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    Are there any cheap miners on Ebay that are still worth it?

    I knew in the past a person could jump on Ebay and buy up a few cheap Antminers or something and still make a tiny profit. Is there anything small, cheap, but still somewhat powerful enough to make a couple of BTC before they become completely obsolete? Even .1BTC a week would be cool. Like...
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    I guess the Bitcoin auction went OK then?

    BTC up to $600 again (well it was momentarily at least). I guess that means the price the FBI's BTC were auctioned off for was not less than market value, they were not dumped on the market causing the collapse of Bitcoin as we know it leading to mass rioting, suicides, and worldwide chaos and...
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    X11, X13, and now..... X22!

    FlyMeCoin being released on Saturday will be the first to use X22. Bitcointalk: I guess, depending on how this goes, this could be the start of another new algorithm.
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    Went to check to see if my account had a balance left on it after I stopped mining DOGE a couple days ago and see that the two owners had a falling out. Pronoob is no longer in the picture apparently and the site is being run by his ex-co-owner. The old servers are still up if...
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    Karpeles under the microscope? It's not much, but it's a start. We'll see if the freeze holds after 14 days. Too bad they can't freeze Bitcoin.
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    Oh just great... There goes the BTC price.

    Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, however people are already starting to react to it and the BTC price is reflecting this. DAMMIT GOX! Just die already! Let's hope the article is...
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    Is there something up at Stanford? Rejected results.

    I've been having some real stability issues with my 780's lately. After numerous driver updates and rollbacks, underclocking, adjusting voltages, memtests both on the system and on the GPUs, reformatting, etc. I just can't get my 780's to fold without crashing anymore. I started testing my...
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    Back to folding!

    So, it took longer than I had hoped, but the electrician was in and now I have a few new dedicated 20A circuits for my folding riggery. You should be seeing me post some points again within a couple hours.
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    Trying to get GTX 780s to fold in Linux

    I got fed up with the driver crashing on me every 2 days under Windows... I need to try something else. So I figured I would try Ubuntu (or ANY Linux really... Ubuntu is just the first one I thought of). But I'm getting hung up on trying to add the GPU slots to the folding client. Whenever I...
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    Any LTC miners out there willing to answer some questions?

    Aside from folding, I want to try my hand at LTC mining... it still seems like it might be profitable for GPU miners, right? I have some other really noob questions that I hope I can get answered... I've looked at a bunch of guides but none seem to answer my questions. They're good at...
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    NVidia 326.19 beta drivers and folding - first impressions.

    I am trying out the new beta drivers because I'm trying to locate the source of my once daily driver crashes. It is probably partly due to the factory overclocks on my pair of 780's but if you read the NVidia forums, there are quite a number of reports about instability with the 320.xx driver...
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    Project 8900 moved to advanced

    Well, it's out of beta... I know I missed the official notice... dunno if anyone else did. If this was mentioned here in the forums already, then I apologize for the redundancy.
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    Now receiving older GPU2 units that hang my 670's

    So far, each of my 670's has received a 10504 GPU2 work unit that uses core 11. Apparently, neither of my Keplers like them because even though it appears to want to start folding, it never does and just hangs there. The troubling part is that I have to physically pause the folding, wait a...
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    Bad work unit? Project 8004 (Run 31, Clone 43, Gen 308)

    I had one of my SMP boxen offline for the day while I was at work, and when I got home I started it up and a while later noticed this failed work unit in HFM. *********************** Log Started 2012-11-06T01:48:47Z *********************** 01:48:47:************************* Folding@home Client...
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    Need some diagnostic advice

    Hi all! I just received the last couple pieces for my 2P build today... the CPUs. But I seem to have run into a wall and need a second opinion from you other tech gurus (particularly other owners of KGPE-D16 boards). I so just installed the CPUs into the KGPE-D16 board I have and on boot...
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    Contemplating a 4P build... have questions

    I've been planning it for awhile now.... it's the perfect project to keep me occupied over the next couple months. But I have questions... I'm hoping you 4P mafia members can help me with some answers. 1) For those of you with 4Ps, what kind of power draw are you seeing while folding? You...
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    Linux folding - What is the BFS kernel actually supposed to do?

    So I just built a couple of 2700K SMP rigs for dedicated folding. I have Ubuntu 11.10 running on both (probably going to switch to 12.04 LTS when it's released because hey, it's LTS). Even though I figured I knew what I was doing (I'm not too shabby at handling Linux, but when it comes to...