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    The 2015 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    It's been two weeks and there's still no 2015 thread, so i'm making one now! As always, the rules: Keep images a reasonable size. If pictures turn to red 's for a significant period then they may be removed. DO NOT link images from servers that are not yours, host them yourself. All...
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    Can I take the back off a TV without destroying it?

    Potentially stupid question, but i'll risk it. While attempting to secure a bundle of wires to the back of the TV I dropped something through one of the vents, can I take the rear half of the TV off without ruining it? It's a Samsung LED HDTV. I've read that messing with any of the screws...
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    From MX Browns to Blacks?

    I have a Ducky Shine II with Browns and i've been thinking about switching to Blacks. The tactile bump actaully bothers me a bit, it makes the keys feel kind of "grindy" and I notice it more when using larger keys like the spacebar. I'm thinking a smooth switch might be better but i'd like to...