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    AMD and Nvidia 20nm and 16nm GPUs Slightly Delayed

    Is this old news? Havent seen anyone post but damn, i have to wait longer Read more:
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    CPU upgrade help. 1055t to 3930k?

    Hi ladies and gents. Ive done a bit of searching and just not sure if i should keep my 1055t at 3.8mhz or actually use the new 3930k i got. I am gaming at 1440p and my 7950 hits 100% load but dunno if it will give me more fps with the intel chip or if my 1055t is limiting me. I can always...
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    bios at 2.8ghz, orthos running at 3.15ghz?

    Did i miss something? Why is orthos saying my frequency is running at 3150mhz when cpu-zsays its running 2800? Is my e4300 running at 3.15ghz or 2.8ghz? any help would be appreciated as this would explain why i cant raise the fsb...