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    Dan Case A4-SFX v2 Selling my Dan Case v2 that was only used for about a week, all parts included.
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    Radeon Pro Duo
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    H55 ITX board combo for nostalgia
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    EVGA X58 SLI3 i7-920 12GB DDR3

    For anyone interested in keeping an old platform alive a little longer.
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    Vapor-X R9 290 Overclocked
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    ASRock Z77 Extreme6
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    ASUS P6T Deluxe Motherboard with i7-920 and 6GB OCZ DDR3 Platinum

    ASUS P6T Deluxe Motherboard with i7-920 and 6GB OCZ DDR3 Platinum Selling an old workhorse of a server. Working and in near perfect condition.
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    Asus P6T with i7-920 and 6GB corsair XMS 1333.
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    Asus Rampage II Extreme X58 with i7 940 Listed another of my back catalog of x58 boards. Includes the SupremeFX sound card it came with as well as the IO panel cover.
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    EVGA X58 with Backplate EVGA X58-SLI LE -RX Working pull.
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    MSI X99A MPower seems to have died

    I have had an been using an MSI X99A MPower since July with no issues to speak of whatsoever until today. It had been about a month since my last reboot and I decided to reboot before leaving for dinner and when the screen turned off it didn't come back on and the system was stuck on post...
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    New EK Water Block ITX case.

    EK has a new case they are showing off...Looks interesting. Given its 40L...Not sure I would even consider it ITX at this point
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    Red Baron making a comeback.

    Red Baron has a new kickstarter up, original creator from Dynamix is the developer for it. Kind of strokes the nostalgia engine a little bit.
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    Gigabyte 990XFA UD3 memory issue

    I have a problem that I haven't run across in a few years. I run a bulldozer 8120 in this board and no matter how little or how much memory I run in the board it always has half of it hardware reserved. I have tried reseating the memory and reseating the processor making sure it has no bent...
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    Samsung Series 7 Slate Samsung Series 7 11.6" Business Slate Core i5-2467M 4GB DDR3 64GB SSD 3G capable (AT&T tested) Comes with the following...
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    Coolermaster Elite 120 Advanced

    The Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced is out and available at newegg, not sure if the newegg price is a mistake or not but if it isn't then this is a very affordable and not half bad looking case from CM...
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    Falcon-NW - Tiki Pretty interesting little box even if it isn't really all that little. It is 13in tall and 4in wide, very strange form factor but looks neat.
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    Dota 2 Beta Keys

    Keys all distributed, sorry all that did not receive one.
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    Reviving the Vinster

    So this is my worklog for my Vinster M@X to Vinster MiX conversion. First teaser image to show that it is in progress Will follow with more pics of the internals and externals...The standoffs on the side are there for a reason don't worry ;)
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    The new Gmail

    I'm just trying to get a feel for what people think about it. I personally hate it and would pay money to get my old gmail back.
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    The new Gmail

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    Best Buy PNY gtx260 on clearance $137 YMMV

    As the thread suggests, I was in BB yesterday and saw the PNY GTX260 for $137 clearance. There were 2 of the left in my store, but ymmv. Model: VCGGTX260CXPB Good luck.
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    Help figure out random Freezing

    Just built a new x58 system with an i7 920 and rampage ii gene. Rest of system parts are as follows for reference. 6GB corsair 12800 C8 Nvidia GTX 260 216 from EVGA 3 harddrives, WD Seagate and Samsung, the WD is the boot drive...
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    Asus P6T issues.

    I am having a few issues with my new build that i would love some insight on from anyone that is experienced with the x58 platform. System is as follows: Asus p6t core i7 920 prolimatech megahalems corsair ddr3 12800 c8 gtx260 (216) xp pro (32) Now my question. For some reason...
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    Asus p6t showing x8 with 1 videocard

    Title says it all, i recently built an asus p6t system and for some reason in windows it is showing that my one videocard is operating at x8 instead of x16, how do i change this? It is in the first slot, and i can't really move it to any of the others.
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    Project: Cobalt

    So i had this idea in my head from a while back that i wanted to mod my current system, because it really is the best case i have ever had and i didn't want to move everything from it... That being said i wanted something a little different than the standard fare of cutting a window and...
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    So i currently have a lian li G70 full tower case that is anodized black, but i want to change the color to Cobalt Blue. I realize that the chemical process for anodizing is quite harsh and i am going to let a local place take care of it. My question is this. Can a case that has already...
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    Harddrives hanging in 'My Computer'

    So i have a setup with 12 internal drives and in the past day at least one of the drives has been having issues. I don't know which drive because the only way to see the hanging in action is to open my computer, enter a drive then go back, and i can hear one of the drives act like it is...
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    Unbending the HR-03 plus

    Ok here is the scoop. I want to upgrade to an 8800 card in the near future but i don't want to run the stock cooler as it has been said to be not very capable under intense load and low airflow in a case. So i want to run an HR-03plus which most will agree is the best air cooling for an...
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    Lapped my conroe and got higher temps...

    So a while ago i set out to lap my e6600, i got it down with 400 then 600 to where there was no significant difference in the surface as a mirror shine doesn't really do much but say bling bling. Anyway i installed the chip and turned on my computer and it did nothing...i thought i had fried my...
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    Onboard lan port dies?

    So i am at pdxlan, and i have uploaded around 1TB in the 2 days, is this reason enough for a well cooled motherboard to have one of the lan ports just plain die? running the p5w dh dlx, and the bottom port died. i can still get an ip, but i get no data going through it. Anyway i am looking...
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    Are my temps odd for a Tuniq?

    Well i got the tuniq 120 and installed it on my e6600 and my idle is 40 and orthos load is 52ish. I then decided to unmount and lap both my e6600 and tuniq, and now my temps are 42 idle and 54 load. The room temp has remained pretty constant so i don't think that is a factor, and shouldn't i...
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    Temps are fine but do they seem high?

    i recently built a core2duo system with an e6600 on an asus p5w dh dlx. I have the scythe infinity which is an amazing cooler, but i was wondering if idles of 37-43 seem fine when i am overclocked to 3ghz, could push farther but i don't really see the reason to do so.
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    Prey Widescreen?

    I have the demo installed and in the menu it says it supports widescreen 16:10 but when i select that option i can't select a typical widescreen resolution (1920x1200, 1680x1050). I was wondering if anyone else was having problems like i am and if not what did you do to get it to force 1920x1200
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    Computer randomly lost Midi playback

    Ok i have a sort of a problem although it is really not all that bad. A while ago my computer lost the ability to play midi, any and all midi. As well as any and all the windows sounds. But it doesn't stop there, i also do not have sound on internet sites, so you know those annoying popups...
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    Could my A8N Sli Premium be Dying?

    I have an asus a8n sli premium like the thread suggests, and i was wondering if the nvidia gigabit lan can die and die slowly causing problems for the rest of the system. My computer has been hard locking, and well i switched to the marvell gigabit and now it is fine.
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    Computer HARDLOCK

    My computer has been running fine for the past 3months with no hardlocks since i fixed the marvel gigabit problems. but now for some reason it is experiencing the same problems, but the kicker is i haven't installed anything new or updated any drivers since that time and i don't even use the...
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    Xfi is acting weird

    my xfi platinum is playing tricks on me i think. When i first got it, it said it was an xfi [8000] but something happened earlier today and now it says it is a xfi [7000] i really don't understand what happened, but i was wondering if any of you also experienced the same issue.
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    computer shuts off when bumped?

    Ok one of my friend's computers if it gets bumped even the slightest it shuts off, but it doesn't do a normal shut off it shuts off and the power light in the front of the case blinks on and off. I have no idea what is going wrong and i would really like some input. The build is as...
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    6800's SLI LAG?

    New system just purchased having some problems. System Specs : Asus A8N sli deluxe 3500+ 2GB corsair value select 2 leadtek 6800's 256MB IBM 80GB drive PSU is 550w Problems im having is that in game i should be getting around 60-150fps im getting around 30-80 main games...