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    Copy: DropBox Killer? 5 Gigs free, seem like a nicer interface, and easier access to share data, what are your thoughts? referral link removed - odoe
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    LaptopLAN in CA working it out
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    i7 buildout goin on-Streaming The stuff: building it live on Ustream LAN Party tomarrow! Parts came at 4pm. check me out at I'm the WISP admin for the LAN Party! Case, PSU form in-win won at LAN...
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    LANcryption 2010 in SoCal June 26-27

    LANCryption Summer 2K10- 150 Gamers gathering in Whittier, CA Saturday June 26th through till the 27th, 2010. The Games are: Bad Company 2 JUST ADDED! Counter Strike 1.6 Left 4 Dead 2 Counter Strike: Source Team Fortress 2 Sponsors include, but are not limited to: In-Win Hannspree And many...
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    My Cube

    Hello all, im_electronic back at it again, if you all remember my various Mac mods and upgrades, here's my latest project for you. for those of you that don't, search, the truth is out there. The project is mostly a simple one this time, upgrade a cube for use, my starting specs were: G4...
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    6800 weird artifiacting HELP!!!

    First paragraph is the story/history, second is what help is needed: ok, so I had a decent performing unlocked 6800, bought and installed a NVsilencer and went to use the card, and it had artifacring. so I looked for a replacement at a good price, didnt find one, the card sat for ~3 weeks...
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    VIVO questions

    what apps are ther for getting to the video in off my 7800GT? how do I do it?
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    RAM Divider??

    ok, have FSB at 320 with a 2/1 divider, works on 1.33 as well, running kinkston HyperX DDR3500, do venice core A64's like a 1:1 memory timing like socket A's? or whats the best multiplier?
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    X-mas easter eggs

    Well It's that time of year again, and as the date comes closer we should start seeing some easter eggs this christmas, hidden holiday gems tucked away in our favorite, or not so favorite games, ever since dark castle on my SE/30 I've enjoyed seeing easter eggs for holidays in games, so whats...
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    This Weekend LA/OC/Riverside areas oct.22/23 22 ppl+ currentrly at 5
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    My Athlon MP server

    Specs are: dual Athlon MP 1800+'s(1.5ghz @ 2000+(1.65Ghz) 1.5 Gigs registered DDR2100 K7D master MB 80 gig ATA133 HDD Windows server 2003 (educational version I obtained in college) gigabit ethernet 10/100 NIC/PCI 10/100 switch (no need to bring extra hub for LAN party) stock cooling...
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    Best Voice comm. software?

    what is the best voice communications software for games that don't have it built in, or for a clan to go pwn n00bs on a public server? I'm hosting a dedicated XIII server, and possibly another game on a SMP system, and want to add voice chat to it, free to the players, cheap as...
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    PowerBook fixored PICS!!

    well my left fan wasn't operational, so I tooks it apart to see what I may see, and alas! it was a crumby sticker blocking it here is a video of the fan working
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    XIII dedicated server trouble

    the app for launching a dedicated server in XIII doesnt work. Ive moded the files a little to allow for double what it shipped with on multiplayer, and a little bit other stuff. but the dam app for a dedicated server in XIII doesnt work properly. anyone have any help? I know its an old...
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    GeForce4 MX440-8X overclock

    I have a system specs as folows: 1.6 applebred duron @ 1.92 (160*12) mobo has vo Vdd adjustments or I'de get more nForce 2 ultra 400 mobo-ecs cheapo 2x256 DDR in dual channel-a stick of 2100 and a stick of 3200 MSI Geforce4 MX440-8X -250 core/405 RAM, these are the default speeds I use...
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    CS:S DELL/Beefy Computer Pics on newspage

    i was the one who submitted them, heres my thoughts on the parts in the system: looks like a AMD FX-53 DELL system; socket 940 VIA Chipset-ASUS A8V motherboard 2x1 gig DDR4000 2xIBM drives plane jane CD-ROM radeon 9800Pro SB Audigy 2 SWiftech MCX HSF their also seems to be pictures...
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    best nForce2 ULTRA 400Gb motherboard?

    ok so my A7N8X DLX died, I already replaced it with a AMD 64 setup, but I have extra CPU, video card, duron 1.6 that does 2.2, 2x256 RAM, and an 80 gig hard drive, so I wnatot build a game server/router/whatever system out of it using the lastest/last socket A. so what hte best model out...
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    sempron 2200+ overclock

    stock sempron 2200+: 1.5 Ghz 256K cache 1.6v 333 Mhz FSB im running it in a abit NF7-S with a matched pair of kingston DDR4000(2x512) Tyan Tachyon 9600Pro 128mb stable overclock(reported by CPU-Z): 2075 Mhz 461 Mhz FSB 1.92v 3DMark03: 3961 cooled by a volcano 7+ all copper...
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    My DOOM 3 Early Buying expeience

    I had gotten my copy of doom 3 at 7:45pm monday(8/2/04, funny thing is I had reserved it EXACTLY one year earlier on 8/2/03. funny shit huh? and I talked the sales guy out of on of the displays that doom came in.