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    Twitter sues Elon Musk for backing out of Twitter 44 Billion dollar deal.

    He seems to have done quite a bit in that year of practice. His bio.
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    I see. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Damn, was hoping to put one in my dad’s car to keep tabs on him (he’s a senior) but if it makes any noise he’s likely to hear it.
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    Do the tags emit any sounds?
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    Device name not showing

    Solved the problem. The phone was mislabeled and was using (unbeknownst to me) randomized MAC by default.
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    Device name not showing

    Any ideas or is this question so basic that I should know it? Google didn’t help me.
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    Device name not showing

    I’ve got a strange issue I’ve never seen before. I recently had to reset my router and reconfigure all my settings. After making sure all devices could access the WiFi, I noticed one phone not showing up as connected even though it is and can access the net. How is this possible? I’ve tried...
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    4/20 New Apples errryday

    Looks like the M1X will be out of my price range when it arrives.
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    Taiwan drought could drastically cutback TSMC production

    As an Arizonan, I can fully support this statement.
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    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    This is as close to a sure thing as one can get in short squeezes. At one point the short interest in GME was 140% (currently this). They wanted to bankrupt GME and are now paying the consequences. They owe more shares than there are to be had. They’re @#$&ed and those holding shares are going...
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    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    I might have to change my handle after Friday/Monday. Normally I’m a patient investor, but the naked short was too good to pass up. GME is going to 🚀 big when the shorts expire. AMC is on deck and there is so much activity already, and still at a low price, that it could be bigger than GME...
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    CPU startup Nuvia breaks cover

    I was waiting for Nuvia to go public, but I guess Qualcomm it is. Very smart move on their part.
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    Intel Talks With TSMC, Samsung To Outsource Some Chip Production

    I take it all with a grain of salt and I never listen to the financial journos.
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    Intel Talks With TSMC, Samsung To Outsource Some Chip Production

    Returns on bonds are low because inflation is low, and it isn't rising. Are stocks your best bet in the long run, sure, but it's been that way for decades even when bonds were at least an option. Also, one doesn't have to invest in growth stocks to profit. Dividend stocks, while boring, are...
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    Intel Talks With TSMC, Samsung To Outsource Some Chip Production

    Swan was definitely the wrong choice. As for the stocks, Intel is far more accurately priced than AMD. The market is approaching bubble territory very fast and AMD's current price has a couple years earnings baked in as if it's a given. Considering COVID isn't going to go away overnight they are...
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    Intel Talks With TSMC, Samsung To Outsource Some Chip Production

    I hope Samsung keeps up with TSMC otherwise we're going to see higher prices. TSMC will be the new Intel and Samsung the new AMD.
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    Brand new IPAD requires passcode??

    Passcode is your Apple ID password. I had the same problem once. Spent forever looking through my passwords for a passcode only to have it unlock with the password.
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    nVidia straight Crushes AMD in DaVinci Resolve - Puget

    After the nVidia/Hardware Unboxed fiasco, why would anyone trust a review from a business that actually sells their products? Maybe their results are accurate, but seeing as they have a business relationship with nVidia I would take their results with a grain of salt.
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    What's up with the video card prices?

    This is not the definition of a 'buyer's market'. If I have a product no one wants, then I must lower my price to attract a potential buyer. This would be a buyer's market. If I have a product everyone wants, then I can raise my price because demand exceeds supply. This would be a sellers market.
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    Solarwinds - Supply Chain Hack

    Interesting piece about the Russian-Chines relationship from this summer. We might have to accept that all the disinformation floating through our society as well as hacks are coming from both of...
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    Solarwinds - Supply Chain Hack

    I was referring to the trades that were made, not the hack.
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    Solarwinds - Supply Chain Hack

    Here’s the full story on the stock sales. I bet there’s a small slap on the wrist, if anything.
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    Step 1: Make list of all countries with a say in approving ARM sale to nVidia Step 2: Make list of government representatives most vocal about anti-trust Step 3: Send timeline containing nVidia’s shady business practices to said representatives Step 4: Coordinate social media campaign...
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    iOS 14+ wifi problems

    Everything’s good now. I have a Netgear ac router with the most recent firmware.
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    iOS 14+ wifi problems

    Only been a few hours but so far so good. I haven’t turned “private address” back on or changed any other settings. I’ll wait to see what other’s experiences are before making any other changes.
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    iOS 14+ wifi problems

    Yeah, I literally tried everything the internet had to offer to fix it but nothing worked. I’m going to update and see if it doesn’t screw things up even more, lol.
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    iOS 14+ wifi problems

    I’ve tried every possible thing from changing dns settings to restoring the device. I’m still under warranty so I‘m probably just going to return it.
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    iOS 14+ wifi problems

    I have a 7th gen ipad (base model) and ever since installing iOS14 my wifi consistently drops out. I was hoping 14.0.1 then 14.1 would fix it but nothing I have tried has worked. I've also noticed my old iphone 5c fluctuates between my wifi and my cellular network. All the other wireless devices...
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    So prescription video games are now a thing..... I could see that

    Most likely a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, repeated testing at set intervals, and reported behavioral observations by parents. Possible that drug therapy was involved, too, at least for some test groups.
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    Mythbusters host Grant Imahara Dies at 49

    Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it. (This quote is 34 years old.) <facedesk> R.I.P. Grant
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    AMD RDNA2 Based Radeon RX Graphics Cards Launching This September

    Prime Day looks to be in September according to the WSJ. Cards by 1st week of August, maybe?
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    Karma finally catching up with Nvidia?

    That may happen. After reading some of the lawsuit I think the investors actually have solid footing to pursue this. I originally thought this had to do with the initial crypto boom, but it was actually the second mini-boom that is being referred to in the lawsuit. The following is taken from...
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    Karma finally catching up with Nvidia?

    Investors at the time were unlikely to have anticipated the crypto boom and therefore would have had no reason to suspect Nvidia was lying about the state of gaming, especially as gaming has become more popular over the years and that is something investors would have known about. Investors only...
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    Potent Coronavirus Anti-Viral Found

    Coming soon to streaming services everywhere......The Big Short Part 2.
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    TSMC to Build Chip Plant in Arizona On Government Land

    Not sure ultimately who the recipients of the 5nm chips produced here will be, but the increased cost of operating in the US will be passed on to consumers.
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    AMD vs. Intel Contributions To The Linux Kernel Over The Past Decade

    Considering Intel has its own distro and that they command so much of the server space, which runs linux, their dominance here isn't really a surprise.
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    Microsoft Sues North Korean Hacking Group

    Cue Fatboy threatening Redmond with a nuke.
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    Engineer says Google fired her for browser pop-up about worker rights

    Funny, but this thread looks quite familiar. Could have just added this to this thread you started 2 weeks ago, erek.