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    Awful tracking with my G500.

    So my G5 died awhile ago and I was given a G500 as a replacement, even though I really didn't like it that much it worked just fine up until today. I'm a big Diablo fan so I bought myself the new Steelseries QCK Barbarian cloth pad which looks great and is huge but there's one problem, the...
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    Gaming build, need advise.

    Hello chaps, Fairly soon I'll be spending a fair amount of dough on a new rig for Crysis (surprise surprise) and I'd like some opinions on the parts I picked, to be honest I just picked the most expensive in some slots and assumed their the best, if this isn't the case please let me know...
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    Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0

    Just a quick question for owners of this mouse, is your bottom left mouse button a little loose and clunky? I just got mine in the mail today and it seems as if it's broken, the button seems to be too far into the plastic and is hard to click unlike the top left button. I just want to make...
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    Does anyone own this case, need help!

    Hiya, My bottom case fan has broken so I've ordered a replacement but I can't for the life of me figure out how I got the front cover off in the first place, it was like 2 years ago or something. The case is If anyone has this case and can solve...
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    Big problems with Nvidia 8800.

    I've been having problems with my Nvidia 8800 for awhile but it's been bare able up until now. My problem is the drivers seem to corrupt or uninstall themselves at their own leisure. I'll reboot the PC and it's pot luck if they're still working or not but I always "fixed" this by reinstalling...
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    Mini Fridge and speaker popping.

    As the title says, my mini fridge is causing my speakers to pop. Every so often my fridge makes a noise and then my speakers pop, it's very annoying. The speakers and fridge are on the opposite side of the room and are not plugged into the same extension lead. Any possible fixes without...
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    Connecting Sky Box directly to my monitor.

    I just picked up this monitor today: and I was wondering if it's possible to connect my Sky Digibox directly to it? Preferably without spending a heap of cash in the process.
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    NEC MultiSync® LCD20WGX2 Vs Asus MW221U

    I'll be ordering a new monitor within a week or so and I just can't decide which one to get. ATM I think it's between and, does anyone have experience with the Asus? I...
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    Saitek GM3200 Laser Mouse

    Just got this from Father Christmas and unfortunately it just doesn't feel "right", I don't know how to explain it really, it just feels like it has a mind of it's own and it doesn't feel very responsive. Making fast movements and trying to select skills in games or just trying to get to the...
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    Hitman Blood Money Demo problem.

    After a couple of DLL errors which I corrected by downloading them and installing them to my system32 folder I now find I have some gfx issues with the game too! AMD 4600+ X2, 2GB Ram & Nvidia 8800. All latest drives etc and all stock.
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    In need of a GPU cooler.

    Straight off the bat I've never seen or used a GPU cooler so I have no idea what I'm looking for, but I do know my Nvidia 8800 is getting too hot for my liking (not overclocked or anything either) Anyone got some links to good GPU coolers that'll work with my card? Cheers
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    Which would give me the biggest upgrade?

    So money is a bit short this month, I was expecting to upgrade both my RAM and my CPU but it might be possible for only one upgrade right now, so the question is, what to get? I can either go from 1GB(not duel channel or anything fancy) to 2x1GB kit duel channel or I can go from an AMD 64 3500+...
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    Mouse feels slow at lower hz.

    Hiya, When I play WoW at 1024x I have 120hz and my mouse is nice and smooth how I like it, but when I change to some eye candy at 1600x @ 75hz my mouse feels really slow and it's pretty annoying. Is there anyway to fix this problem?
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    Poor FPS in WoW with 8800

    Just got myself an Nvidia 8800 GTS today and I was expecting a little more. I still get as little as 10 FPS in extreme crowded areas (LHC with 3 guilds waiting to go Naxx) I'm running the game at 1024x res with 16x AF and 16x AF with all in game settings max. Maybe I'm just expecting too much...
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    Any PC title like Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance on PS2?

    Topic pretty much, I really enjoyed the PS2 version and was wondering if there's anything similar on the PC?
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    Need help with F.E.A.R

    Hi, I bought Fear from and when it arrived it was a DVD, not a CD. Problem is I don't have a DVD rom drive, I've borrowed a drive from my friend so I've managed to install the game and make an ISO of it but the problem is it still needs the DVD in to play. I'll be giving the drive...
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    Overclock the x1300 PRO

    Having some problems atm, I usually use ATI Tool but it doesn't seem to work with this card, no numbers show in the core/mem. And when I try and use the software that came with Omega Drivers I get some error like "Unable to retrive info from bios".... Does anyone knows what's up? Or is there...
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    How good is the ATI Radeon x1300 Pro

    Well today I went hunting for a new gfx card, my plan was to get an AGP 8x card like an x800 or something but it seems people don't really stock AGP any more so I bought a PCI-e mobo and the x1300 Pro 256mb PCI-e card. So far it seems pretty nice although I've not really played any top games...
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    Post pics of your WoW char (2)

    Instead of bumping the really huge thread on this I thought I'd make a new one. I really like to see what others look like and gives me something to do when I'm bored :) Here's me.
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    Easy way to overclock AMD 64 3500?

    Hiya, I bought some new parts about 2 weeks ago and I was wondering the best/easy way to overclock with little experiance... My CPU is 64bit 3500 winchester, my ram is pc3200 corsair. I have 2 120mm antec case fans, stock CPU fan and an 80mm case fan that has like a funnel thing that...
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    Problem with latest painkiller patch

    I just spent the last 2 hours downloading the ****ing thing and now I'm getting this error: Anyone have any ideas? I looked on the official and nothing, I've started downloading it from somewhere else, which is gonna take another 2 hours!
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    How can I delete a fill that I cant find?

    From my other thread I have a virus, I know I need to delete notepad.exe in system32 folder, the problem is I can't SEE IT, I've unticked hide system and hiden files and folders but it still doesn't show up, I know it there's because on process gaurd is says that's the location, for the mo I...
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    Need help with a virus

    Ok, I'm not sure which virus I have but it keeps opening "notepad.exe" in the task manager, if I close it it comes straight back, the file also trys to access the net but I've stopped that with Zone alarm. I've tried NAV 2005, AVG, ad aware, giant spyware, everything. If anyone knows what...
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    Getting my new PC tomorrow!

    I've gone for the following: 64bit AMD 3500+ winchester Asus A8V deluxe skt 939 512MB pc3200 Corsair 160GB Baracoda 8MB Cache 2 x Antec 120mm case fan Antec 430wat TRUE POWER Dracula Case Counter Strike fan grill ;) I'll be keeping my current floppy, cd rom and 9800 pro, I can't...
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    Fan Grills

    I'm building a new PC this month so I want it to look nice, I'm gonna get a fan gril from here they have lots of nice ones. What I'm looking for is some pics for how the grills look on the PC, tbh...
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    I'm upgrading this month. I've got a problem.

    Well.... I was planning on buying a AMD 64bit 3500+ winchester, but it seems all mobos need bios updates before they work, well this is a problem obviously. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any GOOD mobos that come winchester ready or I'll have to go for the Newcastle brand. I'm buying...
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    Problem with Windows Media Player

    I've got windows media player 9 and when I try and open mpeg or wmv in it the picture is strange colors like pink, yellow and green and you can't really make out the actuall picture. This happens also when streaming from places like yahoo! launch. I'm guessing it's a codec problem but I've...
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    Need help (D3) - spoilers

    I'm stuck here, how do I open the door?
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    Doom3 - I'm stuck! <spoiler>

    I'm in Alpha lab 4 I think, it's the bit where you gotta go over that moving bridge, I just can't work out how to do it? Only thing I can see would be to make 2 big jumps, I can make the first but the second just seems to far. Someone help plz.
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    Doom3 - extract PK4 files

    Someone said they got a huge performance increase by extracting PK4 files & deleting the originals, does anyone have any more info on this?
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    My D3 timedemo results + need advise.

    SPECS: XP2100 @ 2GHZ 512MB DDR PC2100 Radeon 9800PRO @ 425/356 No aa/af on all tests. DOOM3 TIMEDEMO DEMO1 SCORES: 34.4 @800x600 medium (4.8 cats) 34.2 @1024x768 medium (4.8 cats) 34.4 @800x600 high (4.8 cats) 34.2 @640x480 low (4.9 cats) 34.4 @640 480 medium (4.9 cats)...
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    Doom3 runs worse then I had hope :/

    XP2100 @ 1.9ghz Radeon 9800 Pro 512mb DDR Latest Directx 4.7 cats 640X480 Medium details no aa or af Max FPS is 60 but it drops to about 15 in battle sometimes and just generally feels very choppy, even when it's on 60 fps it just feels jerky. Is this normal? Any help would be good...
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    DirectX wont install

    Hi, I'm trying to install the latest directx but it keeps giving me a "windows logo testing" error. I've also tried the 9.0b drivers and it gives me the same error. Any help would be great :) EDIT: Copy and paste the URL into your browser.