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    Sony HS94P vs HS95P

    are there any real differences between those two sony 19" LCDs ? if yes which ? i think both are 12ms ,so they use also the same panel ?
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    The best 19" gaming LCD

    which is the best 19" gaming LCD at the moment? price is not an issue.
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    Free webspace with ftp ?

    do you know any good free webspace provider ? i don't need much space ,i just have to publish a small crapy website for a friend (maximum 2-3 MB) i just want to have ftp possibility so that i can update it easily .
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    LCD with DVI-D , Vsync ON or OFF ?

    Almost all Lcd monitors with dvi connection have a 60 hz refresh rate, right ? on such screens is it better to use vsync ON or OFF in games ? and exactly what changes with the change of vsync ? is performance affected ? please say your opinion ....
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    Asus P4G8X Deluxe NEW BIOS !!! version 1007

    Asus released a new bios for P4G8X some months ago version 1007 beta 2 (final is not yet out) you can get it here : or here by clicking on the "beta" option and then on "Bios"...
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    ATI Catalyst 4.11 release date ?

    Does anyone know about when official 4.11 will be out ? I found some beta versions of 4.11 but they are useless, because they don't resolve the 2 major issues i had with 4.10 , Fifa soccer 2005 not going over 1024x768 resolution ,and Call of Duty crashing in punkbuster servers. btw.did...
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    ATI 4.10 + Fifa 2005 resolution bugs

    did anyone with an ati card and latest 4.10 drivers play Fifa 2005 ? internet is full of ati users complaining of a bug that prevents the game from running in any resolution higher than 1024x768 . however no solution is found yet ,someone is reporting that switching back to 4.5 catalyst...
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    NEW !! 19" low response LCD released from philips

    Philips released a new LCD !!! model code is : 190T5FB it looks great ,realy beutiful black-silver bezel. 16,7 colors SXGA the new philips low response time series of LCDs will be called "X-Range" it also has speakers included in the bezel. there is also a 17" version.
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    Sony X-black (x-brite) = MIRROR

    After one month of searching in forums and web sites for the best 19" gaming LCD i figured out that Sony SDM-HS94PB is the best choise. I knew that this monitor had a strange coating (x-black) that was more reflective than others . So even if i was sure i'll get the monitor i went to a store...
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    9800 Pro vs x800 pro

    i have an Ati 9700 128MB made by hercules running on a P4 2,53 512 ram considering that i'm not willing to upgrade my PC at the moment . Is it worth giving 500+ $ for an Ati XT800 Pro or it will be limited by my cpu and i should better get an 9800 Pro that i can get with only 150 $ ...
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    The best 19" LCD with 12ms(or less) response time.

    Which is the best 19" LCD with 12ms(or less) response time ? Please reply saying your opinion so that all of us can figure out what is realy going on with all those new 19" monitors ... As far as i know the best at the moment are - Sony SDM-HS94P - Viewsonic VP912b Write...