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    Where do you buy your LCD screens?

    I bought 2 LCDs from Newegg 4+ years ago and they were fine, but people are now steering me away from them because of their LCD return policy. Their awesome prices are hard to resist though. I don't know whether to gamble on them (I have always had good luck with them) or order somewhere else...
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    T240HD vs G2400WD NCIXUS Sale Ideas ASAP

    I am looking at 24" monitors. I love Newegg and have gotten 2 flawless LCDs from there, but I still worry. NCIX has really nice prices compared to Newegg on monitors. I am looking at the following monitors. NCIX has their no-dead pixel guarantee on top of their better prices and the T240HD is on...
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    Advice on my WHS plan

    I just wanted to get your thoughts on my plan for my WHS. If you could guide me in the right direction, that would be great. I don't want to mess around with RAID. I tried using XP with Syncback to duplicate my 2x500gb drive files, but it was just a pain in the butt with it choking on certain...
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    iPhone 3G Contract + ETF Workaround?

    I was browsing over the iPhone 3G info and I began reading the TOS. I came across a line that I need clarification on. As I read it, I believe it is saying if you buy the 3G, sign up for a contract, wait 14 days but cancel within 30 days, ATT will waive the early termination fee and not require...
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    IEMs Uncomfortable, Advice?

    I tried searching around and I didn't find a much information on this topic. I just received my Shure SE210s as a gift. Moving up from stock iPod earbuds for portable use and Bose Triports (also a gift, but there were no other choices). I am by no means a serious audiophile. I was generally...
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    Automatic Duplication (fake RAID)

    I just bought a Rosewill SATA controller and 2x WD5000AAKS drives to put into an old Dell 1.8 ghz P4 for a file/media server. It simply serves as a file server for my network and a media server (w/ Tversity) for my 360. I was originally planning on buying Windows Home Server, but I wanted to try...
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    Simple SATA Controller

    Hi guys, I am looking for a simple temporary solution to run 2x500gb WD 5000AAKS in an older Dell Optiplex. I do not want to spend much money at all. I could either go with 2 individual adapters or a SATA controller card. I will not be running any RAID or anything special. I was looking at...
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    M-ATX MB Advice

    I am getting ready to build my dad a new computer for Xmas. On a tight budget of $350 or less. I have priced a rig at around $315 for the parts I need. Software is covered. I need some advice though on the M-ATX choices. The whole idea of the rig is to be quiet, fast (relative to word processing...
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    Sound Blaster Live vs. Integrated

    I just got a free Sound Blaster Live (model number CT4780) and I am not sure if it is worth installing over my integrated on my Asus K8V-SE Deluxe ADI AD1980, 6-channel CODEC S/PDIF. Thanks for the help!
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    VB Simple Code Problem

    I am a beginner Visual Basic student. I am trying to get one of the practice programs to work. Basically I need to input a number into a text box and have it spit out the modular division into one box and the remainder into another box. I think I may be missing some parameters somewhere, but...