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    Thinking about getting the Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit, but have questions?

    You need standard memory for the system to function. Optane memory is for storage acceleration, so it isn't required and will likely not benefit your workloads. I would pick 16-32GB of DDR4 2666 or XMP 3200, and then also go with a 512-1TB NVME ssd. For the RTX 2060 there are a few models but...
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    Intel legacy BIOS support removal?

    What OS/Application do you need legacy support for?
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    This beast should still be fine? SilverStone ST80F-TI for new build

    That PSU is overkill for the build you are intending. You could likely get by with a 650 just fine.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Ikea JERKER represent!
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    NUC 11 Extreme?

    I believe the code name is Phantom Canyon.
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    10K+ passmark & 64GB RAM miniPCs 2020 ?

    What is your goal? I'm going to make an assumption that the passmark score is related to PLEX transcoding requirements.
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    warped Lian Li hard drive cage

    Is this affecting functionality or just something that bothers you aesthetically? You may have to completely remove the cage by drilling out rivets and such to get it out to flatten the bends.
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    Rosewill 2 port DisplayPort KVM Switch $49.99

    Keep in mind it says it only supports up to DP1.1, so if you are trying to share a gaming monitor with 2 pcs you might not find it such a good deal.
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    Tweaking i9 7980xe Oc

    All that intel storage, you buy it from an intel employee lol! On topic, yeah it sounds like the delid is failing.
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    Intel Intros new PSU standard ATX12VO

    M.2 ssds are 3.3V.
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    Razer Tomahawk Thread

    If the bottom is suitably vented and the top has dual 120's its probably not going to be that much of a problem. I guess we will see.
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    Dan Case A4-SFX v2 Selling my Dan Case v2 that was only used for about a week, all parts included.
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    strange choices in asrock x570 mini itx TB3 can someone explain why to me?

    If it is anything like Intel its very difficult to do power management over the cpu pcie lanes for hot plug capabilities. That is my assumption here anyway.
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    m.2 905p optane

    Yeah optane dims are going to be crazy when/if they get added to the client platforms.
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    m.2 905p optane

    Not trying to start a fight here. I think its important to point out that it may be working in your laptop, but not every laptop is going to have the ability to do so as some cut corners on routing the 3.3V power plane. The drive does not have any power saving features in the firmware which is...
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    m.2 905p optane

    The 905P is specced to consume 11.5W at load and 7W at idle. It absolutely is not the same as other M.2 drives. The m.2 spec is 2.5A maximum, while the 905P is 3.5A.
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    Meet the New and Improved Intel Compute Sticks

    Same team makes the NUC line of products. Makes you wonder how competent the Compute Element line is going to be.
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    Intel Comet Lake build lol (planning ahead)

    The "Haswell ready" moniker had to mostly do with C-States which are effectively power levels the cpu can get down to for power saving. C6 C10 etc. If you buy an 80plus silver or better these days you should be covered considering the "haswell ready" psus started hitting the market back in 2013.
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    INTEL DC P3520 2TB NVME SSD - SSDPE2MX020T701 Engineering Sample

    Good deal, but buying ES doesn't sound like something I would want to do for storage.
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    JBL 530 Speakers - $299

    Wow... mine are set to be delivered tomorrow and I ordered them on tuesday of last week. Now I need to buy a pre-amp and stereo equalizer...
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    DDR4 VLP UDIMM for Asus Z270I

    The board has to have bios support for ECC dimms, ASRock as you have stated are more lenient on their bios support going with support for all sorts of niche case things.
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    EVGA GTX 980 TI burned components, fixable?

    On your section picture the smaller resistor is a 5Mohm and the inducter is an R68. These are "relatively easy to source" parts and also relatively easy to replace. However even if you replace them you won't necessarily know if its a full fix or not until some time down the line. This is a...
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    HDR conundrum due to limited HDMI ports on 1080ti

    My day job has a lot of "compatibility testing" related to display, HDR, etc... There might be other adapters that are capable of it, but those Club3d ones are the best quality by far. They also have a pretty decent reputation in the industry for being the first to support HDCP2.2 over DP to HDMI.
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    HDR conundrum due to limited HDMI ports on 1080ti

    I'm have an EVGA 1080FE or a 1080ti? Either way, you have 3xDP1.4 and 1xHDMI 2.0b and use both monitors on you DP ports. Also DP is fully HDR compliant as of DP 1.4 which Pascal 1060 and higher have. The monitor itself might not be HDR compliant with DP1.4 but I don't see why...
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    Small form factor PC for 24-7 4K video playback

    Depending on how old the NUC was and what player/OS it was using you may be able to get significant upgrades out of a newer NUC. Do you happen to know what kind of file type, and media player you were using on it? Also remember that NUCs use mobile silicon which is rated for 100C operating...
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    Dead or Alive 6 Hasn't Toned Down the Sexualization, It's Just Tucked It Away

    I should have clarified, its a caricature of the 90's idea of trans = villains except on steroids. It is obviously more nuanced than that. Your last sentence is spot on though even if it is meant to be sarcastic, Transgender, Transsexual, Transvestite, intersex, or just internalized...
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    Dead or Alive 6 Hasn't Toned Down the Sexualization, It's Just Tucked It Away

    You realize Finkle/Einhorn isn't trans, right? He didn't transition because he had gender dysphonia, he stole a woman's identity (and possible murdered her?) entirely to aid him in years-long psychotic revenge plot to kidnap and murder Dan Marino. Now that being said, the ridiculous over the...
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    Nintendo President Says Switch Successor, Price Cut Not Currently Being Considered

    I didn't say I was actively pirating or even justifying it at all. I just think it would be incredibly difficult to measure any kind of real impact to their bottom line as a result of people running switch/wiiu emulators. I don't pirate games anymore, haven't since some time in college(2008 or...
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    Nintendo President Says Switch Successor, Price Cut Not Currently Being Considered

    If you think Nintendo's profits are being affected in any measurable way by the limited amount of emulation happening on switch and wiiu i have a bridge to sell you.
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    m.2 905p optane

    You would not want to put something that pulls 11W into a laptop, sounds like a recipe for battery life disaster.
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    DAN HSLP-48: A powerful sub 50mm heatsink

    You do know that 50C is insanely low for intel silicon even soldered stuff... Hell, even GPUs tend to not ramp their fans until the cards are around 70C+.
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    Hardware Unboxed Analyzes Intel's Commissioned Core i9-9900K Benchmarks

    If Game mode is known to not work correctly on Ryzen why even have the option there? Its really not hard to have your software look for descriptors and configure itself based on that?
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    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    This entirely... I've been trying to talk sense to people that believe this horrifically inaccurate article and they are all doomsaying. People with a ridiculous lack of understanding of the industry reading a bloomberg article claiming that Supermicro being "hacked" is going to cripple the...
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    The Future of Diablo?

    It basically already kind of exists with Warframe.
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    Intel Core i9-9900K Shows Up in 3DMark Time Spy, Beats the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

    The Meltdown patches are included at the BIOS level so it should be relatively safe to assume that they are applied.
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    Intel Updates Kaby Lake G Radeon RX Vega M Driver

    Do all recent intel chips come with the graphics processor on it? Nearly all laptop chips have a HD630/UHD630 on them. Whether the vendor determines they want to route it is up to them. Why didn't they pair their chip without the graphics to the vega if they knew they would exclusively connect...
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    Intel Updates Kaby Lake G Radeon RX Vega M Driver

    A driver is not going to fix a hardware decision. There is no physical pipe from the DDI off the cpu to any of the connectors.
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    Win10 April Update is Smashing...I Meant Crashing...Sorry This will fix you up. Its a client RDP issue not a server RDP issue.
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    New Plex Server

    Also worth exploring is if you want to use Quicksync off the igpu because the NUCs have higher end iGPU parts than desktops. Might be worth looking at.
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    Radeon Pro Duo