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    Mixing pump types?

    Has anyone ever mixed a DDC pump and a D5 in the same loop? One for better pressure and one for better flow rate?
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    Borderlands 3 announced.

    It's a good time to be alive, boo. Let the loot pinatas begin! Trailer Song: GRiZ ft. Tash Neal - Can't Hold Me Down
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    Good Flow Rates?

    So I just built my first water cooling loop. My flow rate is 122 - 136 L/H as per flow rate indicator.
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    Cleaning Radiators from the shop.

    Hey guys! I'm trying to find some other way than CLR to clean new radiators. I used CLR and spent a gratutious amount of time and money cleaning and flushing. I'll be cleaning two 560 Monsta Radiators.
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    Dual Pumps.

    How do people use dual pumps? Do I really need to buy a special pump top?
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    Onscreen OSD

    Hiya! I'm trying to find whatever program is allowing an OSD like this. I was thinking it was Afterburner, but I can't replicate this look: Here is the video in action:
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    Cutting thin aluminum by hand.

    I purchased some thin aluminum and I'm looking to cut it with scissors. I know back in the day there used to be snips that could do what I'm looking to do - but I can't find them and I remember it being a real pain in the hands to use. Any help in finding something? H14 grade, .032 guage.
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    My first watercooling loop (Not the usual, I suspect)

    This is my first loop, It's an external setup. I was going for something like Koolance's "ERM-3K3UA". 2x 560 Rads paired with Noctura NF14s.
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    online places for screws.

    I'm looking for screws for watercooling - a part that I woefully forgot until I tried to assemble things together.
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    Fan Controller.

    I'm looking to power upto 10 Noctura Fans (140s) drawing 5.5 Amps at most. I'd like to be able to control them as well so I've been looking around and I haven't really seen something that can handle 4 pin PWM at 5.5 Amps.
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    HDR? Why is everyone going completely bonkers for this?

    I've watched a TV at the local blue store and I wasn't impressed. Is there some way I can really see the difference between HDR and SDR?
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    [DDR4] Best 16 or 8 GB Kit.

    I've been looking for recommendations for a while now and it's downright confusing. I need dual channel.
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    Audition Headphones

    Is there a online group or some place that I can try headphones? I'd like to try the TH-900s before I buy but I live in the middle of nowhere.
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    Destiny 2 - Eververse Protest Damn, Destiny 2 community. I don't think I've seen any game forum so one-sided.
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    Banks: "Don't trade on Coinbase."

    So there's been a few Banks that now refuse and threaten customers that trade on Coinbase making the rounds on cryptocurrency groups. - First National Bank - Lakestone Bank & Trust: Anyone else got these messages? Edit:
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    Trading Bitcoin for an Altcoin Won’t Shield You From the IRS Anymore
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    Dolby Atmos. Fancy Marketing?

    So I seen an ad for the Plantronic's RIG headphones and it got me curious. I'm not seeing anything exciting about it. All it looks like that has sound coming from the top of the listener by either bouncing sound from the ceilling or having dedicated speakers in the ceiling. Oh and you add a...
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    PSA: A warning for users with invested coins.

    Got X dollars saved up in Cryptocurrency? 8k? Now imagine all that gone almost instantly. For anyone here that's gotten a lot of cash in Bitcoin (Lucky fuckers *Ahrem*), think like a rich person if you don't want to lose it all. I'm hoping this message reaches someone and protects someone and...
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    Think or Swim. Bitcoin trading?

    I'm having a lot of issues getting my Think or Swim to work with the bitcoin market. Does anyone else use this program successfully? Edit: Trading Currencies, not a miner software.
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    Hash Rates?

    I'm looking for a place to find hash rates. But they're really hard to come by. Is there a good spreadsheet that lists video cards and their hash rates?
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    How does the bitcoin economy work?

    I get it - run specialized software to sold math equations, math equations get you a slice of the coin pie. You spend the coins on whatever... and then what? There's a limit to the amount of bitcoins that the world can mine (or so i'm told). So how does the money go from the seller and come...
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    Converting Battery Headphones to USB-Powered

    I go through Batteries like water. Is there a way I can convert battery-powered headphones to USB-Powered and say goodbye to swapping batteries in the future?
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    Display Reviewers?

    Are there any other display reviewers other than TFTCentral? I'm looking for in-depth reviews, calculations, tests and trials.
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    Duplicate sound on another channel

    I have a Z906, and I'd like to duplicate the Left channel on the Rear-Left. Making the 5.1 to a 2x2+1.1 (I'm not sure if this name exists). Is there anything that can do this? I need to extend audio down a long room Extending speakers to the other wall isn't possible due to funds. It's far...
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    Review: Widmovr Lense Adapter

    TLDR; It's worth the cost. Be sure to update your prescription and get your eye distance measured. Some of us are pretty blind without our glasses. I'm one of you. So Here's a long overdue review for what I went with to fix the problems. is a company that produces Covers, Lenses...
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    Star Wars: Empire at War update!

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    HTC reportedly considering selling its Vive VR business And many more...
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    VIVE's price Reduction

    Oculus RIft: $400 Vive: $600 (Down from $800)
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    Sensor Mounting in Apartments.

    For people that can't pound holes into the wall. How do people mount their sensors on their walls? I was looking at using command strips. But i've been unable to find someone with ideas how to do it.
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    CPUs are larger - End of Speed Stagnation?

    With Threadripper (I know this is an intel board... just go with it) basically released, could we expect clock speeds to one again start rising? CPU Speeds have stagnated around 3/4 Ghz. One of the main reasons that I can figure is space. Now with CPUs open to being larger, could we see Intel...
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    Must-Have Applications & Games for VR

    What are some applications and games that could be classified as a "Must Have?". These are what other users believe are a must own for any VR fan. I've included their respective store links as well. I'll be including Overall Steam rating levels from here on out. OP to ON. The rating system...
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    Headphone Popping

    I'm having issues with my audio setup. Something is causing my headphones to pop. I'm not sure if it's the amp or it's the headphones. It doesn't happen all the time and it's not easily replicated. Under the same conditions the headphones won't pop. Which makes me believe it's the amp doing...
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    Fostex TH900. Experience with them?

    Does anyone here use these - or had experience with them? How was did they sound? How was the comfort for long periods? I'm having trouble wearing the Game One cans because of comfort. It's causing me headaches from the clamping pressure on my jaw joint.
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    Headphones (300 impedance) need a Amp. But which one?

    Alright. I've saved enough money for the headphones I want - but I need an amp to go with them. I'm looking at the Sennheiser HD 800. I was going to go with the JDS Labs Objective2, and all the specs seem to me to be good (Used the headphone calculator). But I'd like someone else's opinion to...
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    If human's range of hearing is upto 20 khz...

    A lot of the brands list their frequency responses way past 20 khz. Is this just marketing hype where all big numbers = better audio? I've looked online for human's hearing responses and we get to 20,000~ hz before it gets discomforting. So why list a number like 40 khz?
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    Unsure of what headphones to buy. (O-Ear, O-Back)

    I had a A50 and returned it due to it just not working at all. So now i'm back looking into headphones. A couple stand out to me above 200s. I'm fine with paying that as soon as I get my return. But then I see a few that nudge over $1,500 that seem like they would be better and I would need to...
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    Gaming Monitors - Finding "Input Lag" numbers.

    I've been looking at purchasing a new monitor for gaming. I've tried to find information like signal processing, response time and just total lag numbers. But these are hard to come by. It's frustrating that I can't just go at Newegg and see "Input Lag: 50 MS" to make a better shopping choice...
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    Beginner Radiator Questions.

    I already know what type of fans I'm going to use. But not how to power or control them... That's a different problem. But this topic is all about radiators! 1) How can I tell how much TPW a radiator should be able to dissipate? 2) Does a 280 (2x 140) Rad dissipate more heat than a 360 (3x...
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    Finding the best high-static fans for Radiators.

    I have a question about the Noctura fans: Are they really 2x measured higher than the Corsair's fan. That's comma is really throwing me for a loop and I'm not sure if it's measured the same as Corsair's fans. Noctura industrial fans that have a "7,63" mmH20 measurement. Corsair's High Static...
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    Forum avatar?

    Is it possible to have an avatar on this forum and show other's?