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    High end speakers?

    I need some serious, high end speakers for my computer. I could care less about dolby 5.1 and stuff. I want 2.1 (5.1, 7.1 are acceptable, but not needed) High output, and extreme accuracy. I want my computer audio to rival my home, and car audio. I am looking for the best in sound quality...
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    T42 Questions (alternatives?)

    I am planing on geting the IBM T24 I am wanting to spend around $2600 but I am flexable. I think that I have made a good deciscion but I would like some feedback from owners, or sugestions of posable alternatives. I want something that is light enough to cary around campus every day, good...
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    Network Conection in Linux

    I recently installed Mandrake 9.2 on my computer. When I atempt to set up a network conection it sais that I have no network adapter installed. It is onboard my Epox 8RDA+. It has worked with Redhat in the past, and is working right now in windows. How might I go about geting this darn thing...
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    Linux log on to Windows?

    Is there any way to get linux to log on to Windows Domain? I know this seems a bit bassakwards, but I just set up a linux box at school, and the server is NT based. How can I get this to work?
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    Is this any good, or any differant than the other distros of linux? Or am I better to just stick with something alog the lines of mandrake, or what ever has the best package managment? I tired quickly of RedHats RPM, so what would you recoment to try?
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    Infared Film

    Can anyone give me a bit of info on your experiances? Im thinking of getting a a fiew rolls of IR B/W film. I know there is differant light ranges that differant films absorb, so what film is best for beginners in this area? And how will light metering be affected?
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    This is what heppens when I get boared at school, and have a cart full of old Pentums. Fan chain It coule have been much longer, but I was runing out of time.
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    WinXP Pro Boot Image Help Please

    I am trying to make a bootable install disk with SP1 streamlined into the install. It Win XP Pro Coperate. The problem is that I dont have avess to a working instal disk to get the boot image off of. Could somebody please upload/link/email me a *.ima file containing the boot image for XP Pro...
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    2100+ V. 2500+ Barton

    I currently have a AXP 2100+ that is overclocked to 2.28Ghz (12x190). Would it be worth my wild to upgrade to a 2500+ Barton? How well do these generaly overclock? The reason I ask is because I am building a computer for a friend, and I ordered him a 2500+ Barton. I am pondering the idea...
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    Stock case

    I am looking for an inexpencive yet atractive mit tower case to keep stock. Suggestions please.
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    Signitures I made for ohter forums

    Tell me what you think.
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    x1000/zt3000 or m505xl

    Ok iv narrowed it down to these two. I am looking for portability including battery life, and a relativly light weight for what I am geting. Battery life is a larger priority. The m505 has the 9600, but is limited to the 1.5 pentium M, where with the x1000 i can get 1.7. What are your...
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    Buying a laptop

    I am going to be buying a laptop soon, and I was hoping to get some input on what to get being that I have never purchased one before. It's Main purpose is going to be to carry around campus. I have been eyeballing the Dell Inspiron 8600 mainly for the centrino, and the Radion 9600 Pro...
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    Blinking red light

    I realize that this is of topic, but i figuret that the moders would be able to help me out. I am trying to make a fake alarm, with a blinking red LED. But I dont exactly know how to wire my relay. It is RadioShack #275-249. I would draw a schematic, but i dont exactly know how to do it...
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    Blinking red light

    I am trying to make a fake alarm, with a blinking red LED. But I dont exactly know how to wire my relay. It is RadioShack #275-249. I would draw a schematic, but i dont exactly know how to do it, and make it understandable. any help wiriing this realy wold be apriciated. Also, how do I...