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    Print server help. Wireless to wired?

    Can anyone tell me how to setup my wireless to wired printserver? I have a Linksys wireless router and can logon to the internet etc...I also have an SMC wired - 4 port hub with a built in printserver. I have tried until I'm blue in the face and cannot see the SMC at all. If I hook it up to my...
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    Best video card for Battlefield 2???

    Can anyone tell me which video card they may be using for playing Battlefield 2...? Thanks!
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    Albatron FX5200 problem..AGP voltage..not enough?

    I have this Albatron FX5200 AGP card, in a DFI Lan Party NF3 board. The video card has an extra 12v molex connector for a addtional power adapter on it. With this plugged in also, and using the latest nvidia drivers, I get a message that the card is not recieving enough power. I have a good PS...
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    FX-5200 128MB extra power connector?

    I just installed the newest 76.something drivers and now I have a nvidia box that comes up and says something about the aux power connector needs to be connected. The card is not recieving enough power? This is the 1st time I've used the card and bought it used. Can someone tell me what I need...
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    How much Artic Silver 3 on a A64 cpu?

    Hope this isn't to dumb of a question, but I'm used to seeing the old Athlon cpus. Can anyone tell me?? Thanks:)
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    Which MB is best? MSI K8N Neo Platinum or DFI LanParty UT ?

    Which MB is best? MSI K8N Neo Platinum or DFI LanParty UT ? I need to pick one of the two and am wondering what the vote for each may be? Anybody ? Thanks..:)