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    Anyone ever use Promise VTrak E-Class SAN? I have been tasked with finding a cheap storage solution for development that can present LUN's over Fiber channel to ESX hosts as well as windows. Does anyone have any experience with these, reliability, support...
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    Seagate 750 SATA II 199.99 Free Ship Seagate 750GB Serial ATA/300 16MB Buffer ST3750640AS-RK - Retail Hard Drive Kit
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    OEM Seagate 750GB Sata2 $274.46 Shipped # Brand: Seagate # Mfg. No: ST3750640AS # Interface: SATA 3.0Gb/s # Capacity: 750GB # Cache: 16MB # RPM: 7200
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    LSI Megaraid i4 with 3x400gb R5 just for fun

    I had been using 1 seagate 7200.9 400gb PATA drive as a backup staging drive and junk data drive. I got 2 more now and decided to Raid them all together in Raid 5. I know its not going to be fast being PATA and the 7200.9's are not known for speed.. So just for fun I ran HDTach and here are...
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    Seagate 300GB SATA $85 shipped OUTPOST # SATA/300 # 16MB BUFFER # 7200 RPM # RETAIL BOXED HARD DRIVE (INSTALLATION KIT INCLUDED) Free shipping if you select ground shipping!!
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    2 new server plan

    I'm planning on replacing my 2 workstations running as server Both are 204ghz P4's on Asus p4p800 mb) with 2 dual cpu servers that I'm collecting parts for building. First is a pair of 2.8Ghz 800mhz fsb xeons, Iwill DH800 and 4gb pc3200ecc. This will run SBS2003. Second is a pair of...
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    not all mobile DTR's are equal....

    I've had a a64 3000 mobile DTR socket 754 running on an Epox 8npa SLI for a while now happily at 2.25ghz.. I got a 3200 mobile DTR and threw it in and nadda.. no post.. :( Put it in an ASROCK K8Upgrade-nf3 and it works great.. I know not all boards can run mobiles and the Epox is not known to...
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    Corsair DDR2 1GB PC4200 Dual Kit $50+ship AR

    I really wish I had something that used DDR2!!
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    Stock Vcore of clawhammer?

    Whats the stock voltage of the amd 64 3000+ clawhammer?
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    Adaptec 2810SA vs. 3ware 8506-8 performance?

    I have the opertunity to aquire one of these cards for expansion, and am wondering which will perform faster all else being equall?
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    Window Reservoir

    Anyone tried these?
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    300GB PATA 89+ship AR; 160GB SATA 59+sh AR

    Outpost Seagate 300GB Ultra ATA/100 8MB Seagate 160GB Serial ATA/150