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    Want to become a "Gamer" Need Help

    I recently got a controller for the first time and found that I really suck at using a controller, so I just use it to play Trackmania. Under kill for OPs build, but it's a good distraction to remind me that I have other things to do.
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    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X = $379.99 @ Newegg after instant rebate

    Six Flags Magic Mountain is just north of LA if you're into that sort of thing, and you can pick up a box of oranges while your there, too!
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    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X = $379.99 @ Newegg after instant rebate

    I got mine in January for a little less, but I had time to play with the system back then so I'm okay with it.
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    5800X3D gaming review

    Good, that will mean the price will drop so I can justify buying it.
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    Best long term software support for unlocked cell phones

    My only problem with Apple products are the inability to install ad-blocking software like Blockada or DNS66, and their absolute dismal service when it comes to reasonable refund policies on app store purchases (with Google you have a designated time frame for a refund, with Apple you have to...
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    Is it time for an upgrade?

    The 5900x is on sale right now (also at BestBuy) for $399 which is an amazing price if you can swing it. Otherwise yes, AM4 is a great mature platform right now.
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    What (none root) ad blocker 4 android?

    I currently use Blockada5; previously used DNS66. No ads anywhere except for youtube (which means I don't use youtube on mobile). I am very allergic to ads.
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    Do people actually upgrade just the CPU and keep using existing motherboard?

    Damn I forgot about that one, C2D (E8400?) to a Xeon quad core (E5450 I think - I added microcode to the BIOS and used the pin swap sticker). The extra cores extended the life for a few more years.
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    Do people actually upgrade just the CPU and keep using existing motherboard?

    I never have in the past because of diminishing returns (I did upgrade GPUs though). With my current AMD (AM4) board however, I upgraded my 3600 to a 5800X and noticed a significant gain in performance with my intended application (X-Plane 11).
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    Google's Unbelievable Level of Incompetence in dealing with a Pixel Warranty Issue

    This is 100% on Google, they need to ship you the correct board (or full phone) and stop blaming the carrier.
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    Compare these GPU's - Do I accept?

    They seem to have the card available online as part of a bundle with a mainboard (you can always just sell the board when you get it). It was added to my card and let me start the checkout process.
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    need a new pump?

    Kind of cool but it's not UV reactive so it wouldn't work for me. ;->
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    Classic DOOM with Ray Tracing in New Video

    For me it's the doors opening, really takes me back.
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    MSI Extreme 3D Series Graphics Cards Announced

    Gonna sit this one out, I'm waiting for the 8900Ti to come out for my 16k setup.
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    Buying open box motherboard - dumb idea?

    Yep, build it and burn it in for a few days then just leave it running to make sure everything is smooth. After that it's a keeper.
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    I can only use one monitor at a time

    Very good, thanks for posting an update with your solution.
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    16TB M.2 SSD!

    Check to make sure it is manufactured in Nigeria, those are the only ones that are legitimate.
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    MSI X570 Tomahawk review: possibly the best $200 X570

    On my RAM at least I have found no difference between the A and B values using ZenTimings (and I think Thaiphoon Burner also but it's been awhile). I think some modules can have two profiles, and IIRC one of the other mainboard manufacturers tweaks the second XMP profile a bit more but I can't...
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    12100 or 12400 for flight sims?

    It might help if you were more specific about *which* flight simulator you are talking about. There are video games which have airplanes (of which there are many), and then there are the more realistic flight simulators (of which there are three, in varying degree of realism). What does the...
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    MSI X570 Tomahawk review: possibly the best $200 X570

    Try a different browser/OS/computer.
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    Looking for a functionless keyboard

    Alternately you could just disable the function keys by remapping them with software.
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    New RTX 3050 problems

    As b1rd pointed out WRT the beep codes, try re-seating your RAM; just because the retention hooks are engaged does not always mean that it is fully seated. Press each stick in to engage the retention hooks, then press on each one again on both ends and the middle to make sure it has fully...
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    DuckDuckGo DESTROYS Brand By Embracing Censorship

    It's a little more complicated than that, but we certainly didn't help. For those who don't know what got us to this point, Oliver Stone produced a documentary in 2016 called "Ukraine on Fire" documenting the history of the country the more recent events leading up to the 2014 situation. I...
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    Ratpadz XT

    From images it looks a lot like the ABS sheets used for thermaforming. I used to use a chunk of plastic laminate (AKA countertop/formica/wilsonart) that I picked up from a local supplier when that was how countertops were made. It was very slick surface to move over, and I cut it big so that I...
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    Threadripper is no more!

    This is correct, except for Google and Facebook; they are totally just doing it to be your buddy.
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    PC upgrade incoming - sanity check before opening anything up...!

    You could always shoehorn something in there; worst case scenario you have to swap out a connector.
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    What's your opinion on keeping phone on car charger while using Google Maps for long time.

    You might also check to see if there are any apps that allow you to set a charge limit on the phone.
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    What's your opinion on keeping phone on car charger while using Google Maps for long time.

    I have driven halfway across the country several times over the past few years, and the only problem I had was not having a fast charger for the phone; this resulted in the charger not being able to keep up with maps and music, and I had to cycle my usage to let the battery slowly trickle back...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, X570 AORUS ELITE CPU max. 75W

    Yes, it is mine (MSI x570 board) and it should be on yours as well. There are videos that go through various BIOS settings, some of them are hidden behind a "show expert mode" selection, but are otherwise not too difficult to find. Remember to back up your settings if your BIOS has this...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, X570 AORUS ELITE CPU max. 75W

    Do you have HWInfo? Get HWInfo and monitor your temps (it will also show current power and current consumption). Bumping up your PPT is going to result in a higher temperature for your CPU, up until the CPU throttles itself (should be at ~95C for short duration only), so you need to have a...
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    can I disable NVMe slot?

    Thanks for that, it makes sense as a PCI device. I would still think that given the specific case of the lane being used for storage it should be standard to have a way to disable the drive in situations where one would wish to isolate it from the rest of the system.
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    Best cooler for 5800x

    The only time my 5800X gets to 90C (using a Scythe Mugen 5 w/ 2 fans) is just after the first pass of C23 multicore. Since I don't render on that computer I consider it an edge case and leave it as-is, but I would definitely go with water (and/or play with PBO/voltages/CTR) if I was using it...
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    can I disable NVMe slot?

    I was wondering this same question not too long ago but came up unsatisfied, it seems like such an obvious feature to have.
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    CD PROJEKT RED Donating Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

    I saw a documentary on the massacre at Katyn recently; Stalin did some brutal shit to the Poles. Basically they went after what they considered to the "intelligensia", AKA educated people and/or those without manual labor jobs. They would literally look at people's hands; if they were rough...
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    Gabe Newell hand delivers first Steam Decks

    I love how Gabe hasn't changed in the last 20 years; that would be pretty cool to have him show up at the front door (although I would probably annoy about HL3).
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    CD PROJEKT RED Donating Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

    No, they have just been committing human rights abuses against Russians living the Ukraine for many years, which along with the Ukrainian government's condoning of the Azov Regiment, formed the basis of Putin's justification to go into Ukraine for the purpose of holding their politicians and...
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    Biostar sells rx 580 gpus in prebuilt mining rig

    But they had a rainbow flag on their twitter page during pride week, they are totally operating for the benefit of humanity.
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    How do i get rid of where it popups every time?

    Join us... it's bliss.
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    AMD Pin Repair (3600x)

    If you get to the point where you give up, find out what the pins are for - there are a bunch of them for grounds, some of which are redundant. If you have few enough of those missing, you would still be able to use the cpu.