V tends to scale well in SLI. If you were using a 4k display I think the improvements in SLI will be bigger but still a single RTX 2080ti is the better option
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    replacement XB360 controllers for PC suggestions

    The triggers rumble... you'll notice in games like Forza
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    Old BioWare Has Become "A Distant Memory"

    Also, forcing all EA games to run on Frostbyte Engine is dumb... yeah the games look pretty but again forcing developers to use the same game engine takes away from the game sometimes... I think it the developers have the freedom to use whichever engine they want or develop their own engines it...
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    Ryzen laptop corrupt files after 1809 update

    My windows was corrupted twice from updates... tried all CMD functions until my only option was to reformat. Not with every update I'm super nervous
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    Was able to get my G15 V2 working again.

    Nice! I'm still using the G510... I'd rather have the LCD screen for coretemp and evga precision than a mechanical keyboard... I don't understand why Logitech won't make a mechanical keyboard with the LCD screen....
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    BioWare's new IP: Anthem

    I never understood why people would rather watch and pay to watch someone play video games...
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    Which generation of gamer are you?

    Blew a lot of quarters on Street Figher 2 and 3... loved challenging strangers in the arcade having people watch and wait their turn... X-men dual screen was pretty cool too and After Burner
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    I think my PSU is Dying. Help me Confirm?

    It sounds like his OC was stable for many years so I doubt vdroop would be an issue.
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    Which generation of gamer are you?

    Born in 81, grew up on the NES. Never had SNES, PS, Dreamcast, etc... but I did play a lot of SNES, PS and Dreamcast when visiting friends. I really got back into gaming when PS2 came out... So there was a big gap between NES and PS2 where I didn't have any console. Got into PC Gaming when the...
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    I think my PSU is Dying. Help me Confirm?

    I wouldn't rule out CPU degradation due to high voltages. Although in my experience CPU and RAM issues tend to hard lock as opposed to reboot.
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    Anyone know how to fix this?

    I know your pain... I experienced this twice except I had around 8TB+ of games installed... W10 is great when its working but proven to be the least stable OS
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    windows 10 mail fails

    It could be an issue with windows 10 store and windows defender/firewall. Have you checked services in admin tools to see if they are running? Are you having any other issues related to windows apps?
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    Here we go again - MS confirms problem with update halting systems from starting

    My windows defender and firewall became disabled this week (I don't know why) and I couldn't enable it from Services in Admin Tools. Next Windows Store and XBox Live app didn't work. Not sure if this is related to this issue but this was the 3rd time this happened to me and the two times before...
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    Future Windows 10 Builds Will Reserve Storage and Tabulate It

    That option does not exist under "create system image" for backup and restore in both W7 and W10... any good third party options?
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    Future Windows 10 Builds Will Reserve Storage and Tabulate It

    Lol I looked into the system image option but it wants to image not only my C drive but F drive as well (I think because my Steam and Origin are installed on that drive) which makes for an image file greater than 1.3 TB. Gotta love Windows....
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    Future Windows 10 Builds Will Reserve Storage and Tabulate It

    In both cases, after the failed update it went into a windows boot loop where it could not boot into Windows. System restore/repair function was not working and failing so I tried using all the CMD options and I also hired a tech to come over and troubleshoot. Believe me, we tried every option...
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    Future Windows 10 Builds Will Reserve Storage and Tabulate It

    You forgot Windows updates that corrupt files to the point where it is irrecoverable... Happened to me twice already and exhausted every option. Now every update terrifies me on W10.
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    How CPU-limited am I with an i5-2500k @ 4Ghz?

    I think you should be okay... a GTX 960 is comparable to a GTX 770 or GTX 680... I think when the 2500k came out the GTX 680s were top of the line.
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    Project Log: Gears of War

    I'm a big fan of the Fractal Design case... lol your rads are super thick but hey if it fits its all good :)
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda... 1 Year Later

    Its a shame that this game got so much hate... it was buggy at times but overall I still enjoyed the game. I think this game was a victim of all the reviewers who wield way too much influence and haters that followed suit. ME1 was kind of boring for me but set the table for the second and third...
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    Are there any other PC games as beautiful as Battlefield 5 ?

    Funny how people are still saying this in 2018 (almost 2019). Even though we have hardware demanding games today I can't remember another game that was developed for PCs first and pushed PCs that far beyond its capabilities... as many on this forum have observed most games are developed for...
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    Just a quick question on degredation of a CPU?

    I didn't P95 test for days on end...typically 3-4 hours and I was satisfied. My AMD rig never crashed in 5+ years of OC'd gaming. My 6700K same story except it started to blue screen while gaming after 1 year...
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    Nintendo Switch Outsells All Other Current Generation Consoles

    Love the Switch... I haven't had a Nintendo product since the original NES. Mario Odyssey was a lot of fun and Bayonetta 2 is a great game. Its probably on par with a PS3 in terms of graphics which is still impressive considering its essentially a portable system. Screen size is just right. Hard...
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    Project Log: Gears of War

    I'm looking forward to this... love Gears of War so my expectations are super high! No pressure lol