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    Dual Channel kits a rip off ?

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    Saw this story about the ESRB on

    I thought I would post this story, reaming out the ESRB. It can be found Here Here is a little snippet that just makes me sad. I had no idea there were so many stupid people in the world. Keyword here is Mature. The rating system is there for a reason, so kids don't get there hands on...
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    EA deleting support accounts

    Well two days ago when I fired up BF2 and had it crash on me many times, I decided to use EAs technical support page and submit a question. After recieving an email confirmation that my question was recieved and waiting more then the suggested 24 hours, i went back to the site to check my...
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    Any BF2 Demo Widescreen gamers have resolution problems?

    Are there any other wide screen gamers having problems with resolutions in BF2? I still, for the life of me, cannot get BF2 above 1024x768, and to be honest I think it is only really displaying 800x600. I have already tried adding the string +szx +szy, and no luck. I have also tried...
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    Hellgate ... the Deus Ex Killer?

    I just read a rather interesting article about flagship studios new RPG/FPS ??? called Hellgate. Article EDIT: well that blows I have viewed that article 4 or 5 times, and now it wants me to register. Sorry guys. EDIT2: Well I tried clicking again and it bypassed registraion ...
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    Jack Thompson vs Henry Jenkins

    I'm not sure how many of you have read the article on the front page but I thought opening up the topic to discussion would be a great idea. In my opinion Jack Thompson is the worst type of human being there is. Jack Thompson is an ambulance chaser. He got to where he is now through Medical...
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    Just deleted my World of Warcraft 55 Hunter

    The patch notes were released, and among them is yet another Hunter nerf. This bug was known since the test realms first wentp, and they refuse to fix it. To clarify: Arcane & Aimed Shot: 6 sec cooldown. Multishot: 10 sec cooldown. With this bug that is introduced in patch 1.5, the...
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    More WoW BS

    I'm not sure how many of you have read the WoW forums today (ya I know its a jungle). But Blizzard has puts its proverbial foot in its mouth. Everyone knows about realm transfers. People on high population realms are allowed to transfer to a specific low population realm in an attempt to...
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    I need advice on a DLP big screen

    With the arrival of my tax return, W00T !!, I have been looking closely at the big screen DLP televisions. I want to go the DLP root as I want to be able to hook my computer up to the TV and use it as a monitor. I am currently looking at two DLP televisions. They are the: Samsung 46"...
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    Nintendo Online Store

    I recently purchased a Game Cube off of ebay for cheap, unfortunately the power cord was missing, and after searching the city for such a power cord, I was told you must order them from Nintendo. So naturally I jumped on Nintendo's site and ordered one from their online store. They have a...
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    WOW Content Patch after 91 days

    Well the new content patch is being applied to the servers as we speak. The prospects of Dire Maul, and all the hunter loot inside has me interested. Hopefully this patch will make the game more stable. The hunter pets being nerfed really has me wondering tho. Thoughts anyone?
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    Computer wont power up

    For starters Boo-urns Well this morning I had quite the situation with my computer. I turned it on, powered up fine, then went to take a shower. When I came back the computer was off. When I pushed the power button the fans will rotate and lights will go on, but only for a milli-second...
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    WOW down for 4th night in a row

    Honestly .... The apologies only go so far. Its like the boy who cried wolf. Eventually people just realize its all a scam and dont accept the BS anymore. GG Blizzard.
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    WoW AoTH fix causes a new problem

    Any of you who play hunter in WoW might have been familiar with a problem that existed with AoTH not working properly. Well Blizzard implemeneted a hotfix ..... but it only caused further problems. After doing a little testing last night .... Apparently they tried to put a bandage...
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    Need help with rotating sound 90 degrees

    I am trying to set up a surround sound system that will function with both my PC ... and my TV. I already have the speakers and receiver and all that good stuff. Where I run into problems is how the room in my apartment is laid out. Effectively I would like to be able to use a series of...
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    Just beat Halo 2 ... you guys were right

    Well I just beat Halo 2 the other day, and well you guys are right. The end really sucked. *************SPOILER**************** When the Halos were shut down, set to standby and ready for remote ativation, I was excited to be back on earth for the final battle, .... and then the...
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    Warrior Protest in World Of Warcraft

    Well I must have missed the memo ... damn TPS reports needing cover sheets =) Anyway, Apparently, there was a naked gnome protest in order to protest Warriors sucking. Here is the Link: I am torn in which side to support here. Granted the...
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    Wired News ... Un-informed

    /rant,1367,66405,00.html?tw=rss.TOP The top little part about the Blackberry being stolen has me rather pissed off. As a graduated Industrial Design student here in Canada I was in various competitions sponsored by RIM or Research In Motion. For...
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    Rampant Speculation about Quake 4

    Well the purpose of this thread is for people to voice what they think Quake 4 will be like. We all know Doom 3 sucked in everything but graphics, so hopefully Raven can learn from this and make Quake 4 what it should be. To be quite honest I always found Quake to be the most interesting out...
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    Dual Channel kits a rip off ?

    Why is it that dual channel kits (read:RAM) are always more expensive then buying two single sticks ? I always thought that buying in bulk lowered the price. I know you need to have two identical sticks of ram to get dual channel working correctly. I have gone through 3 different sets of RAM...
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    My comp clock is too fast after OC

    My system is described in my sig. I noticed that after I overclocked it ... the clock now does not keep time. It runs too fast and every day it gets progressively more out of sync. Now I would like to believe that I have somehow created a time space bubble inside my apartment ... but...
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    I apologize for my WoW thread

    Well I would like to apologize for my WoW thread which caused such an uproar. I will try not to repeat this mistake in the future.
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    WoW now banning for speaking out!

    Due to the uproar Blizzard has brought upon themselves due to the inadequate servers and poor communication from Devs there has been an increase in the amount of posts negatively impacting blizzards reputation. Blizzards solution to this .... ban all the people who are outspoken and hope the...
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    Half-life 2 crashing after hours of playing fine (re-install not fixing the problem)

    I started getting this amongst other problems. Well heres my story. I was playing the game fine pretty much maxed out at 1280x960. Below is the point in the game where I starting having porblems, which has led to it becomming unplayable. **** SPOILER **** I am at the part where you...
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    Anyone else miss the WoW boards

    I really miss the WoW boards. Mind you it isn't for the insight or information from blizzard. It is because of the flame wars which often erupted on an epic scale. IMO it was very fun pwning people and blasting them. I like to think it was all in good fun but I know some people take it way...
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    Bend over for Alienware

    Is Alienware really serious about its prices ? Guess Which one of these costs more?? Porsche 944 or Alienware ALX system .... it aint the car
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    WoW open beta still vaporware

    Well this is the third week since blizzard announced the open beta ... and to look for more information in days Just about every company out there is horrible with release dates .... but common if you are going to make an announcement about an open beta .... it would be best to get your facts...
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    Atlhon xp 2500+ Overclocking to 3200+

    I am currently trying to overclock my 2500+ to 3200+ and am having varying degrees of sucess. System specs are as follows: Athlon XP 2500+ 1 Gig Kingmax dual channel ddr 333 BFG tech 6800 GT OC Now i changed the FSB from 166 to 200 to get 400 fsb numbers. This works fine ... boots to...
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    Flame Master Flex

    Well since everyone, including myself, seems to be in a bad mood today resulting in massive flamming and name calling I hav decided to become the one and only target... here it goes. ATI sucks balls as does NVIDIA .. oh and SLI is vaporware SM 3.0 is bull and is useless 6800s regardless of...
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    WoW beta = Vaporware

    Well it has now been two weeks since blizzard announced that the open beta for world of warcraft was on the horizon. They write "look for more details in the comming days" Now to me days means exactly what it says ... days. See we have different words for different periods of time. 7...
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    Farcry and Shader Model 3.0

    Well I just fired up Facry with the 1.2 patch (shader model 3.0 patch) and it is amazing. I have only played farcry with a 9600 pro and the difference is astounding. with full AA and AF the game is beautiful. I cant seem to go higher then 1280x1024 for resolution because it is not an option...
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    Comparing Canadas Military to Warcraft

    If Canadas sea forces were in warcraft we would be the giant turtles. As A Canadian I am very disapointed and disgusted in Canadas Military purchases. First off the whole sea king mistake. These stupid aging aircraft require 8 hours of maintance for evey hour they are in the air. Not to...
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    Team Fortress 2 Is not Dead !

    I was just reading an article on the release of half-life 2 to gold status. In the interview, there is a quote I found rather interesting "Doug Lombardi - TF2 is not dead at all. After we announced TF2 on the HL1 tech, we made the decision to move it to the Source Engine. It is still in...
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    Legal Problems for ATI

    I just saw a local news report on the TV, and it seems there are allegations of insider trading (I didn;t think martha worked there ;) ) One wonders if this will hurt the company and cause delays for ATIs new line of 800X products. ???
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    Canadian Water Cooling idea .... but I need help

    Thoose in the know, Please Answer While we are on the subject ..... I have a question about watercooling ! I am about to make my foray into watercooling and I have an idea that I would like to try. I am worried about one thing tho. Condensation Since I live in Canada, I thought it would...
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    Canadian Water Cooling Idea

    Thoose in the know, Please Answer While we are on the subject ..... I have a question about watercooling ! I am about to make my foray into watercooling and I have an idea that I would like to try. I am worried about one thing tho. Condensation Since I live in Canada, I thought it...
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    Having Problems with BFG 6800 GT OC with CounterStrike: Source

    I recently Purchased a BFG tech 6800 GT OC. I have sucessfully played doom3 -- although with the desktop doubled with the addition of a second monitor,... would cause doom 3 to stutter and slideshow. Disabling the 2nd monitor did however fix this. Other games such as Knights of the Old...
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    My 6800 GT OC will just have to wait longer i guess & no HL2 for christmas ?

    Im not sure if anyone has head of this ... or if it all that reliable but it seems we will not be seeing HL 2 before Christmas .... :mad: This is frustrating and I really hope it is not true. Anyone know the story ???